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Millennium: 4th millennium
Centuries: 31st century · 32nd century · 33rd century
Decades: 3100s 3110s 3120s 3130s 3140s
3150s 3160s 3170s 3180s 3190s

The 32nd century of the anno Domini (common) era will span the years 3101–3200 of the Gregorian calendar. It will be the second century of the 4th millennium.


Astronomical events


  • Samuel R. Delany's novel Nova is set in the 32nd century.
  • The "current events" of the MechWarrior: Dark Age expansion to BattleTech's timeline occur in the thirty-second century, following the collapse of the HPG network in 3132.
  • The second book of A Canticle For Leibowitz, "Fiat Lux" (Latin: Let There Be Light) is set in a late medieval post-apocalyptic former United States, which has rediscovered electricity, and is undergoing political consolidation.


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