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3-Demon start.gif
Developer(s) PC Research Inc.
Designer(s) John D. Price
Platform(s) DOS
Release date(s) 1983
Genre(s) Adventure Game
Mode(s) Single Player
Input methods Keyboard

3-Demon (also known as Monster Maze, though not to be confused with 3D Monster Maze) is a wireframe 1983 DOS computer game based on Pac-Man. The player wanders through a 3-D maze, eating pellets and avoiding red ghosts. Eating a power pellet turns the ghosts green and gives the player the ability to eat them for extra points. It is a notable example of an early video game told from a first-person perspective.

Ironically Wolfenstein 3D, a title widely thought to have later popularized the first-person shooter genre, featured a secret level based on Pac-Man and early in its development designer Tom Hall had suggested a name along the lines of "3-Demon" before id Software decided to do a semi-remake of the once popular Apple II game Castle Wolfenstein.[1]

3-Demon (IBM PC)


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