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2010–11 UEFA Champions League
Tournament details
Dates June 2010–May 2011
Teams 76

The 2010–11 UEFA Champions League will be the 56th edition of the European Club Championship football tournament and the second edition under the latest qualifying format. The final venue will be Wembley Stadium in London, England.[1]


Association team allocation

A total of 76 teams will participate in the 2010–11 Champions League, from 52 UEFA associations (Liechtenstein organizes no domestic league competition). Countries are allocated places according to their UEFA league co-efficient.

The Champions League title holder from the 2009–10 season will be guaranteed a place in the group stage, even if they do not obtain a qualifying place through their domestic league.

The allocation system may change slightly depending on the title holder's domestic placing.

The UEFA ranking 2009[2] determines the allocation of places for the 2010–11 Champions League. Below is the qualification scheme:

  • Associations 1–3 each have four teams qualify
  • Associations 4–6 each have three teams qualify
  • Associations 7–15 each have two teams qualify
  • Associations 16–53 each have one team qualify (excluding Liechtenstein)

First qualifying round

  • Six champions from associations 48–53

Second qualifying round

  • Three winners from the first qualifying round
  • 31 champions from associations 16–47 (excluding Liechtenstein)

Third qualifying round for champions

  • 17 winners from the second qualifying round
  • Three champions from associations 13–15

Play-off round for champions

  • 10 winners from the third qualifying round for champions

Third qualifying round for non-champions

  • Runners-up from associations 7–15
  • Third-placed team from association 6

Play-off round for non-champions

  • Five winners from the third qualifying round for non-champions
  • Third-placed teams from associations 4 and 5
  • Fourth-placed teams from associations 1–3

Group stage (32 teams)

  • Five winners from the play-off round for champions
  • Five winners from the play-off round for non-champions
  • 1st, 2nd and 3rd placed teams from associations 1–3
  • First- and second-placed teams from associations 4–6
  • First-placed teams from associations 7–12
  • Title holder

Qualifying rounds

There will be two separate qualifying tournaments. One will be for the champion clubs who did not automatically qualify for the group stage. The other will be for teams who did not win their domestic league and did not automatically qualify for the group stage.

First qualifying round

The following 6 teams are expected to compete in the first qualifying round:

Second qualifying round

The following 31 teams are expected to enter in the second qualifying round, joined by the three winners from the first qualifying round:

Third qualifying round

The following teams are expected to compete in the third qualifying round:

For champions

For best-placed team

Play-off round

Champions Play-off

The 10 winners of the third qualifying round will compete in the play-off round for Champions.

Best-placed team Play-off

The following teams will enter in the play-off round, joined by the 5 winners of the Best-placed team qualifying round:

Group stage

The following teams are expected to compete, along with all 10 winners of the Play-off round (5 champions + 5 non-champions), in the group stage of the Champions League:

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