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  • The International Maritime Organization reports over 50 acts of piracy in the first quarter of 2001, 18 of which occurring in the South China Sea, 14 in the Malacca Strait, 13 in the Indian Ocean, 4 of the coast of West Africa and 1 in the Philippines. No suspects are arrested in any of the reported cases.
  • January - Five fishing vessels are raided by a small group of pirates off the coast of Patharghata, Bangladesh, selling their cargo for $5,000 on New Year's Day. That same afternoon, they would raid $9,000 from three ships off Manderbaria, Bangladesh.
  • February 7 - The fishing vessel Dilruba is boarded by pirates off Patharghata, Bangladesh and, in a gun fight leaving one crew member wounded, steal supplies worth $139,373.
  • March - The crew of the cargo ship Actuaria successfully holds off three boarding attempts by pirates while docked at Chittagong, Bangladesh.
  • March 7 - The Panamanian tanker Lingfield is attacked near Bintan, Indonesia and boarded by eight pirates who, after tieing up and blindfolding the ship's three senior officers, steal $11,000 from the Lingfield's safe and escape in a speedboat.
  • March 9 - The Panamanian cargo ship Jasper is looted of $11,000 by pirates, suspected to be members of a Thailand organized crime organization, off the coast of Kosichang, Thailand.
  • March 15 - Armed with knives, six pirates board the Indonesian cargo ship Inabukwa off the coast of Malaysia and, after marooning the crew on a nearby uninhabited island, escape with the ship's cargo of pepper and tin ingots, valued at $2,170,000. The ship is recovered by Philippine authorities two weeks later, after the pirates are arrested.
  • April 2 - Two sailors are killed and another severely wounded after pirates, armed with high-powered automatic weapons, stafe a fishing vessel off the coast of Zamboanga, Philippines. The pirates however, flee the area before attempting to board the ship.
  • May - The Panamanian cargo ship Marine Universal is boarded by four pirates while at an anchorage in Lagos Harbor, Nigeria. Armed with long knives, one sailor is taken hostage and later thrown overboard, while the ship's cargo is stolen, before making their escape.
  • December 6 - Sir Peter Blake, prominent New Zealand yachtsman and winner of the America's Cup in 1995 and 2000, was shot and killed while defending against pirates attempting to board his 119-ft. schooner Seamaster at the mouth of the Amazon River.




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