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See 2007 for other events during the year.


  • TGS 2007 was held on September 20 to 23 at the Makuhari Messe in Tokoyo


September 28 2007 (Friday)

PlayStation Store gets new stuff

The PlayStation Store gets nine new things today. They include several trailers, tutorials, and a MotorStorm car.

September 27 2007 (Thursday)

Jack submits gay porn to Judge

Jack Thompson is in trouble again. This time he is facing misconduct charges from the Florida Bar which could see him stripped of his license to practice law. Jack has outraged Judge Jordan by including images of men having sex in a document filed with the court last week.

September 26 2007 (Wednesday)

3 Hundred Thousand PSP Sold

Sony has sold 250,702 units of the Slim PSP in its first three days on the market in Japan. Also another 75,943 Final Fantasy VII: Crisis Core bundles were sold with a special PSP Making the total over 300000

September 25 2007 (Tuesday)

Halo 3 out today!

Bungie's popular Halo 3 launches today. Dell also has sent Halo 3 slightly earlier to their customers and many people are waiting in line for their first look at the game.

September 24 2007 (Monday)

Counter Strike used for anti terrorism

China’s anti-terrorism program is using Counter Strike to train police. The People’s Daily reports that more than 300 Chinese police officers took part in a recent competition using Counter-Strike

September 22 2007 (Saturday)

Jack attempts to pawn Master Chief

Game hater Jack Thompson is attempting to have Halo 3 declared a public nuisance in Florida. Jack is trying to have the Florida court forbid its sales similar to his attempt before the launch of Bully.

September 21 2007 (Friday)

Resident Evil Extinction in Theaters

The new Resident Evil movie Resident Evil: Extinction is in theaters today. So far the ratings are not that good.

September 20 2007 (Thursday)

Nintendo Power to be outsourced

The Escapist magazine has reported that Nintendo has handed off publication of its magazine, Nintendo Power, to Future US. The switchover will occur as of the December issue.

TGS 2007 Begins

The Tokoyo Game Show 2007 Begins today previewing details on the Dual Shock 3 Controller for the PS3. Games such as Rez HD made their first debut. There are also demos of upcoming games such as Devil May Cry 4 and Metal Gear Solid 4.

September 19 2007 (Wednesday)

Metal Slug 7 coming

SNK has announced on Famitsu Magazine that Metal Slug 7 will be coming to the Nintendo DS.

September 18 2007 (Tuesday)

Wi-Fi for SSBB

Super Smash Bros. Brawl have announced on their site that they will be supporting Wi-Fi. You will be able to register to play with your friends or anyone in the world.

September 17 2007 (Monday)

Dual Shock is back for PS3

Sony has confirmed a Dual Shock SIXAXIS was in development all of this year. The Dual Shock SIXAXIS controller will debut at the Tokyo Game Show this week

September 14 2007 (Friday)

Jack Thompson's son Targets Take Two

Jack Thompson is messing with Take Two again. This time Jack used his 15 year old son to purchase BioShock from Best Buy. Thompson used this situation to attempt to prove to the FTC that retailers do not ID kids.

September 13 2007 (Thursday)

Europe gets Red & Yellow PSP

At the European Launch for the Slim PSP they will get two Limited edition PSP which were announce at the Leipzig Game Convention 2007. Aside from the Piano Black and the Ice Silver PSP they will have a special Spiderman and Simpsons PSP.

September 12 2007 (Wednesday)

Ikaruga comes to XBLA

Rez was not the only game to come to the Xbox Live Arcade, now Ikaruga is also being released for the arcade. Ikaruga is a popular top-down shmup that was made for the Dreamcast.

September 11 2007 (Tuesday)

Beautiful Katamari goes to PS3 and Wii

Bandai Namco Games US page lists Beautiful Katamari as a PS3 title and a Wii title. The game was previously announced exclusively for the 360.

September 10 2007 (Monday)

California Video Game Appeal

Arnold Schwarzenegger appeals a federal court ruling that the state’s 2005 video game law is unconstitutional. The bill was put up by Rep. Joe Baca in 2005 and had passed the senate and assembly.

September 7 2007 (Friday)

Call of Duty 4 Beta Test for Europe

Infinity Ward is offering Beta of Call of Duty 4 to Residents of the United Kingdom and the Republic of Ireland today.

September 6 2007 (Thursday)

Ubisoft wants Laura Croft

Ubisoft plans to buy SCi Entertainment who owns Eidos. SCi received bids from Ubisoft today, but Time Warner already has a 10% stake. EA and Sony may also be interested.

September 5 2007 (Wednesday)

Europe will get a new PS3 Bundle

Today it was shown that the PS3 may get new Starter bundle for Europe. The bundle includes an extra SIXAXIS controller, Heavenly Sword, a 60GB PS3 and Formula One Racing. The date for the release is not announced yet.

September 4 2007 (Tuesday)

PS3 Firmwire 1.92

The 1.92 Firmwire update for the PS3 is now available. The update fixes several crashes in the game Warhawk.

September 3 2007 (Monday)

Lair on the PSP

Lair is the first PS3 game that is able to be played on the PSP2K (the slim PSP). There are reports of problems using the L2 or R2 buttons but the game seems to run smoothly

September 1 2007 (Saturday)

EA offers Command & Conquer Free Download

In celebration of the 12th anniversary of the Command & Conquer series, EA is offering a free .iso file of the first Command & Conquer game, Command & Conquer Gold for the PC, on their C&C site. The free download contains two ISO files which can be burned on CDs. The game can be downloaded here.

Game Releases

September 27

September 25

September 24

  • Company of Heroes: Opposing Fronts (PC)

September 18

  • Blazing Angels 2: Secret Missions of WWII (X360)
  • MySims (Wii)

September 14

September 12

September 11

September 5

Setember 4

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