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2002 NBA Draft
General Information
Date(s) June 26, 2002
Time 7:30 pm (EDT)
Location Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York
Network(s) (US) ESPN
First selection Yao Ming
NBA Draft
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The 2002 NBA Draft was held on June 26, 2002 at The Theater at Madison Square Garden in New York City, New York. In this draft, National Basketball Association (NBA) teams took turns selecting 57 amateur college basketball players and other first-time eligible players, such as players from high schools and non-North American leagues.[1] The draft was broadcast on ESPN and TNT at 7:30 PM (EDT). The NBA announced that 42 college and high school players, and five international players had filed as early-entry candidates for the draft.[2] The Chicago Bulls and the Golden State Warriors both had a 22.5 percent probability of acquiring the first overall pick, but the Houston Rockets, with an 8.9 percent probability, won the NBA Draft Lottery on May 19.[3][4] The Bulls and Warriors were second and third, respectively. As punishment for salary-cap violations during the 2000–2001 season, the Minnesota Timberwolves forfeited their first-round draft pick.

As the Rockets' first pick, Yao Ming became the first international player with no American basketball experience to be drafted first overall. The 2002 draft set a record with 17 international selections, with six coming in the first round alone.[5] After the completion of the regular season, Amar'e Stoudemire was selected as the Rookie of the Year. In 2005, Yao set a single-season All-Star voting record by getting 2,558,278 votes, earning him a spot as a starter on the Western Conference All-Star Team.[6]

  1. 2 pick Jay Williams violated his contract by riding a motorcycle, and nearly lost his life in an accident that shattered his pelvis, severed a main nerve in his leg, and tore three ligaments in his left knee including his ACL. Although he tried an intense rehabilitation program Williams never played a game in the NBA again.

Names in bold had been selected to the All-NBA Team.

= All-Star


Round one

Yao Ming, the 1st pick
Amar'e Stoudemire, the 9th pick
Caron Butler, the 10th pick
Tayshaun Prince, the 23rd pick
Pick Player Nationality NBA Team School/Club Team
1 Yao Ming (C)  China Houston Rockets Shanghai Sharks (China) 1980
2 Jay Williams (PG)  United States Chicago Bulls Duke Jr.
3 Mike Dunleavy, Jr. (SF)  United States Golden State Warriors Duke Jr.
4 Drew Gooden (PF)  United States Memphis Grizzlies Kansas Jr.
5 Nikoloz Tskitishvili (F/C)  Georgia Denver Nuggets Benetton Treviso (Italy) 1983
6 Dajuan Wagner (G)  United States Cleveland Cavaliers Memphis Fr.
7 Nenê Hilario (PF)  Brazil New York Knicks (traded to Denver)[7] Vasco da Gama (Brazil) 1982
8 Chris Wilcox (F/C)  United States Los Angeles Clippers (from Atlanta) Maryland So.
9 Amar'e Stoudemire (F/C)  United States Phoenix Suns Cypress Creek HS (Orlando, Florida) HS Sr.
10 Caron Butler (SF)  United States Miami Heat Connecticut So.
11 Jared Jeffries (F)  United States Washington Wizards Indiana So.
12 Melvin Ely (PF)  United States Los Angeles Clippers Fresno State Sr.
13 Marcus Haislip (PF)  United States Milwaukee Bucks Tennessee Jr.
14 Fred Jones (SG)  United States Indiana Pacers Oregon Sr.
15 Boštjan Nachbar (SF)  Slovenia Houston Rockets (from Toronto) Benetton Treviso (Italy) 1980
16 Jiri Welsch (G/F)  Czech Republic Philadelphia 76ers (traded to Golden State) Union Olimpija (Slovenia and Adriatic League) 1980
17 Juan Dixon (G)  United States Washington Wizards (from New Orleans) Maryland Sr.
18 Curtis Borchardt (C)  United States Orlando Magic (traded to Utah) Stanford Jr.
19 Ryan Humphrey (PF)  United States Utah Jazz (traded to Orlando) Notre Dame Sr.
20 Kareem Rush (SG)  United States Toronto Raptors (from Seattle via New York, traded to Los Angeles Lakers) Missouri Jr.
21 Qyntel Woods (SF)  United States Portland Trail Blazers NE Mississippi CC So.
22 Casey Jacobsen (SG)  United States Phoenix Suns (from Boston) Stanford Jr.
23 Tayshaun Prince (SF)  United States Detroit Pistons Kentucky Sr.
24 Nenad Krstić (F/C)  Yugoslavia New Jersey Nets Partizan Belgrade (Sinalco Superleague and Adriatic League) 1983
25 Frank Williams (PG)  United States Denver Nuggets (from Dallas, traded to New York)[7] Illinois Jr.
26 John Salmons (G/F)  United States San Antonio Spurs (traded to Philadelphia) Miami Sr.
27 Chris Jefferies (SF)  United States Los Angeles Lakers (traded to Toronto) Fresno State Jr.
28 Dan Dickau (PG)  United States Sacramento Kings (traded to Atlanta) Gonzaga Sr.

* Note: The Minnesota Timberwolves forfeited their first-round pick due to salary cap violations.

Round two

Roger Mason, the 30th pick
Carlos Boozer, the 34th pick
JC Navarro, the 39th pick
Matt Barnes, the 45th pick
Pick Player Nationality NBA Team School/Club Team
29 Steve Logan (PG)  United States Golden State Warriors Cincinnati Sr.
30 Roger Mason Jr. (SG)  United States Chicago Bulls Virginia Jr.
31 Robert Archibald (PF)  Scotland Memphis Grizzlies Illinois Sr.
32 Vincent Yarbrough (SF)  United States Denver Nuggets Tennessee Sr.
33 Dan Gadzuric (C)  Netherlands Milwaukee Bucks (from Houston) UCLA Sr.
34 Carlos Boozer (PF)  United States Cleveland Cavaliers Duke Jr.
35 Miloš Vujanić (PG)  Yugoslavia New York Knicks Partizan Belgrade (Sinalco Superleague and Adriatic League) 1980
36 David Andersen (C)  Australia Atlanta Hawks Virtus Bologna (Italy) 1980
37 Tito Maddox (PG)  United States Houston Rockets (from Miami) Fresno State So.
38 Rod Grizzard (SG)  United States Washington Wizards (from Phoenix via Denver) Alabama Jr.
39 Juan Carlos Navarro (PG)  Spain Washington Wizards FC Barcelona (Spain) 1980
40 Mario Kasun (C)  Croatia Los Angeles Clippers Opel Skyliners (Germany) 1980
41 Ronald Murray (SG)  United States Milwaukee Bucks Shaw Sr.
42 Jason Jennings (C)  United States Portland Trail Blazers (from Toronto via Chicago) Arkansas State Sr.
43 Lonny Baxter (PF)  United States Chicago Bulls (from Indiana) Maryland Sr.
44 Sam Clancy (PF)  United States Philadelphia 76ers USC Sr.
45 Matt Barnes (SF)  United States Memphis Grizzlies (from Orlando) UCLA Sr.
46 Jamal Sampson (C)  United States Utah Jazz (traded to Orlando) California Fr.
47 Chris Owens (PF)  United States Milwaukee Bucks (from New Orleans, traded to Memphis) Texas Sr.
48 Peter Fehse (PF)  Germany Seattle SuperSonics Halle (Germany) 1983
49 Darius Songaila (PF)  Lithuania Boston Celtics Wake Forest Sr.
50 Federico Kammerichs (SF)  Argentina Portland Trail Blazers Ourense (Spain) 1980
51 Marcus Taylor (PG)  United States Minnesota Timberwolves Michigan State So.
52 Rasual Butler (SF)  United States Miami Heat (from Detroit via Toronto and Houston) La Salle Sr.
53 Tamar Slay (SG)  United States New Jersey Nets Marshall Sr.
54 Mladen Šekularac (SG)  Yugoslavia Dallas Mavericks FMP Železnik (Sinalco Superleague and Adriatic League) 1981
55 Luis Scola (PF)  Argentina San Antonio Spurs (from L.A. Lakers) TAU Cerámica (Spain) 1980
56 Randy Holcomb (PF)  United States San Antonio Spurs (traded to Philadelphia) San Diego State Sr.
57 Corsley Edwards (PF)  United States Sacramento Kings Central Connecticut Sr.

Notable undrafted players

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