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The 2018 Commonwealth Games is an international multi-sport event that has yet to be organised by the Commonwealth Games Federation. The winning bidder will be announced in Basseterre, St Kitts on November 11, 2011. The 2011 General Assembly will conduct the vote for the 2018 commonwealth games host city. [1]


Potential bids

2018 Commonwealth Games - Potential Bids
Continent City Country
Africa Abuja Nigeria Nigeria
Oceania Gold Coast Australia Australia
Americas Port of Spain Trinidad and Tobago Trinidad and Tobago

Key Dates

2018 Commonwealth Games - Deadline Dates
Date Event Location
March 31, 2010 Deadline for CGA's/Candidate Cities to notify of intention to bid London, England
April 16, 2010 Payment of Candidate City Fee for assessment and support of lodgement of original copy of Candidate Procedure Acceptance London, England
Last week April, 2010 Meeting of all Candidate Cities London, England
June 30, 2010 Signed return of Host City Contracts London, England
October, 2010 Candidate City Observers Program New Delhi, India
November/December, 2010 New Delhi 2010 Debriefing and Candidate City Seminar New Delhi, India
February,2011 CGF- Candidate City Meeting TBD
May 11, 2011 Bid Lodging Deadline London, England
June/July, 2011 Evaluation commission visits Candidate City Declared Candidate Cities
September, 2011 Publishing of Evaluation Report London, England
October, 2011 Deadline for Candidate City Bid Changes London, England
Nov. 11, 2011 Bid Election Basseterre, St Kitts and Nevis




On 1 May 2008, the President of the Nigerian Olympic Committee, Habu Ahmed Gumel, announced that the President of Nigeria, Umaru Yar'Adua, had approved the country's intention to bid for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Habu Ahmed Gumel was quoted in the Nigerian press as saying the bidding process would need to commence immediately. He added, "There is a lot of work to be done. We are going to do a lot more work than we have done previously to ensure victory this time around." A bid city was not put forward but most likely cities are Lagos or Abuja. Although Lagos is the largest city in Nigeria, an official with the Nigerian Sports Commission stated in a report on Nigeria's Beijing 2008 preparations that Abuja, host of the 2003 All-Africa Games, was to be the nation's candidate city. Lagos bid for the 1982 Commonwealth Games and no new venues have been built since the 1973 All-Africa Games. The Lagos Bid withdrew as did Birmingham, England and Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia. The bid elections at that time were held in the Summer Olympic City 6 years prior to the contested Commonwealth Games. for 1982 Montreal was the City hosting the election during the 1976 Summer Olympics.

On August 17, 2008 Prince Vincent Ogbulafor, the Chairman of the People's Democratic Party, was quoted in local media as saying that the Nigerian Federal Government will bid to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Ogbulafor said hosting major international sports competitions contributes to the development of the hosting nations. "The gain of hosting major international games can not be quantified. The benefits are in chains. They include infrastructural development, trade and business opportunities," said Ogbulafor in Beijing during the 2008 Olympics. "Hosting the Olympics has opened the eyes of first time visitors to China. China's cities can be compared to any great city in the world, and from the comment of everybody here the Games are one of the best Olympics."

On September 16, 2009 The Nigerian Minister of Sports [4] Minister of Sports and Chairman, National Sports Commission (NSC) Sani Ndanusa Announces that Nigeria will forward Abuja as the candidate city for the 2018 Commonwealth Games . The Article in the Leadership Nigeria has the Sports Minister updating the FIFA U17 preparations for Nigeria's hosting of the Youth Tournament. "He said the federal government will not allow the facilities to waste away as it intend to bid for the 2018 Commonwealth Games."

On December 19, 2009 The Vice President of Nigeria , Goodluck Jonathan, reiterated Nigeria's intention of bidding on the 2018 Commonwealth Games.[5]

In the January 7th, 2010 addition of the Daily Independent News Paper of Nigeria. Senior Abuja Corespondent Tony Ezimakor writes of the meeting scheduled between the Federal Capital Territory and the Nigerian Sports Commission to set up the Technical Committee for the 2018 bid [6] Abuja is again identified as the Candidate City for Nigeria's bid for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.


Under Regulation B, Section 2, Item C in the Commonwealth Games Federation's constitution on page 25 [7] "The Commonwealth Games shall not be awarded in succession to countries in the same Region if countries from other Regions are making acceptable applications to act as hosts to the Commonwealth Games" Under Regulation 5 page 30 of the Commonwealth Games Federation constitution [8]The Six Commonwealth Regions are Oceania , Asia, Africa , Americas , Caribbean and Europe. The 10 Geopolitical Units and or Countries composing the European Commonwealth Region are the Territory or British dependencies of , Isle of Mann, Guernsey ,Jersey and Gibraltar. The British Commonwealth Countries of Northern Ireland, Malta, Wales, Cyprus, England and Scotland are in the European Region.

With the Declaration of Gold Coast as a firm Candidate for the Commonwealth Games [9] The Report of the city of Birmingham entering the 2018 bid race is put to rest in the Gold Coast News Article on March 15th, 2010. Regulation b. Section 2 Item C of the Commonwealth Games Federation constitution is now in effect disallowing any bid from the European Region of the Commonwealth.



Doubts have been raised as to whether the Federal Government will support Australia bidding for the 2018 Commonwealth Games as it is already committed to backing Football Federation Australia's attempt to host the World Cup in 2018.[10]

On Gold Coast AU.com Dec 2nd 2008 an article titled 'Our Games bid on Life Support'[11] Sports Minister Kate Ellis has indicated the Federal Government's priority is to back a bid for the 2018 FIFA World Cup finals. "Given the Australian Government's commitment to the 2018 FIFA World Cup bid, and the impact of the current global financial crisis, I do not anticipate that significant federal financial support would be available for hosting the Commonwealth Games in the same year," Chief Executive Officer of the Australian Commonwealth Games Association , Perry Crosswhite, was quoted after a November 29, 2008 meeting that the association was "Deferring the decision at least gave the 2018 games bid a lifeline." On April 7, 2009 ABC network reported the Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke has phrased the exchange of land for an aquatics centre in Gold Coast. The exchange was made between the City and the State Government for Carrera Stadium .[12]. Again doubt is cast over National Government funding with a bid for the 2018/2022 Fifa World Cup on Australia's agenda.

"There is a lack of support by the Commonwealth Government because they are fully behind a bid for the 2018 World Cup," Mr Crosswhite said. "There are not enough resources for the Games as well."

"Right now we don't have that support so we've contacted the Premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh, and the Premier of Western Australia, Colin Barnett, to give them time to talk to the Federal Government. We didn't want to knock the bid on the head."

The bid decision for the 2018 world cup comes December 2010 while the 2018 Commonwealth Games decision comes late 2011. Stadiums in Australian Cities would be unavailable for the Commonwealth Games if Australia wins the right to host the world cup in 2018. A commonwealth games bid has to attend an important candidate city seminar at the 2010 games to be held in New Delhi in October of 2010.

Gold Coast, Queensland [13] On 22 August 2008, the Premier of Queensland, Anna Bligh, officially launched the Gold Coast's bid to host the Commonwealth Games in 2018. Ron Clarke, a medallist at both Commonwealth and Olympic Games and present Mayor of the Gold Coast, is expected to take a key role in promoting the bid. On January 18 , 2009 The Sydney Morning Herald reports that Premier Anne Bligh has the Government of Queensland focused on a Bidding for the Commonwealth Games as a run up to possibly hosting the Summer Olympics in the 2020s [14] OApril 7, 2009 the ABC News Service reported a Land Exchange deal between the City of Gold Coast and State of Queensland for Carrera Stadium . The land according to Gold Coast Mayor Ron Clarke will aid a potential bid for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.The land exchanged would be the site of an aquatics centre. Mayor Clarke in the article did raise the question of Commonwealth of Australia Government's commitment to a 2018 Commonwealth Games Bid in light of the Government's support for the Australia 2018 Fifa World Cup Finals.[12] In the April 16 edition of the Sydney Morning Herald[15] Queensland Premier Anna Bligh told reporters on Thursday a successful Commonwealth Games bid by the Gold Coast could help the tourist strip win a part in hosting the World Cup. "Some of the infrastructure that would be built for the Commonwealth Games will be useful for the Gold Coast to get a World Cup game out of the soccer World Cup if we're successful as a nation," she said. Unfortunately Queensland's Premiers theory is incorrect as the decision on the 2018 and 2022 Fifa World Cups will come 8 to 10 months prior to the Bid Election for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

ON June 3. 2009 the Brisbane Times reports that Gold Coast has been picked as the Exclusive Bidder from Australia to vie for the 2018 Commonwealth Games.[16] "Should a bid proceed, the Gold Coast will have the exclusive Australian rights to bid as host city for 2018," Premier Anna Bligh stated to the Newspaper. "Recently I met with the president and CEO of the Australian Commonwealth Games Association and we agreed to commission a full and comprehensive feasibility study into the potential for the 2018 Commonwealth Games," she said. "Under the stewardship of Queensland Events new chair, Mr Geoff Dixon, that study is now well advanced." Queensland Premier Anna Bligh went on to say.

In the December 18th Addition of the Gold Coast.com.au appeared an article authored by Geoff Chambers titled 'Coast Games bid needs a little TLC" The Article reads as follows THE Gold Coast 2018 Commonwealth Games bid is on life support. Despite attracting interest from Commonwealth Games delegates and Prime Minister Kevin Rudd, the bid is on shaky ground. Premier Anna Bligh yesterday said if the bid was not successful, the Coast would definitely host games during the FIFA World Cup in 2018."We put our hat in the ring. If we got the World Cup, there might have to be some reconsideration of the bid. I'm just being honest about it," she said. Mr Rudd has failed to offer any funding for the Games bid, instead directing his attention to the FIFA World Cup.

Australian Commonwealth Games Association chief executive Perry Crosswhite has said the bid would require substantial federal support. Ms Bligh said the decision for the 2018 and 2022 World Cup host countries would be made next December. The conflict again between Australia bidding on the 2018 World Cup of Soccer and the Gold Coast Potential Bid is Clear.

In the March 15th, 2010 addition of the Gold Coast News it is reported that the Queensland Government is funding the bid with 11 million Australian Dollars for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. The Premier of Queensland has requested the approval to bid from the Australian Commonwealth Games Association. [17]


Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago[18]

With the Postponement of the first Caribbean games in Port of Spain it may be doubtful that Trinidad and Tobago stages a bid for the much larger Commonwealth Games.

On July 12, 2009 the Trinidad and Tobago Express News Service runs the story that the first Caribbean Games had its funding withdrawn by the Trinidad and Tobago Government[19] "Games Local Organising Committee (LOC) chairperson Denise Demming yesterday admitted there had been financial challenges as the event drew near, during a press conference hosted by the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees (CANOC) at the Hyatt Recency Hotel, Wrightson Road, Port of Spain.

Demming, though, said that the Ministerial committee working side-by-side with the LOC were picking up the slack, in terms of rendering services to offset some of the costs for the Games, including security for the event.

Trinidad and Tobago's decision to pull out of hosting the Caribbean Games last month cost Government considerably, with at least $17 million from an original budget of $34 million (US$6 million) being deemed "irrecoverable" by Demming. A much larger 2018 Commonwealth Games seems out of the bid horizon for Trinidad and Tobago since a 17 million dollar loss on staging the Caribbean Games barely compares with the Bid Expenses for 2018 or the daily operating expenses of a games with many times the athletes and many more sports events making up the Commonwealth Games Program.

July 27 the online Olympic Website Around the Rings reports receiving an official press release from Larry Romany the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee President stating the following [20] The Around the rings Story is also posted on the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Committee's Website [21]

The historic Caribbean Games scheduled for 12–19 July was suppose to be a "litmus'" test as to the readiness of T&T to lodge an official Commonwealth bid. On Friday 19 June.The Government of Trinidad and Tobago withdrew T&T as Caribbean Games host due to concerns surrounding Swine Flu.

The TTOC fully supported the decision made on the basis of the Ministry of Health,PAHO and WHO concerns and recommendations .

" As valid and legitimate as the reason for withdrawing may have been. The international and regional fall out from T&T's failure to deliver the Games is negative. There is no credibly way we could have progressed a bid. It simply would not get the required local,Caribbean and International support.It would have been an exercise in futility,ego and irresponsibility" said Romany

The T&T Olympic and Commonwealth Games chief believes that important lessons were learned from the Caribbean Games failure.

"There were a number of issues that came to the surface.Unless and until these are honestly and transparently addressed.Progressing a Commonwealth bid would be foolhardy and ill advised .The TTOC is preparing a comprehensive ,transparent and accountable report on the Caribbean Games.I remain confident that the TTOC can withstand objective scrutiny of its conduct,processes and policies as it relates to all aspects of the ill fated Caribbean Games."

In the November 29th, 2009 Addition of the Trinidad and Tobago NewsDay the Prime Minister of Trinidad and Tobago is reported to have stated the intension of Trinidad and Tobago to bid on the 2018 games.[22] Approval for any bids also has to come from the Commonwealth Games Association of the host country. With the recent Cancellation of the First Caribbean Games in Trinidad and Tobago it is unlikely that the Trinidad and Tobago Olympic Association would allow a bid as important Caribbean Region Support is probably not forthcoming. [23] I In the December 13th edition of Track Alerts.com the President of the Caribbean Association of National Olympic Committees Mr Steve Stoute, President of Canoc, is quoted as saying conditions for support of a 2018 Trinidad and Tobago bid would be that Trinidad and Tobago would first have to host the Caribbean Games which it had canceled in July 2009. In the article Mr Stoute goes on to say that non refundable expenses were burdened on Caribbean Olympics Associations to attend the first Caribbean Games in Trinidad and Tobago.

Cancelled bids

North America


On Monday October 12 , 2009 Mike Fennel president of the Commonwealth Games Federation is quoted by Indian Online News Website that there will be three bidders for the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Abuja, Nigeria, Gold Coast, Australia and Auckland, New Zealand.[24] [25]




In the Kenyan newspaper Daily Nation on December 16, 2008 it was stated that part of the vision of the Government is to host the 2015 All-Africa Games and the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Nairobi hosted the 1987 All-Africa Games with the building of a 60,000 seat stadium that includes a 2000 seat aquatics center and a 5000 seat indoor sports hall. There are other sports venues around the capital of Kenya that could host Commonwealth Games events. This would be Kenya's first Commonwealth Games bid. A Barrier to hosting the Commonwealth Games in Nairobi may be the altitude the city is at being 5450 feet above sea level making it by far the highest bid host or candidate for the commonwealth games. Abuja. Nigeria is less than 25 percent of the elevation of Nairobi at 1123 feet above sea level.

On October 12, 2009 the Online News Media site Rediff reports that Mike Fennell the Commonwealth Games President has reported Three Candidate Cities will bid on the 2018 Commonwealth Games. Nairobi was not included in the list. Abuja, Nigeria, Auckland, New Zealand and Gold Coast have made their Bid intensions known to the General Assembly of the Commonwealth Games Federation in New Delhi, India.[25]


Auckland, New Zealand In the March 16th Addition of Multiple New Zealand Media outlets it is reported that the bid to stage the 2018 Commonwealth Games has ended when the federal government of New Zealand announces they will not provide financial support to stage the games.The Prime of New Zealand John Key has confirmed the government will not be backing Auckland's bid to host the 2018 Commonwealth Games.

Key says the issue is not the cost of the bid but how much it would cost to run the event. He says New Zealand faces a $600 million loss, even taking account of benefits such as increased tourism, if it was to go ahead.

[27] [28] [29]

Adelaide, Australia

State Opposition Leader Martin Hamilton-Smith has committed to a bid for the 2018 Commonwealth Games if the Liberals are elected in 2010. However the bid will need to be made while the current Labor government is in power. The government has ruled this out with the treasurer, Kevin Foley, labeling the Commonwealth games a 'B" grade event. On November 28, 2008, Adelaide withdrew, with State Sport Minister Michael Wright blaming budgetary pressures.Projects such as Marjorie Jackson-Nelson Hospital, the desalination plant, and transport were deemed more pressing.[30]

Perth, Australia An Article titled "World Cup threatens Games Bid" in the April 17th Edition of the Gold Coast Bulletin confirms from Australian Commonwealth Games Association CEO Perry Crosswhite.[31]

"Mr Crosswhite confirmed to The Bulletin there was no other Australian city in the running and said for the bid to be successful, the Government must show its support by July." This newspaper's report confirms that the new Colin Barnett government in Western Australia is no long pursuing the 2018 commonwealth games.[32] On February 3, 2009 the Newspaper 'The Australian' reports that the new Premier of Western Australia State ,Colin Barnett, has shelved the development of a Billion Dollar stadium on the site of the current Subiaco Oval . The planned new stadium was to include abilities to stage Athletics supporting a Commonwealth Games Bid. Mr Barnett said the Government would spend $316million building 1000 new government homes this year, targeting low-income families and government workers such as police, teachers and nurses. Construction of a $900million children's hospital would be fast-tracked and work would begin almost immediately on a $113million police complex in Perth. Mr Barnett said projects such as a football stadium to replace Subiaco Oval could not be justified when compared with services such as a children's hospital.

Canberra, Australian Capital Territory The ACT's Minister for Tourism, Sport and Recreation, Andrew Barr, has indicated the city needs to plan for better sports infrastructure so as to make a bid for the Games. A 2022 bid has been suggested as more likely. On April 17, 2009 Australian Commonwealth Games Association CEO Perry Crosswhite Confirmed to the gold Coast Bulletin that Gold Coast was indeed the only Australian City interested in Bidding on the 2018 Commonwealth Games.


According to Radio New Zealand Christchurch City Council have withdraw from bidding on the 2018 Commonwealth Games[33] On February 17 Radio New Zealand posted on their website that $ 500,000 New Zealand dollars was withdrawn for studies into the viability of hosting the 2018 commonwealth games in the cities of Auckland and Christchurch. In the Radio New Zealand report it states Christchurch has withdraw interest in Staging the 2018 games. The city decided to focuss on a long term plan to host the 2022 Winter Olympics instead.



In the new Constitution of the Commonwealth Games Federation does not allow for Back to Back hosting in the same region . Cardiff's chances of hosting the Commonwealth Games are totally reliant on all five Commonwealth Regions having no creditable bids. This is Highly Unlikely with Repeat Bidder Abuja making gestures to bid on 2018 and others like Nairobi and Gold Coast coming forth.


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