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Millennium: 3rd millennium
Centuries: 25th century · 26th century · 27th century
Decades: 2500s 2510s 2520s 2530s 2540s
2550s 2560s 2570s 2580s 2590s

The 26th century of the anno Domini (common) era will span the years 2501–2600 of the Gregorian calendar.


Astronomical events

Science fiction set in the 26th century

Population of Earth

Physicist Stephen Hawking, at a White House lecture in 1999, remarked that if there is no space colonization, population expansion continued unabated and the people of the Earth continued to use power at the rate they did then, then by the year 2600 people would be standing shoulder to shoulder and the Earth would glow red hot.


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Centuries and millennia



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