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In Major League Baseball, the 3000 strikeout club is an informal term applied to the group of pitchers who have struck out 3000 or more batters in their careers.

The club's "founding member" was Walter Johnson in 1923. He was the only pitcher to have reached this milestone until Bob Gibson recorded his 3000th strikeout in 1974. Since then, fourteen more hurlers have joined the club. Three of them—Randy Johnson, Pedro Martinez, and John Smoltz—are currently active players. This recent increase may be explained by the existence of more free-swinging hitters than before, corresponding with an increase in the number of home runs. Nevertheless, 3000 strikeouts remains a very notable feat, as there are only 16 members of this elite corps. To date, only one other active player, Tom Glavine, has more than 2500 strikeouts, and only three other active players—Andy Pettitte, Javier Vazquez and Jamie Moyer—have at least 2000 strikeouts.

The club includes only 2 left-handed members, Steve Carlton and Randy Johnson. Nine members of the 3000 strikeout club are also members of the 300 win club.

Except for Bert Blyleven, all eligible members of the 3000-strikeout club have been elected to the Baseball Hall of Fame. Blyleven received only 17.55% of the vote in his first year of eligibility (1998), but his most recent percentage was 62.7% in 2009. Election to the Hall of Fame requires 75% of the vote, and Blyleven has until 2012 to attain that total.



Names in bold indicate an active player.

Rank Pitcher Strikeouts Date of 3,000th
Date of 4,000th
Date of 5,000th
Teams (3,000 strikeout team in bold) Seasons
1 Nolan Ryan 5,714 07/04/1980
César Gerónimo
Danny Heep
Rickey Henderson
NYM, CAL, HOU, TEX 1966-1993
2 Randy Johnson 4,875 09/10/2000
Mike Lowell
Jeff Cirillo
MON, SEA, HOU, ARI, NYY, ARI, SFG 1988-2009
3 Roger Clemens 4,672 07/05/1998
Randy Winn
Edgar Rentería
BOS, TOR, NYY, HOU, NYY 1984-2007
4 Steve Carlton 4,136 04/29/1981
Tim Wallach
Eric Davis
STL, PHI, CWS, SFG, CLE, MIN 1965-1988
5 Bert Blyleven 3,701 08/01/1986
Mike Davis
MIN, TEX, PIT, CLE, CAL 1970-1992
6 Tom Seaver 3,640 04/18/1981
Keith Hernandez
NYM, CIN, CWS, BOS 1967-1986
7 Don Sutton 3,574 06/24/1983
Alan Bannister
LAD, HOU, MIL, CAL, OAK 1966-1988
8 Gaylord Perry 3,534 10/01/1978
Joe Simpson
SFG, CLE, TEX, SDP, NYY, ATL, SEA, KCR 1962-1983
9 Walter Johnson 3,509 07/22/1923
Stan Coveleski
Washington Senators 1907-1927
10 Greg Maddux 3,371 07/26/2005
Omar Vizquel
CHC, ATL, CHC, LAD, SDP, LAD 1986-2008
11 Phil Niekro 3,342 07/04/1984
Larry Parrish
MIL/ATL, NYY, CLE, TOR 1964-1987
12 Ferguson Jenkins 3,192 07/25/1982
Garry Templeton
PHI, CHC, TEX, BOS 1965-1983
13 Pedro Martínez 3,154 09/03/2007
Aaron Harang
14 Bob Gibson 3,117 07/17/1974
César Gerónimo
St. Louis Cardinals 1959-1975
15 Curt Schilling 3,116 08/30/2006
Nick Swisher
BAL, HOU, PHI, ARI, BOS 1988-2007
16 John Smoltz 3,084 04/22/2008
Felipe López
ATL, BOS, STL 1988-

Closest active players

Tom Glavine (1987-present) - 2,607 strikeouts

Stats as of October 4, 2009.

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