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The 1995 NFL Draft logo

The 1995 NFL Draft was the procedure by which National Football League teams selected amateur college football players. It is officially known as the NFL Annual Player Selection Meeting. The draft was held April 22-23, 1995.[1] The league also held a supplemental draft after the regular draft and before the regular season.

There were 32 picks in the first round of this draft as the two expansion teams each received two extra picks between the first and second rounds. The Carolina Panthers, having selected second in the 1995 NFL Expansion Draft, were awarded the first overall pick in this draft and the Jacksonville Jaguars, having picked first in the expansion draft, selected second. The Panthers, however, traded their number one pick to the Cincinnati Bengals for the Bengals' fifth overall pick and their fourth pick in the second round.[2] The Panthers were also stripped of two later supplemental picks, numbers 61 and 191, for improperly recruiting the Pittsburgh Steelers Defensive Coordinator, Dom Capers, as their Head Coach.[3]


Player selections

= Pro Bowler [4]

Round one

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
1 Cincinnati Bengals Ki-Jana Carter [5] Running Back Penn State
2 Jacksonville Jaguars Tony Boselli Tackle USC
3 Houston Oilers Steve McNair Quarterback Alcorn State
4 Washington Redskins Michael Westbrook Wide Receiver Colorado
5 Carolina Panthers Kerry Collins[6] Quarterback Penn State
6 St. Louis Rams Kevin Carter Defensive End Florida
7 Philadelphia Eagles Mike Mamula[7] Defensive End Boston College
8 Seattle Seahawks Joey Galloway Wide Receiver Ohio State
9 New York Jets Kyle Brady Tight End Penn State
10 San Francisco 49ers J. J. Stokes[8] Wide Receiver UCLA
11 Minnesota Vikings Derrick Alexander[9] Defensive Tackle Florida State
12 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Warren Sapp[10] Defensive Tackle Miami
13 New Orleans Saints Mark Fields Linebacker Washington State
14 Buffalo Bills Ruben Brown Guard Pittsburgh
15 Indianapolis Colts Ellis Johnson Defensive Tackle Florida
16 New York Jets Hugh Douglas[11] Defensive End Central State (OH)
17 New York Giants Tyrone Wheatley Running Back Michigan
18 Oakland Raiders Napoleon Kaufman Running Back Washington
19 Jacksonville Jaguars James Stewart[12] Running Back Tennessee
20 Detroit Lions Luther Elliss Defensive Tackle Utah
21 Chicago Bears Rashaan Salaam [13] Running Back Colorado
22 Carolina Panthers Tyrone Poole[14] Defensive Back Fort Valley State
23 New England Patriots Ty Law Defensive Back Michigan
24 Minnesota Vikings Korey Stringer Tackle Ohio State
25 Miami Dolphins Billy Milner Tackle Houston
26 Atlanta Falcons Devin Bush[12] Defensive Back Florida State
27 Pittsburgh Steelers Mark Bruener Tight End Washington
28 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Derrick Brooks[15] Linebacker Florida State
29 Carolina Panthers Blake Brockermeyer[16] Tackle Texas
30 Cleveland Browns Craig Powell[17] Linebacker Ohio State
31 Kansas City Chiefs Trezelle Jenkins[18] Tackle Michigan
32 Green Bay Packers Craig Newsome[5] Defensive Back Arizona State

Round two

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
33 New York Jets Matt O'Dwyer Guard Northwestern
34 San Diego Chargers Terrance Shaw Defensive back Stephen F. Austin
35 Houston Oilers Anthony Cook Defensive tackle South Carolina State
36 Carolina Panthers Shawn King Defensive end Louisiana State
37 Washington Redskins Cory Raymer Center Wisconsin
38 St. Louis Rams Zach Wiegert Tackle Nebraska
39 Seattle Seahawks Christian Fauria Tight end Colorado
40 Jacksonville Jaguars Brian DeMarco Defensive tackle Michigan State
41 Atlanta Falcons Ron Davis Defensive back Tennessee
42 Minnesota Vikings Orlando Thomas Defensive back Southwestern Louisiana
43 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Melvin Johnson Defensive back Kentucky
44 New Orleans Saints Ray Zellars Running back Notre Dame
45 Buffalo Bills Todd Collins Quarterback Michigan
46 Dallas Cowboys Sherman Williams Running back Alabama
47 Arizona Cardinals Frank Sanders Wide receiver Auburn
48 Indianapolis Colts Ken Dilger Tight end Illinois
49 Oakland Raiders Barret Robbins Center Texas Christian
50 Philadelphia Eagles Bobby Taylor Defensive back Notre Dame
51 San Diego Chargers Terrell Fletcher Running back Wisconsin
52 Chicago Bears Patrick Riley Defensive tackle Miami (FL)
53 Miami Dolphins Andrew Greene Guard Indiana
54 New York Giants Scott Gragg Tackle Montana
55 Minnesota Vikings Corey Fuller Defensive back Florida State
56 Chicago Bears Todd Sauerbrun Punter West Virginia
57 New England Patriots Ted Johnson Linebacker Colorado
58 Philadelphia Eagles Barrett Brooks Tackle Kansas State
59 Dallas Cowboys Kendell Watkins Tight end Mississippi State
60 Pittsburgh Steelers Kordell Stewart Quarterback Colorado
61 San Diego Chargers Jimmy Oliver Wide receiver Texas Christian
62 St. Louis Rams Jesse James Guard Mississippi State
63 Dallas Cowboys Shane Hannah Guard Michigan State
64 Jacksonville Jaguars Bryan Schwartz Linebacker Augustana (SD)

Round three

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
65 Green Bay Packers Darius Holland Defensive tackle Colorado
66 Green Bay Packers William Henderson Running back North Carolina
67 Houston Oilers Chris Sanders Wide receiver Ohio State
68 Washington Redskins Darryl Pounds Defensive back Nicholls State
69 Cincinnati Bengals Melvin Tuten Tackle Syracuse
70 Detroit Lions David Sloan Tight end New Mexico
71 Jacksonville Jaguars Chris Hudson Defensive back Colorado
72 Philadelphia Eagles Greg Jefferson Defensive end Central Florida
73 Green Bay Packers Brian Williams Linebacker USC
74 New England Patriots Curtis Martin Running back Pittsburgh
75 New Orleans Saints Mike Verstegen Tackle Wisconsin
76 Buffalo Bills Marlon Kerner Defensive back Ohio State
77 Atlanta Falcons Lorenzo Styles Linebacker Ohio State
78 Philadelphia Eagles Chris T. Jones Wide receiver Miami (FL)
79 Indianapolis Colts Zack Crockett Running back Florida State
80 Arizona Cardinals Stoney Case Quarterback New Mexico
81 Kansas City Chiefs Tamarick Vanover Wide receiver Florida State
82 St. Louis Rams Steve McLaughlin Kicker Arizona
83 Chicago Bears Sean Harris Linebacker Arizona
84 Cleveland Browns Eric Zeier Quarterback Georgia
85 New York Giants Rodney Young Defensive back Louisiana State
86 Los Angeles Raiders Joe Aska Running back Central State (OK)
87 Chicago Bears Evan Pilgrim Guard Brigham Young
88 New England Patriots Jimmy Hitchcock Defensive back North Carolina
89 Houston Oilers Rodney Thomas Running back Texas A&M
90 Green Bay Packers Antonio Freeman Wide receiver Virginia Tech
91 Pittsburgh Steelers Brenden Stai Guard Nebraska
92 Dallas Cowboys Charlie Williams Defensive back Bowling Green
93 San Diego Chargers Don Sasa Defensive tackle Washington State
94 Cleveland Browns Mike Frederick Defensive end Virginia
95 Houston Oilers Torey Hunter Defensive back Washington State
96 Buffalo Bills Damien Covington Linebacker North Carolina State
97 Kansas City Chiefs Troy Dumas Linebacker Nebraska
98 San Diego Chargers Preston Harrison Linebacker Ohio State
0 Dallas CowboysSupplemental Draft Darren Benson Defensive tackle Arkansas State

Round four

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
99 Jacksonville Jaguars Rob Johnson Quarterback USC
100 San Diego Chargers Chris Cowart Linebacker Florida
101 Houston Oilers Michael Roan Tight end Wisconsin
102 Cincinnati Bengals Sam Shade Defensive back Alabama
103 Washington Redskins Larry Jones Running back Miami (FL)
104 San Diego Chargers Aaron Hayden Running back Tennessee
105 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jerry Wilson Defensive back Southern
106 New York Jets Melvin Hayes Tackle Mississippi State
107 New York Jets Tyrone Davis Wide receiver Virginia
108 New Orleans Saints Dameian Jeffries Defensive end Alabama
109 Buffalo Bills Ken Irvin Defensive back Memphis
110 Dallas Cowboys Eric Bjornson Wide receiver Washington
111 Minnesota Vikings Chad May Quarterback Kansas State
112 New England Patriots Dave Wohlabaugh Center Syracuse
113 Buffalo Bills Justin Armour Wide receiver Stanford
114 Indianapolis Colts Ray McElroy Defensive back Eastern Illinois
115 St. Louis Rams Lovell Pinkney Tight end Texas
116 Chicago Bears Jack Jackson Wide receiver Florida
117 Green Bay Packers Jeff Miller Tackle Mississippi
118 Los Angeles Raiders Mike Morton Linebacker North Carolina
119 Philadelphia Eagles Dave Barr Quarterback California
120 Pittsburgh Steelers Oliver Gibson Defensive end Notre Dame
121 Denver Broncos Jamie Brown Tackle Florida A&M
122 Miami Dolphins Pete Mitchell Tight end Boston College
123 Jacksonville Jaguars Mike Thompson Defensive tackle Wisconsin
124 Denver Broncos Ken Brown Linebacker Virginia Tech
125 Pittsburgh Steelers Donta Jones Linebacker Nebraska
126 Seattle Seahawks Jason Kyle Linebacker Arizona State
127 San Francisco 49ers Tim Hanshaw Tight end Brigham Young
128 New York Giants Rob Zatechka Guard Nebraska
129 Dallas Cowboys Alundis Brice Defensive back Mississippi
130 Dallas Cowboys Linc Harden Linebacker Oklahoma State
131 Buffalo Bills Tony Cline Tight end Stanford
132 Carolina Panthers Frank Garcia Center Washington
133 New York Giants Ben Talley Linebacker Tennessee
134 Kansas City Chiefs Steve Stenstrom Quarterback Stanford

Round five

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
135 Carolina Panthers Michael Senters Wide receiver Northwestern
136 Cleveland Browns Tau Pupua Defensive tackle Weber State
137 Washington Redskins Jamie Asher Tight end Louisville
138 Los Angeles Raiders Matt Dyson Linebacker Michigan
139 Cincinnati Bengals David Dunn Wide receiver Fresno State
140 St. Louis Rams Mike Scurlock Defensive back Arizona
141 Detroit Lions Stephen Boyd Linebacker Boston College
142 New York Jets Carl Greenwood Defensive back UCLA
143 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Clifton Abraham Defensive back Florida State
144 Buffalo Bills John Holecek Linebacker Illinois
145 Atlanta Falcons Roell Preston Wide receiver Mississippi
146 Denver Broncos Phil Yeboah-Kodie Linebacker Penn State
147 Cleveland Browns Mike Miller Wide receiver Notre Dame
148 New Orleans Saints William Strong Defensive back North Carolina State
149 Indianapolis Colts Derek West Tackle Colorado
150 Arizona Cardinals Cedric Davis Defensive back Tennessee State
151 Pittsburgh Steelers Lethon Flowers Defensive back Georgia Tech
152 Washington Redskins Rich Owens Defensive end Lehigh
153 New York Giants Roderick Mullen Defensive back Grambling
154 Los Angeles Raiders Jeff Kysar Tackle Arizona State
155 Kansas City Chiefs Mike Pelton Defensive tackle Auburn
156 Detroit Lions Kez McCorvey Wide receiver Florida State
157 Minnesota Vikings James Stewart Running back Miami (FL)
158 Miami Dolphins Norman Hand Defensive tackle Mississippi
159 Houston Oilers Gary Walker Defensive end Auburn
160 Green Bay Packers Jay Barker Quarterback Alabama
161 Pittsburgh Steelers Lance Brown Defensive back Indiana
162 San Diego Chargers Omar Ellison Wide receiver Florida State
163 Detroit Lions Ronald Cherry Tackle McNeese State
164 Kansas City Chiefs Jerrott Willard Linebacker California
165 Arizona Cardinals Lance Scott Center Utah
166 Dallas Cowboys Edward Hervey Wide receiver USC
167 Arizona Cardinals Tito Paul Defensive back Ohio State
168 Dallas Cowboys Dana Howard Linebacker Illinois
169 Jacksonville Jaguars Ryan Christopherson Running back Wyoming
170 Green Bay Packers Travis Jervey Running back Citadel
171 Carolina Panthers Andrew Peterson Tackle Washington

Round six

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
172 Jacksonville Jaguars Marcus Price Tackle Louisiana State
173 Green Bay Packers Charlie Simmons Wide receiver Georgia Tech
174 Houston Oilers Hicham El-Mashtoub Center Arizona
175 Cincinnati Bengals Ryan Grigson Tackle Purdue
176 Washington Redskins Brian Thure Tackle California
177 San Diego Chargers Troy Sienkiewicz Guard New Mexico State
178 New York Jets Eddie Mason Linebacker North Carolina
179 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Wardell Rouse Linebacker Clemson
180 Seattle Seahawks Henry McMillian Defensive tackle Florida
181 Atlanta Falcons Travis Hall Defensive tackle Brigham Young
182 Denver Broncos Fritz Fequeire Guard Iowa
183 San Diego Chargers Brandon Harrison Wide receiver Howard Payne
184 New Orleans Saints Lee DeRamus Wide receiver Wisconsin
185 Buffalo Bills Shannon Clavelle Defensive tackle Colorado
186 Detroit Lions Kevin Hickman Tight end Navy
187 Indianapolis Colts Brian Gelzheiser Linebacker Penn State
188 Carolina Panthers Steve Strahan Defensive tackle Baylor
189 Minnesota Vikings John Solomon Linebacker Sam Houston State
190 Los Angeles Raiders Eli Herring Tackle Brigham Young
191 Carolina Panthers Jerry Colquitt Quarterback Tennessee
192 Detroit Lions Cory Schlesinger Running back Nebraska
193 Chicago Bears Kenny Gales Defensive back Wisconsin
194 Miami Dolphins Jeff Kopp Linebacker USC
195 New England Patriots Dino Philyaw Running back Oregon
196 Denver Broncos Terrell Davis Running back Georgia
197 San Diego Chargers Craig Whelihan Quarterback Pacific
198 Chicago Bears Carl Reeves Defensive end North Carolina State
199 Pittsburgh Steelers Barron Miles Defensive back Nebraska
200 San Diego Chargers Tony Berti Tackle Colorado
201 San Francisco 49ers Antonio Armstrong Defensive end Texas A&M
202 Kansas City Chiefs Bryan Proby Defensive tackle Arizona State
203 Seattle Seahawks Eddie Goines Wide receiver North Carolina State
204 New York Giants Jamal Duff Defensive end San Diego State
205 Arizona Cardinals Anthony Bridges Defensive back North Texas
206 New York Giants Charles Way Running back Virginia
207 Kansas City Chiefs Tom Barndt Center Pittsburgh
208 Jacksonville Jaguars Fred McCrary Running back Mississippi State

Round seven

Pick # NFL team Player Position College
209 Carolina Panthers Chad Cota Defensive back Oregon
210 Philadelphia Eagles Kevin Bouie Running back Mississippi State
211 Houston Oilers C.J. Richardson Defensive back Miami (FL)
212 Arizona Cardinals Billy Williams Wide receiver Tennessee
213 Cincinnati Bengals John Walsh Quarterback Brigham Young
214 St. Louis Rams Gerald McBurrows Defensive back Kansas
215 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Steve Ingram Guard Maryland
216 Seattle Seahawks Keif Bryant Defensive end Rutgers
217 New York Jets Curtis Ceaser Wide receiver Grambling
218 Denver Broncos Steve Russ Linebacker Air Force
219 Jacksonville Jaguars Curtis Marsh Wide receiver Utah
220 St. Louis Rams Herman O'Berry Defensive back Oregon
221 Buffalo Bills Tom Nütten Center Western Michigan
222 Denver Broncos Byron Chamberlain Wide receiver Wayne State (NE)
223 Indianapolis Colts Jessie Cox Linebacker Texas Southern
224 Arizona Cardinals Wesley Leasy Linebacker Mississippi State
225 New York Giants Bryne Diehl Punter Alabama
226 Washington Redskins Scott Turner Defensive back Illinois
227 Tampa Bay Buccaneers Jeffrey Rodgers Defensive end Texas A&M-Kingsville
228 Detroit Lions Hessley Hempstead Guard Kansas
229 Chicago Bears Jamal Cox Linebacker Georgia Tech
230 Green Bay Packers Adam Timmerman Guard South Dakota State
231 Cleveland Browns A. C. Tellison Wide receiver Miami (FL)
232 Minnesota Vikings Jose White Linebacker Howard
233 Miami Dolphins Corey Swinson Defensive tackle Hampton
234 New England Patriots Carlos Yancy Defensive back Georgia
235 Pittsburgh Steelers Henry Bailey Wide receiver UNLV
236 Dallas Cowboys Oscar Sturgis Defensive end North Carolina
237 San Diego Chargers Mark Montreuil Defensive back Concordia
238 San Francisco 49ers Herbert Coleman Defensive end Trinity
239 St. Louis Rams Bronzell Miller Defensive end Utah
240 St. Louis Rams J.T. Thomas Wide receiver Arizona State
241 Arizona Cardinals Chad Eaton Defensive tackle Washington State
242 New Orleans Saints Travis Davis Defensive back Notre Dame
243 Minnesota Vikings Jason Fisk Defensive tackle Stanford
244 Buffalo Bills Darick Holmes Running back Portland State
245 Atlanta Falcons John Burrough Defensive end Wyoming
246 Miami Dolphins Shannon Myers Wide receiver Lenoir-Rhyne
247 Pittsburgh Steelers Cole Ford Kicker USC
248 Philadelphia Eagles Howard Smothers Tackle Bethune-Cookman
249 [19] Carolina Panthers Michael Reed Defensive back Boston College
= Pro Bowler[4]

Notable undrafted players

NFL Team Player Position College
New York Jets Wayne Chrebet Wide Receiver Hofstra
Tampa Bay Buccaneers Kelly Holcomb Quarterback Middle Tennessee State

Hall of famers

None of the drafted players from the 1995 NFL Draft have yet been inducted into the Professional Football Hall of Fame.[1]


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