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This is a list of aviation-related events from 2007:







  • 3 May - A Chicago businessman who owned a ranch near Twin Bridges and his passenger were killed Thursday morning when the small jet they were flying crashed while trying to land at the Beaverhead County Airport at Dillon. On May 3, 2007, about 1040 mountain daylight time (MDT), a Cessna Citation S550, N22HP, collided with terrain during a circling instrument approach at Dillon, Montana. [1], [2]
  • 5 May - A Kenya Airways passenger plane bound for Nairobi with 114 people on board crashed in southern Cameroon on Saturday shortly after takeoff, the central African country's state radio said. Three jetliners sat ready for takeoff at Douala International Airport, their crews waiting for a massive thunderstorm to move away. [3], [4]
  • 6 May - A French plane pertaining to the force of multinational peace monitoring the border of Sinai between Egypt and Israel was crushed Sunday in the desert, resulting in the deaths of nine persons, including eight French soldiers, according to this force of peace. [5]
  • 17 May - Three people, the two pilots and a passenger, were killed Thursday in the accident of a small plane of freight, which was crushed little after its takeoff of Walikale, in the East of the democratic Republic of Congo, one learned near the company. A plane bound for Goma was crushed this Thursday morning in Kilambo, in territory of Walikale, with approximately 300 kilometers in the west of the chief town of North-Kivu. [6], [7]
  • 30 May - One of the last 2 remaining ATL-98 Carvair [N898AT] crashed at Nixon Fork Mine near McGrath, Alaska. [8]
  • Final assembly of the first Boeing 787 starts.


  • 1 June - A Tanzania People's Defence Forces passenger plane (reg JW9036) developed dual engine failure as the pilot manoeuvred to land at Dodoma airport, the pilot, Lieutenant Colonel S.M. Mayenga, said, and crash landed in the Kizota area of Dodoma. All thirteen people aboard survived. [9], [10]
  • 4 June - Authorities are searching for two pilots and four doctors from an organ transplant team whose plane went down Monday afternoon in Lake Michigan shortly after the pilot signaled an emergency. [11]
  • 21 June - Near Kamina en route to Lubumbashi DRC an overloaded Let 410UVP operated by the supposedly defunct Karibu Airways crashes inverted into a swamp shortly after takeoff, killing Mbuyu Mibanga, a member of the DRC parliament. 24 others survive. [12][13][14]
  • 25 June - Search-and-rescue teams combed the jungles of southern Cambodia after a passenger plane with 22 people on board crashed Monday while flying between two popular tourist destinations, officials said. [15]
  • 27 June - The pilot of a twin engine, nine-seat Golden Wings Charter aircraft walked away from a low impact crash at the Airport Industrial Park Wednesday, according to authorities whose emergency systems sprang into high gear once the alert was received. [16]
  • 28 June - A 737 Boeing aircraft with the number plate TBP-D2, of the Angolan Airlines that was flying the Luanda/M`banza, Congo/Negage/Luanda route, crashed Thursday in M’banza Congo city (northern Zaire province), killing six and injuring a number still to be established, ANGOP learned. [17]
  • 29 June - The plane of the Prime Minister of the Ivory Coast Guillaume Soro was attacked by unknown Friday morning with the airport of Bouaké (center), an act insulated which made at least four died, but saved Mr. Soro, and thrown a cold on the process of reconciliation in progress in the country. Ivory Coast Prime Minister Guillaume Soro survived a rocket attack on his plane after it landed at an airport in the central town of Bouake, said spokesman Issa Doumbia. Guillaume Soro and her collaborators who precipitate in the vehicles chartered to convoy them dare-dare with the secretariat of the new Forces. [18], [19], [20]
  • 30 June
    • A pilot attempting to return to the air after his small plane ran out of room on a wet runway slammed into a house in Arkansas Saturday, killing himself and a woman inside the home. [21]
    • A small plane SABRE Lithium matriculation XASMR of ten seats, originating of Monterrey Nuevo Leo'n, piloted by its proprietor Daniel Reedbeds Insipid, confused to a flank of the airport Plan of Guadalupe. [22]





  • 4 October - An Antonov An-26 [9Q-COS] from Africa One / El Sam Airlift and charted by Malift Air crashed shortly after taking off from the Kinshasa-N’Djili Airport, Congo. The airplane bound for Tshikapam crashed on the outskirt of Kinshasa killing 21 on board (1 crew survived) and at least 28 on the ground. This accident forced the Congolese minister of transportation to resign.
  • 15 October - Airbus delivers its first A380 superjumbo jet to Singapore Airlines.


  • China Southern Airlines officially joined the SkyTeam alliance on November 15. Because of this, SkyTeam is the 1st airline alliance with a mainland china carrier. It is also a major push into the global network for mainland China.


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