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These are the official results of the Men's Hammer Throw event at the 1990 European Championships in Split, Yugoslavia. There were a total number of twenty participating athletes. The final was held on August 31, 1990.



Gold Soviet Union Igor Astapkovich
Soviet Union (URS)
Silver Hungary Tibor Gécsek
Hungary (URS)
Bronze Soviet Union Igor Nikulin
Soviet Union (URS)


Rank Group A Distance
1.  Igor Nikulin (URS) 79.06 m
2.  Enrico Sgrulletti (ITA) 76.68 m
3.  Ivan Tanev (BUL) 74.48 m
4.  Johann Lindner (AUT) 74.00 m
5.  Heinz Weis (FRG) 73.44 m
6.  Tore Gustafsson (SWE) 72.86 m
7.  Raphaël Piolanti (FRA) 72.50 m
8.  Jozsef Vida (HUN) 72.46 m
9.  Norbert Radefeld (FRG) 72.42 m
10.  Esa Jantunen (FIN) 71.60 m
11.  Viktor Apostolov (BUL) 68.92 m
Rank Group B Distance
1.  Plamen Minev (BUL) 77.80 m
2.  Igor Astapkovich (URS) 77.60 m
3.  Günter Rodehau (GDR) 75.36 m
4.  Tibor Gécsek (HUN) 74.68 m
5.  Juha Tiainen (FIN) 74.30 m
6.  Paul Head (GBR) 74.02 m
7.  Claus Dethloff (FRG) 73.12 m
8.  Frédéric Kuhn (FRA) 71.30 m
9.  Giuliano Zanello (ITA) 68.64 m


Rank Final Distance
Med 1.png  Igor Astapkovich (URS) 84.14 m
Med 2.png  Tibor Gécsek (HUN) 80.14 m
Med 3.png  Igor Nikulin (URS) 80.02 m
4.  Günter Rodehau (GDR) 77.90 m
5.  Plamen Minev (BUL) 77.12 m
6.  Ivan Tanev (BUL) 76.28 m
7.  Enrico Sgrulletti (ITA) 75.82 m
8.  Heinz Weis (FRG) 75.48 m
9.  Juha Tiainen (FIN) 73.70 m
10.  Johann Lindner (AUT) 73.68 m
11.  Paul Head (GBR) 72.68 m
12.  Claus Dethloff (FRG) 72.36 m

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