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March 5-9


March 30 2007 (Thursday)

  • Command & Conquer 3 tops Amazon PC charts
Command and Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars top PC games as #1 for March on's game chart. The information on this chart was taken March 29 several days after the game's release. Comming out second in North America The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles, the expansion for Elder Scrolls Oblivion. In the UK The Sims 2: Seasons came in second

March 29 2007 (Thursday)

  • GTA IV trailer
GTA IV trailer released today. It reveals that the game will take place once again in liberty city. Grand Theft Auto IV ships in the US on October 16 and in Europe on October 19, and has not yet been rated.

March 28 2007 (Wednesday)

  • Xbox 360 Elite
Microsoft confirms the rumors of the new Xbox 360 Elite. The elite will include a 120GB hard drive, a high-definition multimedia interface (HDMI) port, a high-definition cable, and a premium black finish for the console, wireless controller and Xbox Live headset. The elite will cost $479.

March 27 2007 (Tuesday)

  • Satoru Iwata makes Baron's top 30 CEO
Baron has recently released their list of worlds best CEOs and newly on the list in Nintendo's president Satoru Iwata. Baron has mentioned that other than development in hardware, Nintendo's shares has doubled since the release of the Wii. MarketWatch has named Paul Eibeler of Take Two the worst CEO of the year due to its contravertial games which has cut profits of the company.

March 26 2007 (Monday)

  • PS3 Makes strong Debut
The PS3 has the top selling console launch in the UK since its release with 165 thousand units sold. The Wii and the Xbox 360 has sold 105,000 and 70,000 units during their first weekends of launch in the UK. The launch also pushed numerous PS3 titles to UK's top 10 best sellers and ChartTrack's top fourty. Resistance: Fall of Man has toped the weeks software charts.
  • Namco Bandai Plans PS3 Arcade Board
Officials of Namco Bandai have announced that the company is developing a series of new arcade games which will use the Cell microprocessor of the PS3. The new arcade games will be developed with the cell processor of the PS3 making it the first time the cell processor has been used in consumer products other than the PS3. The company announced that Tekken 6 will be the first game to debut on this hardware.

March 23 2007 (Friday)

  • Sony Gives Free HDTVs At UK PS3 Launch
At Sony's PS3 Launch in London, 46” Bravia HDTVs were handed out to individuals who purchased a PS3. Only around a hundred fans appeared for the PS3 Launch which was less than the Wii and Xbox 360. In other PAL countries, the PS3 launch has not generate large crowds.

March 22 2007 (Thursday)

  • Xbox Live fraud conclusions
After the many fraud reports that were investigated yesterday, Microsoft concluded that there were few isolated incidents with some users attempting to retrieve personal information from others on Xbox live. Larry Hyrb reports that Microsoft has found no evidence of compromise security. Microsoft has added a pdf file titled 'Help Protect Yourself Against Identity Theft’ for user who have FAQs on their security.

March 21 2007 (Wednesday)

  • VideoGame Expo 2007
Officials have announced that the VGXPO is going to take place in Philadelphia between November 2nd and 4th. This is the third year the event is held and the crowd is expected to double. Ed Fleming, founder and executive director of VGXPO said no gamers should be left out of VGXPO and that why the passes are $15.
  • Microsoft investigates Xbox Live fraud
The investigation comes after gamers reported having their Xbox Live accounts hijacked and their credit cards used to buy Microsoft Points, the virtual currency on Xbox Live. Gamers have reported that their account was hacked for some time on forums and at the Microsoft help desk. In the past Microsoft's response to users was to call and cancel their credit cards.

March 20 2007 (Tuesday)

  • Upton re-introduces his anti gaming bill
Michigan Senator Fred Upton, proposed H.R. 1531, titled the 'Video Game Decency Act of 2007. The bill states that if a company fail to disclose age based video game content they can be prosecuted by a judge under the Federal Trade Commission Act. Upton was one of the key advocates against the GTASA in the Hot coffee controversy.

  • Gears Of War going to the Big Screen
New Line Cinema has announced that they aquired right from Microsoft and Epic to develop a film on Gears of War. The film will be written by Stuart Beattie, screenwriter for thrillers Collateral and Derailed. It is set to be release in 2009.

March 19 2007 (Monday)

  • PS3 gets 1.6 Upgrade
Sony reveals details on the PS3 framewire 1.6 upgrades scheduled for March 22. The update will support PSP connectivity, a keyboard, and a web browser. The update will also include the folding homes computing project.

March 16 2007 (Friday)

  • Halo 3 Details
Microsoft and Bungie have announced the full details behind the release of Xbox 360's Halo 3 this fall, including more on the Spartan helmet-encased Legendary Edition. The Legendary Edition, will be priced at $129.99. There will be storyboard art, two bonus discs with the game, the first of which will include both a high-def 'Making of Halo 3' documentary and an audio-visual calibration tool. The second disc, exclusive to the Legendary Edition, will include remastered cinematic material from the first two volumes in the Halo series with developer commentary and Red vs. Blue and Spark of Life. The Limited Edition will be $69.99 and packaged in a metallic case. It will include the making of Halo 3 and a Halo fiction and art book. The standard edition is set at $59.99.
  • Take 2 sues Thomposon
Since Jack Thompson has threten Take-Two to file a lawsuit against the release of Manhunt 2 and GTAVI. Take-Two has filed a lawsuit against Jack for using public nuisance tactic violates Take Two’s First Amendment rights. Take Two is also seeking to recover from Thompson its attorney fees and other costs incurred related to the pending legal action

March 15 2007 (Thursday)

  • DS outsells PSP in Japan
Sony has revealed that they sold 5 million PSPs since the end January. The Nintendo DS sold 14 million copies which makes it three times more than the PSP. The DS continues to suffer from intermittent stock problems that stretch back to the launch of the Nintendo DS Lite version of the hardware.

March 14 2007 (Wednesday)

  • DDR goes to NexGym Fitness Centers
Konami has announced a partnership with NexGym to input DDR devices into their facilities. NexGym focuses on high-energy fitness activities. As part of their agreement, children between the ages of nine and fourteen will be able to take advantage of DDR devices.

March 13 2007 (Tuesday)

  • GameSpy provides Wii Multiplay
Nintendo partners up with IGN's gamespy for online multiplayer games for the Nintendo Wii. GameSpy has not announced how they would integrate the components but they have worked with Nintendo in the past to provide multiplayer technology for the Nintendo DS.

March 12 2007 (Monday)

  • Activision announces New European boss
Activision has confirmed that Joerg Trouvain, former president of Electronic Arts will become the company's new vice president of European publishing. Trouvain replace Tricia Bertero, who returns to the U.S. at the close of her two year contract at Activision Europe. Trouvain was previously the senior vice president of sales and marketing at GN Netcom and was managing director and vice president of Germany, Austria and Switzerland for Electronic Art.
  • Las Vegas City Officials goes after Midway
Las Vegas city official are preparing to do legal battle with Midway Games over the game "Only in Vegas" by Surreal Studios. City officials say the phrase very similar to “Only Vegas,” which is owned by the Las Vegas Convention and Visitors Authority and registered in 2003 with the state of Nevada and in 2005 with the federal government. In the past Las Vegas City Offical also attacked Ubisoft’s Rainbow Six Vegas because mayor was unhappy that the violent, counter-terrorist game was set in his town.

March 9 2007 (Friday)

  • GDC Radio
GDC organizers have announced that the GDC Radio digital store has already added audio from almost 150 sessions taking place at Game Developers Conference 2007, with each downloadable for a small fee. Sessions can be downloaded for $7.95 and it will be in a mp3 format.

March 8 2007 (Thursday)

  • Miyamoto Talks Game Design at GDC
Shigeru Miyamoto's keynote speech today focused on the changing gaming market and Super Mario Galaxy. He describe his own personal test of 'expanded audience', calling it the 'Wife-O-Meter', and charting how his personal history of games have affected his wife's interest level in games. He described how his wife became a gamer through playing Nintendogs and Brain age. He also discussed how Nintendo controllers were designed with group input so the controller can be used by anyone. He also described that elements of Super Mario 128 was mainly placed in Pikmin and some elements are placed in Super Mario Galaxy

March 7 2007 (Wednesday)

  • WOW Expansion Hits 3.5 million
World of warcraft expansion The Burning Crusades sold over 3.5 million in one month since starting from its launch date. Blizzard is currently working to localize the game into Simplified and Traditional Chinese for China.
  • Game Developers Conference 2008 Dates Announced
GDC 2008 has been announce to be on February 18 to 22. It will again be held at the Moscone Center in San Francisco

March 6 2007 (Tuesday)

  • Microsoft Announces 6 Million Xbox Live Users
Microsoft has announced that Xbox Live has more than 6 Million users. 10 million Xbox 360s have hit store shelves since launch in November 2005 and the 360 is available in 36 different countries. Gamers spend 2.3 billion hours playing 360 games online. The Xbox live arcade also has surpassed 25 million downloads.
  • DemonWare becomes Activision subsidary
Activision has confirmed acquisition of Dublin, Ireland-based online middleware firm DemonWare. DemonWare has supplied the DemonWare's State Engine and a multigaming service to Activision since 2005. DeamonWare headquarters will continue remain in Dublin.

March 5 2007 (Monday)

  • GDC 2007 Begins
Today is the first day of GDC 2007 which takes place in San Francisco's Mascone center. The speakers start out with Digital Chocolate CEO Trip Hawkins, in which the former Electronic Arts and 3DO talks about gaming on a mobile platform. Square Enix chief strategist Ichiro Otobe will be speaking at the serious game sumit.

March 2 2007 (Friday)

  • Driving games lead to real-life speeding
A study by British driving institution BSM has found that young drivers are more apt to speed and drive recklessly after playing a racing game. A poll of 1,000 subjects show that 1/3 was pushing the gas harder after playing a driving game. However 40 percent of the individuals are convinced that playing games benefits reaction time and reflexes.

March 1 2007 (Thursday)

  • ESA outspends MPAA and RIAA in Lobbying
Last week, the Entertainment Software Association filed its year-end lobbying report with the federal government, and the gaming publisher trade group. The ESA has outspent the music and movie industry in attempting to influence government. ESA spent more than $2.3 million on federal lobbying in 2006. The issues on which the ESA lobbied include antipiracy and fair-use laws, First Amendment rights, Internet privacy, Internet gambling, and trade policy reform. But mainly focused on the Video Game Rating Act.

Game Releases

March 28

  • Command & Conquer 3: Tiberium Wars (PC)

March 27

March 26

  • Pogo Island (DS)
  • Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles (Xbox 360/PC)
  • Medal of Honor: Vanguard (Wii)

March 23

March 20

March 13

March 12

  • Tortuga: Two Treasures (PC)

March 6

March 5


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