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The 2nd IAAF World Half Marathon Championships was held on October 3, 1993 in Brussels, Belgium. A total of 254 athletes, 133 men, 86 women and 35 juniors, from 49 countries took part.




Men's Race


Position Competitor Nationality Time
1 Vincent Rousseau Belgium BEL 1:01:06
2 Steve Moneghetti Australia AUS 1:01:10
3 Carl Thackery United Kingdom GBR 1:00:54
4 Lameck Aguta Kenya KEN 1:01:15
5 Valdenor dos Santos Brazil BRA 1:01:17
6 Antonio Silio Argentina ARG 1:01:35
7 John Andrews Australia AUS 1:01:37
8 Adam Motlagale South Africa RSA 1:01:42
9 Rainer Wachenbrunner Germany GER 1:02:00
10 Jan Ikov Denmark DEN 1:02:02
11 Kozo Akutsu Japan JPN 1:02:07
12 Kidane Gebrmichael Ethiopia ETH 1:02:10
13 Thomas Osano Kenya KEN 1:02:10
14 Haruo Urata Japan JPN 1:02:12
15 Mark Flint United Kingdom GBR 1:02:13


Position Team Competitors
1 Kenya Kenya Lamek Aguta (4th)
Thomas Osano (13th)
Joseph Cheromei (16th)
2 Australia Australia Steve Moneghetti (2nd)
John Andrews (7th)
Pat Carroll (35th)
3 United Kingdom Great Britain & Northern Ireland Carl Thackery (3rd)
Mark Flint (15th)
David Lewis (27th)

Women's Race


Position Competitor Nationality Time
1 Conceição Ferreira Portugal POR 1:10:07
2 Mari Tanigawa Japan JPN 1:10:09
3 Tegla Loroupe Kenya KEN 1:10:12
4 Miyoko Takahashi Japan JPN 1:10:15
5 Elena Murgoci Romania ROM 1:10:17
6 Anuţa Cătună Romania ROM 1:10:39
7 Iulia Negura Romania ROM 1:11:22
8 Albertina Machado Portugal POR 1:11:39
9 Adriana Barbu Romania ROM 1:11:52
10 Akari Takemoto Japan JPN 1:11:58
11 Maria Luisa Muñoz Spain ESP 1:12:04
12 Suzanne Rigg United Kingdom GBR 1:12:07
13 Natalya Galushko Belgium BEL 1:12:08
14 Annick Clouvel France FRA 1:12:12
15 Rosa Oliveira Portugal POR 1:12:26


Position Team Comptetitors
1 Romania Romania Elena Murgoci (5th)
Anuţa Cătună (6th)
Iulia Negura (7th)
2 Japan Japan Mari Tanigawa (2nd)
Miyoko Takahashi (4th)
Akari Takemoto (10th)
3 Portugal Portugal Conceição Ferreira (1st)
Albertina Machado (8th)
Rosa Oliveira (15th)

Junior Men's Race


Position Competitor Nationality Time
1 Meck Mothuli South Africa RSA 1:02:11
2 Biruk Bekele Ethiopia ETH 1:03:32
3 Isaac Radebe South Africa RSA 1:03:35
4 Frank Pooe South Africa RSA 1:04:00
5 Tegenu Abebe Ethiopia ETH 1:04:19
6 Aleksey Sobolev Russia RUS 1:05:12
7 Giovanni Ruggiero Italy ITA 1:05:21
8 Rosario Daidoni Italy ITA 1:05:35
9 Yifru Fekada Yifru Ethiopia ETH 1:05:43
10 Valeriy Kuzman Russia RUS 1:06:12
11 Ottaviano Andriani Italy ITA 1:06:16
12 Adam Selebalo South Africa RSA 1:06:46
13 Anton Nikolesko Russia RUS 1:07:02
14 Antonio Andriani Italy ITA 1:07:08
15 Johnny Loría Costa Rica CRI 1:02:13


Position Team Competitors
1 South Africa South Africa Meck Mothuli (1st)
Isaac Radebe (3rd)
Frank Pooe (4th)
2 Ethiopia Ethiopia Biruk Bekele (2nd)
Tegenu Abebe (5th)
Yifru Fekada Yifru (9th)
3 Italy Italy Giovanni Ruggiero (7th)
Rosario Daidoni (8th)
Ottaviano Andriani (11th)

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