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Swiss Cup 2008–09 was the eighty-fourth season of Switzerland's annual cup competition. It began on 20 September with the first games of Round 1 and ended on 20 May 2009 with the Final held at Stade de Suisse, Berne. The winners earned a place in the play-off round of the UEFA Europa League. FC Basel were the defending champions.


Participating clubs

Nine Super League teams (FC Vaduz are from Liechtenstein and thus play in the Liechtenstein Cup 2008–09) and all sixteen Challenge League clubs entered this year's competition, as well as thirteen teams from 1. Liga and 26 teams from lower leagues (their level within the Swiss league pyramid is given in parentheses below). Teams from 1. Liga and below had to qualify through separate qualifying rounds within their leagues.

Super League 2008–09
9 teams
Challenge League 2008–09
16 teams
1. Liga 2008–09
13 teams
Amateur teams
26 teams
  • FC Alle (IV)
  • FC Allmendingen (V)
  • FC Amriswil (V)
  • FC Bassersdorf (V)
  • FC Bavois (IV)
  • FC Bazenheid (IV)
  • SC Binningen (IV)
  • SC Brühl, St. Gallen (IV)
  • FC Grand-Lancy (IV)
  • FC Ibach (IV)
  • FC La Sarraz-Eclépens (V)
  • Le Locle Sports (V)
  • FC Liestal (IV)
  • FC Oerlikon/Polizei, Zürich (V)
  • FC Plaffeien (V)
  • FC Plan-les-Ouates (IV)
  • Racing Club, Geneva (IV)
  • FC Saxon Sports (V)
  • FC Seefeld, Zürich (IV)
  • FC Sursee (IV)
  • FC Tavannes/Tramelan (V)
  • FC Thalwil (IV)
  • AC Vallemaggia (VI)
  • FC Wacker Grenchen (V)
  • FC Widnau (V)
  • FC Windisch (V)

Round 1

Teams from Super League and Challenge League were seeded in this round. In a match, the home advantage was granted to the team from the lower league, if applicable.

Team #1  Score  Team #2
19 September 2008
FC Grand-Lancy 0–3 FC Lausanne-Sport
FC Sursee 0–2 FC Wohlen
Racing Club Genève 1–2 FC Echallens
FC Windisch 1–5 FC Thun
20 September 2008
Le Locle Sports 0–7 Yverdon-Sport FC
SC Binningen 2–6 FC Aarau
FC Oerlikon/Polizei 1–5 AC Bellinzona
FC Allmendingen 0–2 SC Zofingen
FC Wacker Grenchen 1–3 (aet)1 FC Alle
FC Amriswil 0–0 (aet, p. 2–4) FC Schaffhausen
FC Seefeld 0–0 (aet, p. 3–2) FC Winterthur
FC Thalwil 1–3 FC Gossau
FC Bavois 3–1 FC Baulmes
CS Chênois 1–3 ES FC Malley
FC Bazenheid 0–2 (aet) FC St. Gallen
FC Kreuzlingen 1–3 FC Locarno
SC Brühl 0–5 Grasshopper-Club Zürich
FC Le Mont 2–0 Stade Nyonnais
FC Liestal 0–3 FC Concordia Basel
FC Schötz 0–1 FC Basel
FC Bassersdorf 0–2 SV Höngg
FC Tavannes/Tramelan 0–2 FC Bulle
FC Saxon-Sports 0–2 Neuchâtel Xamax
Etoile-Carouge FC 0–5 FC Sion
FC Grenchen 3–2 (aet) FC Biel-Bienne
21 September 2008
FC Widnau 0–6 FC Zürich
FC Ibach 0–6 BSC Young Boys Bern
FC La Sarraz-Ecléplens 1–6 Servette FC Genève
FC Plaffeien 0–3 FC Luzern
GC Biaschesi 0–1 FC Wil 1900
FC Plan-les-Ouates 0–3 FC La Chaux-de-Fonds
AC Vallemaggia 0–5 AC Lugano
  • Note 1: The match between Wacker Grenchen and FC Alle was abandoned after 119 minutes because of violent altercations among players, coaches and spectators.[1] Both teams had originally been expelled from the competition. However, upon a successful appeal, FC Alle were awarded the victory and gained permission to compete in the second round.[2]

Round 2

The winners of Round 1 played in this round. Teams from Super League were seeded. In a match, the home advantage was granted to the team from the lower league, if applicable.

Team #1  Score  Team #2
17 October 2008
FC Bulle 1–4 FC Basel
18 October 2008
SV Höngg 0–3 FC Wil
FC Seefeld 1–3 FC Gossau
FC Zofingen 2–3 AC Bellinzona
FC Wohlen 2–3 Grasshoppers Zürich
FC Concordia Basel 3–1 Servette FC Genève
FC Lausanne-Sport 1–2 Neuchâtel Xamax
Yverdon Sports 1–2 FC La Chaux-de-Fonds
FC St. Gallen 2–0 FC Aarau
ES FC Malley 3–2 FC Echallens
19 October 2008
FC Grenchen 0–3 FC Luzern
FC Schaffhausen 0–1 (aet) FC Zürich
FC Bavois 0–1 FC Thun
FC Le Mont 2–5 FC Sion
FC Locarno 3–1 AC Lugano
29 October 2008
FC Alle 0–5 BSC Young Boys

Round 3

The winners of Round 2 played in this round. In a match, the home advantage was granted to the team from the lower league, if applicable. Some games were postponed due to snow, and subsequently played elsewhere.

Team #1  Score  Team #2
22 November 2008
FC Concordia Basel 4–0 Neuchâtel Xamax
FC Thun 0–4 FC Basel
FC St. Gallen 2–0 FC Locarno
23 November 2008
Grasshoppers Zürich 2–1 AC Bellinzona
ES FC Malley 0–1 FC Sion
FC Wil 0–1 FC Zürich
10 December 2008
FC La Chaux-de-Fonds 0–41 FC Luzern
FC Gossau 0–12 BSC Young Boys


The winners of Round 3 played in this round.

4 March 2009
20:15 CET
BSC Young Boys 3 – 0 Grasshoppers Zürich Stade de Suisse, Berne
Attendance: 10758
Ghezal Goal 56'
Hochstrasser Goal 67'
Seydou Goal 70'

17 March 2009
20:15 CET
FC St. Gallen 1 – 2 FC Sion AFG Arena, St. Gallen
Sarni Goal 12' (o.g.) Monterrubio Goal 53'
Dominguez Goal 66'

18 March 2009
19:30 CET
FC Concordia Basel 0 – 2 FC Luzern Rankhof, Basel
Attendance: 950
Schwegler Goal 65'
João Paiva Goal 88'

18 March 2009
20:15 CET
FC Zürich 0 – 1 FC Basel Letzigrund, Zürich
Attendance: 16200
Huggel Goal 67' (pen.)


The winners of the quarterfinals played in this round. As in the previous round, matches were openly drawn, meaning that the team drawn first in a match earned the home game.

13 April 2009
20:15 CEST
FC Luzern 1 – 1 (aet) FC Sion Stadion Allmend, Lucerne
Attendance: 12,500
Lustenberger Goal 90+5' Monterrubio Goal 85'
Gajić Scored
Paiva Missed
Pacar Missed
Renggli Scored
2 – 4 Obradović Scored
Fermino Scored
Afonso Scored
Paíto Scored

16 April 2009
20:15 CEST
BSC Young Boys 0 – 0 (aet) FC Basel Stade de Suisse, Berne
Attendance: 31,120
Yapi Yapo Scored
Hochstrasser Missed
Bastians Scored
Schneuwly Scored
3 – 2 Huggel Missed
Ergić Scored
Abraham Missed
Chipperfield Scored
Gjasula Missed


20 May 2009
20:30 CEST
BSC Young Boys 2 – 3 FC Sion Stade de Suisse, Berne
Attendance: 31,789
Yapi Yapo Goal 22' (pen.)
Alioui Goal 36' (o.g.)
Obradović Goal 41'
Sarni Goal 53'
Afonso Goal 88'

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