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2002 Karachi bus bombing
Location Karachi, Pakistan
Date May 8, 2002
Target Westerners
Attack type Suicide attack
Death(s) 13
Injured 40

The 2002 Karachi bus bombing was one of a series of deadly strikes on Westerners in Pakistan in 2002.


On May 8, 2002, a man driving a car bomb stopped next to a bus in Karachi outside the Sheraton Hotel. He detonated the car, ripping the bus apart, and killing himself, 11 Frenchmen, and 2 Pakistanis. The 11 Frenchmen were engineers working with Pakistan to design an Agosta 90B class submarine for the Pakistani Navy. About 40 others were wounded.

It is suspected that those responsible for the attack did not have links to al-Qaeda, and that the attack was orchestrated by Pakistani intelligence and military officials in retaliation for the failure of the French to pay them $33 million that had been previously agreed upon.[1] On September 18, 2002, a man named Sharib Zubair was arrested and believed to have masterminded the attack. In 2003, two men were sentenced to death for the bombing by a Karachi court. The suspected bombmaker, Mufti Mohammad Sabir, was arrested on September 8, 2005. Two of the men conviction's have since been overturned.


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