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This is a list of references to the year 2012. Several publications and media references reflect a popular prediction that the end of the world, or world war three may occur in this year.



  • Methuselah's Children (1941/1958) and Time Enough for Love (1973) by Robert A. Heinlein: A crucial meeting of the Howard Families takes place, following the election of Nehemiah Scudder as president of the USA. In both novels, viewpoint character Lazarus Long is asked what happened at this meeting as he is the last living eyewitness; in both novels he declines to answer. Nehemiah Scudder establishes a religious dictatorship in the USA.
  • "Angel Fire East" (1997) by Terry Brook is set in Christmas of 2012. The plot begins on December 22, 2012.
  • Decipher (2001) by Stel Pavlou depicts the discovery of Atlantis and a polar shift being caused by solar flare activity.
  • Domain (2002) and Resurrection (2000) by author Steve Alten: A fictional series that tells the events of the Gabriel twins after discovering the mystery behind 2012.
  • 2012: The War for Souls by author Whitley Strieber (2007) is a novel about three parallel earths and the occurrences leading up to December 21, 2012 in each as the walls between them begin to thin and allow passage through gateways to the others. A film adaptation is proposed, produced by Michael Bay.[1]
  • Absconders (2009) by Karen Haynes depicts the perilous journey of survivors of increasingly catastrophic events (global warming sets the stage, solar flares cause elecromagnetic storms, climate changes result, and astronomical events mark the passage of time toward the Earth's inevitable rendezvous with the Dark Rift in the center of our galaxy) of the year 2012, where each character's actions have a direct bearing on the outcome of their encounters in a not-too-distant future.
  • The Crimson Purging by Jonathan Kaelin is a 2008 science fiction novel involving the governments of the world uniting to maintain the secrets of what really will happen in 2012.
  • 2012: The end of the world? (Original Title: 2012: La fine del mondo?) (2009) by Roberto Giacobbo states many theories about what could happen to the world in 2012. Also analyses many different outcomes of that possible future.
  • Time Storm 2012: Atlantis and the Mayan Prophecy (2009) by Author Juliann Farnsworth. An epic science fiction adventure. While doing research on the magnetic anomalies of the Bermuda Triangle, Dr. Mark Turner, uncovers the secrets of the Mayan Calendar doomsday predictions.
  • PW2 2012: The End of the Beginning (2009) by M.C.Miller. A bizarre apocalyptic spectacle. As the world faces an increasing pattern of strange days, Hamilton Ray struggles with a wild theory about a cosmic Probability Wave and a 13.7 billion year countdown that's about to end. Humanity reacts to the unthinkable that something fundamental is changing with the universe. There's a distinct probability that something is different – about probability.
  • The Lost Symbol (2009) by Dan Brown has several references to apocalypse, the year 2012, and the number 2456282.5, which is the Julian date for December 21, 2012.
  • The Civilization Loop: The End is the Beginning (2007) by Jason R. Thrift. A science fiction novel where a researcher, Dr. Robert "Bobby" Peterson, unlocks the secret to time travel. Due to a "time shift" from traveling back and forth to the past, a paradox ensues wherein the Earth of current day, May 5, 2012, is destroyed. By a twist of fate, the researchers journey back to 10,000 B.C. where they establish the civilization of Atlantis and hide clues throughout history to warn the future of the impending doom.
  • In the Courts of the Sun (2009) by Brian D'Amato. A modern Maya scientist goes back in time to discover why the ancient kings forecast the end of the world in 2012.
  • He Will Come As A Thief (2010) by Michael De'Shazer with The Time Machine App. A nameless narrator writes a telegraph from 2012. A web novel and app.


  • The Invisibles ("The Invisible Kingdom," 1999–2000): The Invisibles' "fictional" universe expands into the meta-context of the "higher universe," possibly our own.
  • Jojo's Bizarre Adventure by Hirohiko Araki: In the 6th part of this manga, the protagonists Jolyne Kujo, Hermes, Emporio, Anasui and Weather Report have to stop the villain Enrico Pucci from erasing the universe. Pucci obtains the stand Stairway to Heaven, which has the power of rewriting the universe, and tries to use the stand to create the perfect world for his master Dio. All these events occur in 2012, with the current universe ending near the completion of the thirteenth cycle of the Mayan calendar.


  • "A Certain Shade of Green," a song from the Incubus album S.C.I.E.N.C.E., references 2012 in the following lines: Are you gonna stand around till 2012 A.D.? / What are you waiting for, a certain shade of green?. December 21, 2012 also appears to be the date when the video for Incubus's song "Warning" is supposed to take place.
  • Genesis's song "Get'em Out By Friday" from their 1972 album Foxtrot, sets "18/9/2012" (on the printed operistic-dialog lyrics) as the date when "Genetic Control" would set a height restriction on human beings so that twice as many people could fit on real estate properties.
  • The Hed PE song "I.F.O." (to be found on their self-titled album), which is about UFO sightings and governmental conspiracies to cover them up, references the year 2012: "Prepare to meet your maker in the skies over the pyramids / Check Stonehenge / Go ask the Mayans / 2012 soon come / I will be waitin' sayin' I told you so / When the skies are ripped open / And the mothership lands on your cynical ass".
  • Stones Throw Records artist Dudley Perkins released his LP, entitled "Expressions (2012 A.U.)", in 2006
  • The instrumental song "December 21, 2012" by Frodus, which appears as a B-side to their best-selling 7" vinyl single of their Devo cover "Explosions" (Released 1997).
  • The Anaal Nathrakh song "Timewave Zero" is about the apparent end of the world on December 21, 2012. The lyrics are translated as "The 21st Of December, 2012, The time will come"
  • British nu-rave outfit Klaxons sing about apocalyptic horsemen in their song "Four Horsemen Of 2012" from the 2007 album Myths of the Near Future.
  • The song "2012 — Demise of the 5th Sun" by the melodic death metal band Scar Symmetry is a reference to the year 2012. "For the lines on the fractal wave / Fit the course of history / They're created to work as one till the end / When the winter solstice comes / Actualizing the prophecy / The demise in 2012 realized"
  • The Testament song "3 Days in Darkness", off of The Gathering album is a song about 2012, and speaks of the earth being swallowed in molten fire.
  • VNV Nation's album Praise the Fallen" has the subtitle "PTF 2012", which is also the name of a track in the album, which seems to be predominantly about an upcoming war. The song, "Honour" starts with the line, "Passive fields, January 2012..."
  • Heavy metal band Burnt By The Sun's two albums both deal with prophecies concerning the year 2012.
  • "2012" is the name of the 2005 album by the experimental rock band Old Time Relijun, and several songs make references to ancient Mayan culture, such as "Burial Mound" and "The King of Lost Light."
  • On the band Hella's album There's No 666 in Outer Space there is a track called "2012 and Countless" in which the only words are "There's no 666 in Outer Space" repeated.
  • Metal band Ewigkeit's album Radio Ixtlan has a track entitled "Live at Palenque 2012" referencing both the Mayan calendar date and the site at which the Temple of Inscriptions where it is carved.
  • Canibus mentions the year 2012 and December 21, 2012 on his Poet Laureate Infinity vocals and on his 2007 album For Whom the Beat Tolls.
  • Industrial metal band Hanzel und Gretyl's fifth album is called 2012: Zwanzig Zwölf referencing the belief that the world will end in this year, as foretold in the Mesoamerican Long Count calendar.
  • On DJ Muggs and Sick Jacken's album Legend of the Mask and the Assassin, they "prophetize" Armageddon and other catastrophic events occurring in "2012 (feat. Cynic)."
  • On a Jadakiss song called "What if" from his album "the last kiss" a fellow rapper called Nas raps: "And 2012 was the end of men, And all world civilians?"
  • On the band A Day To Remember's album, For Those Who Have Heart the first track is entitled, Fast Forward to 2012, and deals with the end of the world.
  • Perth band, Blkout, made an album titled 2012, with a song of the same name on the album.
  • Los Angeles producers Cold Blank released a club rendition of 2012 using samples of Requiem (Dies Irae) by Verdi.
  • "2012:Zwanzig Zwolf" is an album released in February 2008 by industrial metal band Hanzel und Gretyl from New York City.
  • Hardcore Dance Italian DJ Hellsystem - 2012






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