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2009-10 Belarusian Cup is the nineteenth season of the Belarusian annual cup competition. Contrary to the league season, it is conducted in a fall-spring rhythm. The first games were played on 12 July 2009. Winners of the Cup will qualify for the UEFA Europa League second qualifying round.


First Round

Into this round enter 32 teams from the Belarusian First League (second level) and lower. These matches were held on 12 and 15 July 2009.

Team #1  Score  Team #2
FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk 2–1 Skvich Minsk
FC Molodechno 3–1 Himik Svetlogorsk
FC Zhlobin 2–0 Vertikal Kalinkovichi
FC Orsha 1–1 (aet)
1–4 (pen)
FC Slavia-Mozyr
Livadia Dzerzhinsk 2–5 (aet) FC Gorodeya
Torpedo-MAZ Minsk 0–1 FC Rudensk
Klechesk Kletsk 0–2 FC Belshyna Babruisk
Slutsksahar Slutsk 5–2 FC Osipovichi
FC Bereza 1–2 FC Kommunalnik Slonim
FC Miory 0–4 FC Polotsk
Neftianik Rechica 1–11 FC Vedrich-97 Rechytsa
Neman Mosty 2–1 FC Lida
Mjasokombinat Vitebsk 1–6 FC Spartak Shklou
Shimik Grodno 0–4 FC Dinamo-BelCard Harodnya
MGUP Mogilev 0–2 DSK Gomel
FC Kobrin 1–7 FC Baranovichi

Second Round

Into this round enter the 16 winners from the First Round, two First Division clubs and the 14 clubs from the Belarusian Premier League. The winners from the First Round were drawn against those clubs that received a bye to this round. These matches took place on 7, 8 and 9 August 2009.

Team #1  Score  Team #2
FC Molodechno 2–3 Neman Grodno
FC Spartak Shklou 1–2 (aet) FC Veras
FC Kommunalnik Slonim 0–2 Gomel
FC Slavia-Mozyr 2–0 Volna Pinsk
FC Belshyna Babruisk 1–0 Dinamo Brest
FC Zvezda-BGU Minsk 1–7 Dinamo Minsk
FC Gorodeya 1–2 (aet) Dnepr Mahilyow
FC Polotsk 3–3 (aet)
3–2 (pen)
FC Zhlobin 0–2 Naftan
Slutsksahar Slutsk 1–2 MTZ-RIPO
FC Vedrich-97 Rechytsa 2–5 Hranit Mikashevichy
FC Rudensk 1–3 Minsk
DSK Gomel 2–0 Smorgon
FC Dinamo-BelCard Harodnya 0–1 Torpedo Zhodino
FC Baranovichi 0–4 BATE
Neman Mosty 0–5 Shakhtyor

Third Round

The 16 winners from the Second Round enter this round. The first legs will be held on 28 October and 4 and 10 November 2009, while the second legs will be held on 4, 10, 14 and 21 November 2009.

Team #1   Agg.   Team #2   1st leg     2nd leg  
Dnepr Mahilyow 2–7 Dinamo Minsk 2–4 0–3
Gomel 3–4 DSK Gomel 1–1 2–3
Torpedo Zhodino 8–0 FC Veras 5–0 3–0
Hranit Mikashevichy 0–2 Neman Grodno 0–1 0–1
MTZ-RIPO 5–3 FC Polotsk 5–2 0–1
BATE 3–0 Minsk 1–0 2–0
Naftan 7–1 FC Slavia-Mozyr 4–0 3–1
FC Belshyna Babruisk 2–3 Shakhtyor 0–1 2–2


The eight winners from the Third Round enter this round. The first legs will be held on 12 March 2010 and the second legs will be held on 16 March 2010.

Team #1   Agg.   Team #2   1st leg     2nd leg  
Naftan 1–5 Torpedo Zhodino 0–2 1–3
DSK Gomel (a) 3–3 Dinamo Minsk 0–2 3–1
BATE 7–1 MTZ-RIPO 7–0 0–1
Neman Grodno 1–4 Shakhtyor 1–2 0–2

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