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The year 2004 in television involved some significant events. Below is a list of television-related events in 2004.

For the American TV schedule, see: 2004-05 United States network television schedule.



Date Event
January 30 ITV's News at Ten ends for a second time, with its replacement, the News at Ten Thirty, launching on Monday.
February The Jetix brand was introduced for the first time.
February 1 After the Janet Jackson/Justin Timberlake Super Bowl XXXVIII halftime show controversy, American television gets heavily censored as the FCC tightens its rules on idecency.
February 2 ITV plc is formed from the merger of Carlton and Granada. The News at Ten Thirty also debuts.
February 9 Kerry McFadden wins the third series of ITV1's I'm a Celebrity... Get Me Out of Here!. 14.99 million watch the final, the programme's highest rated episode to this day.
February 22 Sex and the City airs its final episode, "An American Girl in Paris, Part Deux."
March 1 The Price is Right airs its 6,000th episode.
March 15 Game Show Network rebranded as "GSN"
March 20 Christopher Eccleston is announced as the ninth actor to play The Doctor in Doctor Who.
March 28 Māori Television starts broadcasting in New Zealand.
April 2 TV Tokyo in Japan premières eight shows during the first week of the month.
April 16 Cartoon Network's Toonami ends its weekday run after 7 years.
April 17 Cartoon Network's Toonami moves from 5 p.m. Weekdays to 7 p.m. (prime time) Saturdays, and extends by four hours (from two to six).
April 21 Blue Heelers screens a live episode.
May 6 Friends ends its run of 10 years, airing the final episode, The Last One. The show was moved to the Friends spinoff, Joey.
May 13 Frasier airs its final episode, "Goodnight Seattle".
May 15 Jimmy Fallon makes his last appearance as a cast member of Saturday Night Live on its season finale.
May 28 TechTV merges with G4 to form G4techTV, one of the most controversial mergers in television history as less than a year later, the merged network becomes G4 once again.
June 2 A contestant on Jeopardy!, Ken Jennings of Salt Lake City, Utah, begins a long run as champion.
June 4 Kitten Pinder is evicted from the Big Brother UK house, shouting against the Queen and the aristocracy on the way out.
June 14 Quiz TV launches in the UK, one of the country's first phone-in quiz channels. Many more launched over the next few years, though Quiz TV itself would close down in 2006.
June 17 In the UK, the live feed of Big Brother is taken off air for a few hours as the housemates threaten to kill each other.
June 24 The highest rated audience of the year is recorded in the UK as 20.66 million watch England's football match against Portugal in the quarter finals of Euro 2004. This was also the last programme to get over 20 million viewers as of 2007. [1]
September with the start of the 2004–2005 television season in the United States, most of the major networks were now no longer producing original content for broadcast on Saturday nights, citing years of declining ratings. Beginning this season, Saturday becomes primarily a night for rebroadcasts of episodes from earlier in the week or movies. Fox Network is an exception, as it maintains its block of inexpensive, reality-based shows on Saturday.
September 9 Captain N: The Game Master, the NBC/DIC canceled series, celebrates its 15th Anniversary.
September 21 Drew Daniel is crowned the winner of the American version of Big Brother 5. Runner-Up Michael "Cowboy" Ellis wins $50,000.
September 28 Longtime veteran Marcy Walker makes what has been termed by soap sources as her final appearance on All My Children after two decades of being affiliated with the program.
October 2 Amy Poehler succeeds Jimmy Fallon as Tina Fey's co-anchor on NBC's Saturday Night Live's Weekend Update skit, making the first Weekend Update female duos.
October 2 Nickelodeon and its sister channels begin debuting its special educational programming, Worldwide Day of Play. following the Let's Just Play campaign.
November 1 Toon Disney removes a great number of the programs it was originally intended to show in order to make room for Jetix.
November 1 The Young and the Restless airs its milestone 8,000th episode.
*November 7 Dallas airs a special nondescript series entitled: Dallas Reunion: Return to Southfork.
November 18 The video for the new charity single Do They Know It's Christmas? by Band Aid 20 airs simultaneously on all five main UK television networks, as well as over twenty satellite and cable stations. This unprecedented broadcast attracts over fourteen million viewers between 5:50 and 6 p.m..
November 30 After seventy-four consecutive wins, Ken Jennings finally loses on Jeopardy!, to competitor Nancy Zerg.
Late-November All My Children rises to #2 in the daytime Nielsen ratings for the first time since the mid-1990s, rivaling ABC's soap General Hospital for the second slot.
December 1 Tom Brokaw steps down as anchorman of NBC Nightly News and is replaced by Brian Williams.
*December 6 Joe Pasquale wins the fourth series of ITV1's I'm a Celebrity, Get Me Out of Here!
December 15 CNN's financial news channel, CNNfn, signs off.
December 16 All My Children airs its milestone 9,000th episode.
December 29 Rogers Media buys remaining 20% ownership of Rogers Sportsnet from Fox's Los Angeles affiliate KTTV.

General Electric, owner of NBC, purchases Universal Studios from Vivendi, leaving all six U.S. broadcast networks part of a company which also owns a film studio. Foe the first time in its history, Nielsen Media Research, the official American television ratings service, began counting original shows on premium channels in its prime-time ratings.[1] At the time, most of these aired on competitors HBO and Showtime, but Starz has since began producing original shows.


Date Debut
January 7 The Apprentice premieres on NBC (2004–present)
January 11 Drake & Josh premieres on TEENick (2004–present)
January 12 Rick Mercer's Monday Report premieres on CBC (2004–present; Rick Mercer Report since 2006)
January 13 Shameless premieres on Channel 4 in the UK (2004–present).
January 17 Astro Boy premieres on Kids' WB! (2004–present).
January 18 The L Word premieres on Showtime (2004–2009)
January 22 Corner Gas debuts on CTV (2004–present).
February 2 Sea of Souls debuts on BBC One in the UK (2004–present).
February 14 Power Rangers: Dino Thunder premieres on ABC (2004).
February 15 Extreme Makeover: Home Edition, which had debuted as a one-off special late in 2003, makes its debut as a weekly series on ABC (2004–present).
March 4 Pimp My Ride premieres on MTV
March 21 Deadwood premieres on HBO (2004–2006).
April 3 Danny Phantom premieres on Nickelodeon (2003–2007). Premieres on Nickelodeon in Australia in April 5, 2003.
April 19 Miguzi introduces and premieres on Cartoon Network during the old Toonami time slot (2004–present).
June 1 Summerland premieres on The WB (2004–2005)
June 4 TNA iMPACT! premieres on Fox Sports Net (2004–2005; on Spike 2005–present)
June 16 Quintuplets premieres on the Fox Network (2004–2005).
June 19 Winx Club premieres on 4KidsTV (2004–Present). Premieres in Italy in January 28, 2004.
July 6 Big Brother 5 premieres on CBS (2000–present).
July 16 Stargate Atlantis, a spin-off of Stargate SG-1 premieres on Sci Fi channel (2004–2009).
July 18 Entourage premieres on HBO (2004–present).
July 21 Rescue Me premieres on FX (2004–present)
July 29 Blue Collar TV airs on WB and Comedy Central (2004–2006).
August 2 Blue's Room premieres on Nickelodeon Jr. (2004–2007).
August 13 Foster's Home for Imaginary Friends premieres on Cartoon Network (2004–2009)
August 16 Call for Help 2.0 premieres in Canada (2004–present).
August 31 Father of the Pride premieres on NBC (2004).
September 3 Green Wing premieres on Channel 4 in the UK (2004–present).
September 4 The X Factor premieres on ITV1 in the UK (2004–present).
September 9 Joey premieres on NBC (2004–2006).
September 11 The Batman (2004–present) and Da Boom Crew (2004) premiere on Kids' WB!.
September 12 Jack & Bobby premieres on The WB (2004–2005).
September 12 Ned's Declassified School Survival Guide premieres on Nickelodeon. (2004–2007)
September 15 Instant Star premieres on CTV. (2004–2008)
September 18 The English-language versions of One Piece (2004–present) and F-Zero: GP Legend (2004–2005) debut on 4Kids TV.
September 20 Second Time Around premieres on UPN (2004–2005).
September 22 CSI: NY premieres CBS (2004–present).
September 22 Lost premieres on ABC (2004–present).
September 22 Veronica Mars premieres on UPN. (2004–2007)
October 2 Ultraman Nexus premieres on Chubu-Nippon Broadcasting in Japan (2004–2005).
October 3 6Teen premieres on Teletoon in Canada (2004–present).
October 3 Desperate Housewives premieres on ABC (2004–present).
October 3 Boston Legal premieres on ABC (2004–2008).
October 8 Krystala, a sci-fi/fantasy serial, debuts on ABS-CBN (Philippines), and on International Channel (United States). (2004–2005)
October 10 The Backyardigans premieres on Nickelodeon (2004–present).
October 11 Maya & Miguel premieres on PBS (2004–present).
October 11 Postcards From Buster premieres on PBS (2004–present).
October 17 Hex premieres on Sky One in the UK (2004–2006).
October 27 Drawn Together premieres on Comedy Central
November 5 Cartoon Alley premieres on Turner Classic Movies (2004–present).
November 6 Fullmetal Alchemist and Ghost In The Shell: Stand Alone Complex premiere on Cartoon Network's Adult Swim block (2004–2006).
November 16 House premieres on Fox (2004–present).

Television shows

See also 2004-05 United States network television schedule















Returning in 2004

Original Air Dates

Ending this year

Changes of Network Affiliation

Date Show Debut
January 25 10-8: Officers on Duty 2003
January 28 Becker 1998
January 29 Threat Matrix 2003
January 30 Boston Public 2000
January 30 The Handler 2003
February 6 Ed 2000
February 14 Lizzie McGuire 2001
February 22 Sex and the City 1998
February 27 Lloyd in Space 2001
March 13 Hack 2002
March 25 The Chris Isaak Show 2001
April 4 Home Movies 1999
April 6 It's All Relative 2003
April 9 Life with Bonnie 2002
April 12 Space Ghost Coast to Coast 1994
April 20 Whoopi 2003
April 23 Married to the Kellys 2003
April 27 I'm with Her 2003
April 29 The Jamie Kennedy Experiment 2002
May 1 The District 2000
May 4 The Guardian 2001
May 10 The Parkers 1999
May 6 Friends 1994
May 13 Frasier 1993
May 16 The Practice 1997
May 17 Mutant X 2001
May 19 Angel 1999
May 26 Soul Food (TV series) 2000
May 28 Supermarket Sweep 2000
June 8 Rugrats 1991
June 8 Hey Arnold! 1996
June 19 The Man Show 2004
July 24 CatDog 1998
July 30 Rocket Power 1999
August 27 Johnny Bravo 1997
August 27 Ricki Lake 1993
September 8 The Drew Carey Show 1995
September 13 InuYasha (Japan) 2000
September 25 Samurai Jack 2001
September 29 Yu-Gi-Oh! Duel Monsters (Japan) 2000
October 16 Winning Lines (UK) 1999
October 29 All About Me 2002
October 31 Dead Like Me 2003
November 11 Unscrewed with Martin Sargent 2003
November 20 Power Rangers: Dino Thunder 2004
November 22 The Crocodile Hunter 1997
December 15 Wonderfalls 2004
December 28 Father of the Pride 2004
Show Moved from Moved to
The Surreal Life The WB VH1
Parkinson BBC One ITV
FA Premier League terrestrial highlights ITV BBC One
The Simpsons (UK terrestrial rights) BBC Two Channel 4
King of the Hill (UK Multi channel rights) Sky One FX
Family Guy (UK Multi channel rights) Sky One FX
South Park (UK rights) Channel 4 and Sky One Paramount Comedy 1 and MTV


Date Name Age Cinematic Credibility
January 2 Lynn Cartwright 76 U.S. actor.
January 17 Noble Willingham 72 U.S. film and T.V. actor
January 19 Jerry Nachman 57 MSNBC editor-in-chief.
January 23 Bob Keeshan 76 U.S. actor (Captain Kangaroo).
January 27 Jack Paar 85 The Tonight Show host.
January 29 Mary-Ellis Bunim 57 producer and co-creator of The Real World.
February 23 Carl Anderson 58 U.S. actor.
February 24 John Randolph 88 U.S. actor.
March 7 Paul Winfield 62 Emmy-winning actor.
March 8 Robert Pastorelli 50 actor (Murphy Brown).
March 17 J. J. Jackson 62 former MTV VJ.
March 26 Jan Sterling 82 U.S. actor.
March 27 Art James 74 game show host and announcer.
March 28 Sir Peter Ustinov 82 British actor.
March 30 Alistair Cooke 95 BBC broadcaster and transatlantic commentator.
March 30 Hubert Gregg 89 BBC broadcaster.
April 1 Carrie Snodgress 57 character actress.
May 9 Alan King 76 comedian.
May 14 Shaun Sutton 85 writer, director, producer and longest-serving Head of Drama at BBC Television.
May 17 Tony Randall 84 actor and star of television version of The Odd Couple.
May 21 Gene Wood 78 announcer of Family Feud and other U.S. game shows.
May 22 Richard Biggs 44 U.S. actor
July 9 Isabel Sanford 86 actress, (Louise "Weezie" Mills Jefferson on The Jeffersons), from natural causes.
July 28 Eugene Roche 75 actor (Soap, Webster, and many other series).
November 6 Howard Keel 85 actor/singer, (Clayton Farlow on Dallas).
December 28 Jerry Orbach 69 actor (Law & Order)



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