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Events from the year 2000 in the United Kingdom.











  • 7 June - Tony Blair receives a hostile reception during a speech at the Women's Institute, where he is heckled and slow hand-clapped by furious members.
  • 10 June - The much-anticipated Millennium Bridge opens to the public, but has to close after it starts swaying.[7]
  • 21 June - Repeal in Scotland of controversial Section 28 of the Local Government Act 1988 which prevented local authorities from "promoting homosexuality". Section 28 is not repealed in the rest of the UK until 2003.
  • 30 June - David Copeland is found guilty of causing the three nail bomb attacks in London last year. He is sentenced to life imprisonment and the trial judge recommends that he should serve at least 30 years before being considered for parole, meaning that he is likely to remain in prison until at least 2029 and the age of 54.[5]




  • UK fuel protests - Protesters block the entrances to oil refineries in protest against high fuel prices. Panic buying by motorists leads to nationwide petrol shortages, with between 75-90% of all UK petrol stations closing due to low supplies.
  • September - Ford unveils its all-new second generation Mondeo large family car, which is due on sale towards the end of this year.
  • 14 September - After beginning the year 20 points behind the Labour government in the opinion polls, the Tory opposition's hopes of winning the next election (due to be held within 18 months) are boosted when they come two points ahead of Labour on 38% in a MORI opinion poll. [1]
  • 15 September–1 October - Great Britain competes at the 2000 Summer Olympics in Sydney and wins 11 gold, 10 silver and 7 bronze medals.
  • 18 September - Survivors of the Southall and Ladbroke Grove rail disasters criticise Railtrack for putting costs ahead of safety and causing a series of blunders which led to the tragedies.
  • 23 September - rower Steve Redgrave wins his fifth consecutive gold medal at the 2000 Summer Olympics.[19]




  • 29 December - Arctic weather conditions blight Britain, with heavy snow and temperatures as low as -13C plaguing the country and causing extensive gridlocking on the roads and railways.
  • 31 December - The Millennium Dome closes after one year.[5]





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