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2/3 Ai no Kyōkaisen
2-3 Ai no Kyōkaisen logo.jpg
This is the logo for 2/3 Ai no Kyōkaisen.
2/3 アイノキョウカイセン
Genre Harem
Light novel
Author Deden
Illustrator Shizuka Ogama
Shin Kyōgoku
Publisher MediaWorks
Demographic Male
Magazine Dengeki G's Magazine
Original run August 2006December 2007
Volumes 17 (magazine issues)
Author Deden
Illustrator Shizuka Ogama (2D world)
Shin Kyōgoku (3D world)
Publisher Japan MediaWorks
Demographic Seinen
Magazine Dengeki G's Magazine
Original run January 2006March 2007
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2/3 Ai no Kyōkaisen (2/3 アイノキョウカイセン ?, lit. The Boundary Line of Love Between Two and Three) is a series of illustrated Japanese fictional short stories written by Deden, and illustrated by Shizuka Ogama and Shin Kyōgoku. Ogama draws the two-dimensional girls in the bishōjo game the protagonist plays, and Kyōgoku provides art for the three-dimensional girls who know him personally. The short stories are apart of a reader-participation game in the Japanese bishōjo magazine Dengeki G's Magazine, published by MediaWorks, which started in the December 2005 issue. The game was first introduced a month earlier under the tentative title Real/Digital Project, but this was later changed to the current title with the January 2006 issue. A four-panel comic strip manga based on the premise of the short stories, with the same production staff as with the stories, was serialized in Dengeki G's Magazine between the January 2006 and March 2007 issues.

The 2/3 in the title is read as Nii to San (ニートサン ?, lit. Two and Three), which is a play on words for the title "NEET-san"; the protagonist of the series is described as a NEET, and hikikomori. Additionally, the two and three are meant to signify the second and third dimensions: the protagonist's time and interests revolve around either 2D or 3D women.




2/3 Ai no Kyōkaisen revolves around a young man who is a hikikomori, NEET, and 2D-girls otaku. Instead of going to school, he spends his time playing bishōjo games. His childhood friend Hime Takanayagi, and his family, attempt to try to bring the young man back to normal society. The protagonist is torn between his love of the girls in his games, or the girls in reality, which results in a struggle within himself to decide which girls he loves the most: those from the digital world, or from the real world.


Digital world

Noeru Mishima (三嶋 のえる Mishima Noeru ?)
The girls of 2/3 Ai no Kyōkaisen (from left to right): Pasomi-tan, Noeru, Shizuka, Iria, Hime, and Asahi.
The girls in the left panel are 2D girls, while those on the right are real-life girls.
Noeru is the main heroine in the bishōjo game the protagonist is immersed in; so much so, that he often forgets to eat and sleep while playing the game. In the game, she is the childhood friend of the game's protagonist. Every morning in the game, she comes over to the protagonist's house, wakes him up, makes his lunch, and the two walk together to school. Whenever she is left alone by the protagonist, she will break down crying, feeling lonely and that she misses being with the protagonist.
Pasomi-tan (ぱそみタン ?)
Within the protagonist's mind, Pasomi-tan is the moe anthropomorphism of his PC. She has a DVD drive as a shirt pocket on her chest, she carries a hard drive-shaped backpack, and uses two computer mice as hair accessories. As the protagonist often uses his computer to play bishōjo games or look at ecchi images of other girls, Pasomi-tan gets deeply jealous that the protagonist is spending his time looking at other girls.
Shizuku Tsukimiya (月宮 しずく Tsukimiya Shizuka ?)
Shizuku is another heroine from a bishōjo game different from the one Noeru is in. She is a sweet maid with a weak constituation. She sometimes has a daring personality, she as when she has to undress for the protagonist. She is very devoted to the protagonist in her game, and loves him deeply.

Real world

Hime Takanayagi (高柳 ヒメ Takayanagi Hime ?)
Hime is the protagonist's childhood friend, and is the daughter of a wealthy family. Due to her innate beauty, she has a lot of self-confidence. However, since the protagonist as an affinity towards two-dimensional girls, she feels a sense of disgrace that the protagonist would choose to interact with the girls in his games rather than with her.
Asahi (アサヒ ?)
Asahi is the protagonist's younger sister. Unlike her brother, she goes to school, regularly exercises, and is generally a member of society, but she does not hate her brother for his behavior. She enjoys teasing her brother about how he lives his life.
Iria Kagami (加賀見 イリア Kagami Iria ?)
Iria has, in the past, coached many adult male hikikomori to again rejoin society, and takes pride in this fact. The protagonist's parents begged her to bring their son back to living a normal life as a member of society. Her techniques could be described as violent and sadistic.


Short stories

2/3 Ai no Kyōkaisen began as a reader-participation game in the December 2005 issue of MediaWorks' Dengeki G's Magazine, where an introduction of the characters was supplied. At the time, the title of the series was still under the tentative Real/Digital Project, but this was changed to the current title with the January 2006 issue. The readers of the magazine could participate in the game via influencing the story by choosing actions for the protagonist to take. Depending on whether the action would push him closer to, or further away from, either the digital or real world aspects of the story, a "Hikikomori Gauge" would indicate which world the protagonist loved more. The first round of the game, which contained three separate polls, occurred between the March and June 2006 issues. The readers voted by sending in their choice of scenario via the Internet or through cell phones. The second round, which contained five polls, occurred between the October 2006 and April 2007 issues. The voting in the second round was done exclusively via cell phones.

The first short story did not appear until the August 2006 issue as an original zeroth chapter, and another original story followed the following month. The first story centering around one of the heroines was published in the October 2006 issue, centering on Hime Takanayagi. The stories for the other five heroines followed monthly in this order: Noeru, Asahi, Pasomi-tan, Iriya, and Shizuku. Another zeroth chapter, set as a prologue to the series, was published in the May 2007 issue. This was followed with the publication of the first chapter in a novel in the July 2007 issue. The chapters in the serialized novel are longer and more detailed than the previously published short stories, which were stand-alone features. The novel continued until the December 2007 issue, with five chapters published.


The 2/3 Ai no Kyōkaisen four-panel comic strip manga, with the same production staff as with the short stories, was serialized in Dengeki G's Magazine between the January 2006 and March 2007 issues, containing fifteen chapters. The manga carries the same premise as with the short stories. Two strips would appear per page; the left hand side of a page would be for the digital world characters, and the right hand side would be for the real world characters.

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