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Latvian Football Cup 2009-10 is the sixtyeight season of the Latvian annual football knock-out competition. For the first time the cup season switched from calendar year to fall/spring season. The winners will qualify for the second qualifying round of the UEFA Europa League 2010–11.


First Round

October 17, 2009
FK Staiceles Bebri 4-4 SK Upesciems aet, p. 1–3
FK Madona/Kvarcs 3-0 FK Pļaviņas DM
FK Balvu Vilki/Mārupe 1–0 FK Priekuļi
RFS Flaminko 10–0 JFC Dobele/Spartak
FK Tukuma brāļi 3–3 COLDGEL/Varavīksne aet, p. 3–5
October 18, 2009
FK Olaine 0–1 FK Jelgava/BJSS
FK Ozolnieki 1–1 FK Viesulis aet, p. 5–3
FK Valka 5-1 FK Alberts
FK Ādaži/SVPDD 3–2 FB Gulbene 2005 aet
Bauskas rajona BJSS 4–1 FK Elvi aet

Second Round

October 24, 2009
FK Madona/Kvarcs 0–4 FS Metta-LU Rīga
FK Balvu Vilki/Mārupe 2–3 SK Upesciems aet
FK Valka 0–0 FK Auda aet, p. 4–2
RFS Flaminko 0–1 COLDGEL/Varavīksne
FK Ozolnieki 0–6 FK Jelgava
Bauskas rajona BJSS 0–2 FC Jūrmala
October 25, 2009
FK Jelgava/BJSS 1–8 FK Kauguri/PBLC
FK Ādaži/SVPDD 1–4 FC Daugava

Third Round





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