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July 31 2007 (Tuesday)

Pokemon makes top DS sales in UK

Pokemon Diamond made very top in Nintendo DS games, while Pearl made third. In between is Transformers the Game. Many games on their top sellers are from Nintendo.

July 30 2007 (Monday)

Australia to make changes to their game ratings

Currently, Australia has its game ratings same as TV ratings. Many games that are above their Mature 15+ ratings fail to make it to the shelves because of this. The average age of their gamers are around 28 years of age and they may be changing ratings soon to include an 18+ rating.

July 29 2007 (Sunday)

Australian gaming market hits AUD$1 Billion

The Interactive Entertainment Association of Australia(IEAA)just found out that the gaming industry has hit AUD$1 Billion(USD$847 Million) in sales last fiscal year. For a place that has only 20 million people, their sales are up 30% from last year.

July 28 2007 (Saturday)

Rockstar set to make exclusive PS3 franchise

Sony has recently announced that Rockstar will be making an all new, exclusive franchise for the PS3. Other than that, there aren't many details on the new Rockstar-Sony relationship.

July 27 2007 (Friday)

Sony breaking even on PS3's at end of fiscal year

Sony's PS3 currently costs a bundle and they are losing $200 per unit. Sony's executive VP announced that they may break even in March 2008, the end of the fiscal year. This might be good for them, but it also means no price cuts anytime soon.

July 26 2007 (Thursday)

Microsoft 360 HD-DVD price cut

Looks like Microsoft will be cutting the price of their 360 HD-DVD's. The price cut is from USD$199 to $179. Also five free HD-DVD's are being offered to those who pick up. This is all for USA only.

July 25 2007 (Wednesday)

Sony giving PSP dev. software to universities

SCEE decides to give British Universities some access to PSP kits and also offers them a discounted rate. This was all announced in a Dev. conference in Brighton.

July 24 2007 (Tuesday)

Canadian gaming market grows

So far this year Canada's game sales is topping its previous years. Currently, game sales are around $498 million USD. This will be the fifth consecutive year that their gaming market has growth.

July 23 2007 (Monday)

PSP Slim to arrive in Europe/Australia before Japan

Sony announces that Europe and Australia will be getting the PSP Slim in early September, while Japan's date is September 20. The current price for one stands at €169 for Europe.

July 22 2007 (Sunday)

Movie critic says games are not art

Hollywood movie critic Roger Ebert has been under pressure from the gaming community because of a past statement where he says video games are not art. Clive Barker, another Hollywood man spoke out on how games could be art and both voiced their opinions of games and art.

July 21 2007 (Saturday)

Atari may be delisted from NASDAQ

Atari failed to file its annual fiscal report. They now run the risk of being delisted from NASDAQ.

July 20 2007 (Friday)

Lawsuits on Microsoft's Xbox 360's

Both this week and last week, lawsuits were filed on Microsoft's Xbox 360's in Florida and California because the machines were damaging game discs to the point that they were unplayable. Microsoft has mentioned a hardware problem but no specifics to disc scratching. This time the people want $5 million.

July 19 2007 (Thursday)


Sony will be releasing a PS3 starter pack that costs AUD$999.95 (USD$878.90). In it, there will be a 60GB PS3 with two sixaxis controllers and the games Resistance and MotorStorm. The set release date for this pack will be on August 2.

July 18 2007 (Wednesday)

Nickelodeon puts $100 million into game production

Nickelodeon, which is owned by one of the biggest media companies in the world, will be spending $100 million over the next two years to develop games. Most of it will go to games that are made the younger-aged gamers.

July 17 2007 (Tuesday)

Peter Moore moves to EA Sports

Peter Moore was announced to resign from being head of Microsoft's gaming and Xbox divison. He is getting a new job as head of EA Sports and will be getting a ton of cash with it.

[[July 16] 2007 (Monday)

Sony suffers in Japan

Although Microsoft's Xbox 360 isn't doing too well in Japan, Sony is missing their goals a lot more. Both companies have missed their plans and have not fulfilled their own expectations there.

July 15 2007 (Sunday)

An Xbox 360 recall?

Xbox 360 units were recalled from stores by EB Games Australia due to faulty HDD's. It was found two weeks ago when stores were testing the devices for any errors when they found that it was missing its core units.

July 14 2007 (Saturday)

This E3 may be the Last

2007's E3 might just be the last of this event's appearance forever. Gaming and console companies are deciding whether it is wise to spend all the money when they have other alternatives to use in marketing.

July 13 2007 (Friday)

60GB PS3's being discontinued

60GB PS3's will be on shelves only until they are all bought up as Sony will not be making them anymore. Instead, they will produce the 80GB ones, which will cost $599. The 60GB ones were priced at $499.

July 12 2007 (Thursday)

Ubisoft looks to China for online gaming business

Ubisoft searches China for a company that it can work with. This is part of their plan to expand their online gaming department.

July 11 2007 (Wednesday)

Xbox 360 Elite coming to Europe this Summer

Microsoft announced that on August 24th they will start selling Xbox 360 Elites in Europe. This much anticipated arrival had been in rumors for a while until Microsoft announced it at the E3 2007 keynote.

July 10 2007 (Tuesday)

Macs get access to GameTap features

Intel-based Mac users can now gain access to GameTap's Lite Player, which offers more than 500 game titles to play from and over 600 streaming videos. The Mac can now play PC games thanks to TransGaming's Cider portability engine.


July 9 2007 (Monday)

Sony cut price for 80GB PS3 too

Sony announced that they will cut the prices for the 60GB PS3 to $499USD in North America. Also the 80GB PS3 will be cut to $599USD and bundled with MotorStorm, which will be available in August. The company also announced plans for downloadable HD movies to the PS3.

July 6 2007 (Friday)

Bungie Day starts tommorrow

Tommorrow 07-07-07 will be the start of Bungie day. Bungie studios announced that they will be giving away free non-Halo 3 related goodies will appear on and the Xbox Live Marketplace starting at 12:01 AM on July 7.

July 5 2007 (Thursday)

PS3 cuts prices by $100 after E3

The PlayStation 3 would see a $100 price cut taking place the week after E3 2007. The 60 GB version of the PS3 will indeed drop to $499, starting on July 12, one day after Sony's E3 press conference.

Xbox 360 Elite coming to Japan

Microsoft announced that on October 11th they will start selling Xbox 360 Elites in Japan. The 120GB version previously hit North America this past Spring, retailing for US $479.99. The Japanese Elite will be ¥47,800 (US $389) which is around $100 cheaper. Black wireless controllers will also be on sale for ¥4,750 ($39).

July 4 2007 (Wednesday)

Forza Racist car Spotted

A white power-themed 1957 Mercedes 300SL showed up on Xbox live for the game Forza Motorsport 2. The car features racist slogans and Nazi symbols. This shows that user-created content features on Forza gives users the chance to speak their political views or see other peoples reactions

July 3 2007 (Tuesday)

Capcom Greenlights another Street Fighter Flick

Capcom has recently gave the green light to a new Street Fighter Film. The script is now written by Justin Marks and the storyline is revolving around Chun Li. Lets hope this one does not suck

July 2 2007 (Monday)

Singapore Bans Games before Releases

Singapore has recently banned The Darkness for excessive violence. The country has already banned GTA IV and is rumored to consider banning BioShock

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July 10

  • Project Sylpheed: Arc of Deception (X360)

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