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Events from the year 1985 in the United Kingdom.





  • 9 September - Rioting, mostly motivated by racial tension, breaks out in the Handsworth area of Birmingham. [4]
  • 10 September -
    • - The riots in Handsworth have escalated, with mass arson and looting which has resulted in thousands of pounds worth of damage, left several people injured and resulted in the death of two people who died when the local post office was petrol bombed. One of the fatalities was the owner of the post office.[15]
  • 11 September - The rioting in Handsworth ends, with the final casualty toll standing at 35 injuries and two deaths.
  • 17 September - Mrs Thatcher's hopes of winning a third term in office at the next election are thrown into doubt by the results of an opinion poll, which shows the Tories in third place on 30%, Labour in second place on 33% and the SDP/Liberal Alliance in the lead on 35%. [6]
  • 28 September - A riot in Brixton erupts after an accidental shooting of a woman by police.[16]
  • 1 October - Riots in Toxteth and Peckham; Lord Scarman's report blamed the riots on economic deprivation and racial discrimination.[17]
  • 6 October - PC Keith Blakelock is killed during the Broadwater Farm Riot in Tottenham, London.[18]
  • 28 October - Production of the Peugeot 309 begins at the Ryton car factory near Coventry. The 309, a small family hatchback, is the first "foreign" car to be built in the UK. It was originally going to be badged as the Talbot Arizona, but Peugeot has decided that the Talbot badge will be discontinued on passenger cars after next year and that the Ryton plant will then be used for the production of its own products, including a larger four-door saloon (similar in size to the Ford Sierra) which is due in two years.
  • 9 November - Prince Charles and Princess Diana arrive in the United States of America for a visit to Ronald Reagan in Washington DC. [7]
  • 15 November - Anglo-Irish Agreement signed at Hillsborough Castle. Treasury Minister Ian Gow resigns in protest at the deal.[19]
  • 19 November - The latest MORI poll shows that Tory and Labour support is almost equal at around 36%, with the SDP/Liberal Allliance's hopes of electoral breakthrough are left looking bleak as they can only chalk up 25% of the vote. [8]
  • 27 November - Labour Party leader Neil Kinnock suspends the Liverpool District Labour Party amid allegations that the revolutionary socialist group Militant Tendency was operating behind it. [9]
  • 28 November - Gerard Hoarau, exiled political leader from the Seychelles, assassinated in London.
  • 29 November - a gas explosion kills four people in Glasgow.[20]
  • December - Builders Alfred McAlpine complete the construction of Nissan's new car factory at Sunderland. Nissan can now install machinery and factory components, and are expected to produce the factory's first cars over the next few months.
  • 26 December - Rock star Phil Lynott, formerly of Thin Lizzy, is rushed to hospital after collapsing from a suspected heroin overdose at his home in Berkshire.


  • Inflation stands at 6.1% - the highest since 1982 but still low compared to the highs reached in the 1970s. [10]





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