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2000 Republican National Convention
2000 Presidential Election
George W. Bush, in 108th Congressional Pictorial Directory.jpg Dick Cheney, in 108th Congressional Pictorial Directory.jpg
Date(s) July 31 - August 3, 2000
City Philadelphia, Pennsylvania
Venue First Union Center
Presidential Nominee Gov. George W. Bush (TX)
Vice Presidential Nominee Dick Cheney (WY)
Total Delegates 4,335
Votes Needed for Nomination 2,172
Results (President) Bush (TX): 4,328 (99.61%)
Keyes (MD): 6 (0.29%)
McCain (AZ): 1 (0.05%)
Abstaining: 1 (0.05%)
Ballots 1
1996  ·  2004

The 2000 National Convention of the Republican Party of the United States convened at the First Union Center (now the Wachovia Center) in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, from July 31 to August 3, 2000. The 2066 delegates assembled at the convention nominated Texas Governor George W. Bush as the Republican candidate for U.S. President and former U.S. Secretary of Defense Richard B. "Dick" Cheney for Vice President.


Political context

Bush, eldest son of the 41st president, was identified early as the party establishment's frontrunner and turned back a strong primary challenge from John McCain, a Vietnam War veteran and U.S. Senator from Arizona. At the convention, the party and campaign sought to showcase Bush's slogan of compassionate conservatism to persuade undecided voters.

Roll call vote

Instead of holding the roll call of states on one night, the Bush campaign arranged for the voting to take place over four nights, so that Bush would eventually build up support throughout the week, culminating with Cheney's home state of Wyoming finally putting him over the top on the final night. There were few defections, despite a large contingent of delegates having been elected to support McCain, who formally released them to Bush.

Republican National Convention presidential vote, 2000[1]
Candidate Votes Percentage
George W. Bush 4,328 99.61%
Alan Keyes 6 0.29%
John McCain 1 0.05%
Abstentions 1 0.05%
Totals 4,335 100.00%

The convention then voted by acclamation to make the convention nomination unanimous. Cheney's nomination as vice president had also been approved by acclamation on Wednesday night, so Cheney could address the convention later that night as the official nominee.



July 31

August 1

August 2

August 3

Other attendees

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Preceded by
San Diego, California
Republican National Conventions Succeeded by
New York, New York


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