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The 2002 Australian Football International Cup was the inaugural international Australian rules football tournament held in Melbourne, Australia in 2002.

11 nations participated from around the world and the tournament was officiated by the International Australian Football Council.

Ireland won the tournament, finishing undefeated and victorious over Papua New Guinea in the Grand Final on August 23 at the Melbourne Cricket Ground (MCG).


Pool A

Flag Nation Rep team
Denmark Denmark Vikings
United Kingdom Great Britain Bulldogs
Japan Japan Samurais
Nauru Nauru Chiefs
Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Mosquitos

Pool B

Flag Nation Rep team
Canada Canada Northwind
Republic of Ireland Ireland Warriors
New Zealand New Zealand Falcons
Samoa Samoa Bulldogs
South Africa South Africa Buffaloes
United States United States Revolution

Round 1

Round 2

  • PNG 9.15 (69) d. Denmark 3.5 (23)
  • Great Britain 9.11 (65) d. Nauru 8.11 (59) - Elsternwick Park, Elsternwick
  • Canada 4.11 (38) d. South Africa 1.5 (11)
  • Ireland 5.6 (36) d. Samoa 4.5 (29)
  • New Zealand 11.12 (78) d. USA 4.1 (25)

Round 3

  • Great Britain 7.3 (45) d. Japan 4.6 (30) - Whitten Oval, Footscray
  • Denmark 5.10 (40) d. Nauru 3.9 (27)
  • Samoa 12.15 (87) d. South Africa 1.4 (10)
  • New Zealand 10.8 (68) d. Canada 2.6 (18)
  • Ireland 7.7 (49) d. USA 6.3 (39)

Round 4

  • Denmark 12.9 (81) d. Great Britain 4.2 (26)
  • PNG 23.9 (147) d. Japan 0.0 (0)
  • Ireland 15.8 (98) d. South Africa 3.3 (21)
  • USA 8.4 (52) d. Canada 1.1 (7)
  • New Zealand 10.10 (70) d. Samoa 5.8 (38)

Round 5

  • Denmark 10.6 (66) d. Japan 4.7 (32)
  • PNG 13.13 (91) d. Nauru 6.8 (44)
  • USA 20.12 (132) d. South Africa 0.4 (4)
  • Samoa 9.15 (69) d. Canada 0.5 (5)
  • Ireland 4.10 (34) d. New Zealand 3.2 (20)

Minor Placing deciders

  • New Zealand 3.7 (25) d. Denmark 2.4 (16)
  • Samoa 5.7 (37) d. Nauru 2.8 (20)
  • Canada 6.5 (41) d. Japan 5.2 (32)
  • USA 13.15 (93) d. Great Britain 2.3 (15) - Junction Oval, St Kilda

Grand final

Friday 23 August 2002

Republic of Ireland
51 - 19 Papua New Guinea
Papua New Guinea
Stadium: Melbourne Cricket Ground
Attendance: 32,393 [A]

A  Grand Final was played as a curtain raiser to the round 21 AFL match between Hawthorn vs North Melbourne, so this figure is the total crowd for the match, although not all spectators were inside the stadium at the start or conclusion of the curtain raiser event.

Match Report

Ireland Squad Coach
M. Johnson, B. Denham, A. Flood, D. Reidy, E. Humphries, D. Cotter, R. McFlynn, F. Killoury, D. Stynes, D. Mulligan, M. Currane, A. Kelly, N. McFlynn, D. Griffin, G. Lane, D. Boylan, B. Shortall, L. O'Conner, B. Currane, F. Bradshaw, D. O'Sullivan, D. Johnson, P. Kiely, J. O'Sullivan, S. McPhillips, A. Cooney, B. Boyle, J. Cunnane, D. Burns. D. Fitzpatrick
Papua New Guinea Squad Coach
W. Yangomia, J. Ropa, V. Lai, D. Lai, J. Bosko, J. Gavuri, S. Keu, N. Saroa, A. Boko, A. Henao, R. Leka, O. Gibson, M. Mondo, N. Maha, D. Gavara, B. Sovara, P. Kila, N. Lowa, P. Meli, R. Rae, B. Tandawai, A. Gela, J. Dau, P Maisu, H. Pare, M. Bae, F. Kelteri, P. Vuluka, R. Aupae, J. Loggha. A. Cadozow

Final standings

  1. Republic of Ireland Ireland
  2. Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea
  3. New Zealand New Zealand
  4. Denmark Denmark
  5. United States USA
  6. United Kingdom Great Britain
  7. Samoa Samoa
  8. Nauru Nauru
  9. Canada Canada
  10. Japan Japan
  11. South Africa South Africa

All-International Team

Player Nation Club Position
Stefan Leyhare Canada Canada Broadview Hawks
Erik Krolmark Denmark Denmark North Copenhagen Barracudas
Mogens Hansen Denmark Denmark North Copenhagen Barracudas
John Boyle United Kingdom Great Britain West London Wildcats
Ben Rees United Kingdom Great Britain Sussex Swans
Michael Johnson Republic of Ireland Ireland Belfast Redbacks
Aaron Flood Republic of Ireland Ireland Midland Tigers
Liam O'Connor Republic of Ireland Ireland Leeside Lions
David Stynes Republic of Ireland Ireland Dublin Demons
Yuta Kobayasi Japan Japan Tokyo Goannas
Alfred Spanner Nauru Nauru Menaida
Quinson Cook Nauru Nauru Menaida
Vince Serci New Zealand New Zealand Eastern Suburbs
Steve Frogatt New Zealand New Zealand University
Mike Seversinsen New Zealand New Zealand Eastern Suburbs
Walter Yandomina Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Enga
John Bosko Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Morobe
Navu Maha Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Central
Overa Gibson Papua New Guinea Papua New Guinea Gulf
Fia Tootoo Samoa Samoa Clayton
Mikaele Pesamino Samoa Samoa Fasitoo-Uta Tigers
Mtutuzeli Hlomela South Africa South Africa Johannesburg
Charley Ellis United States United States Denver Bulldogs
Chad Martin United States United States Phoenix Scorpions
IC2002 All-International Team
Coach: Not Named


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