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"336 EP"
Released December 2, 2002
Genre Melodic hardcore
Length 7:25
Label Dreamworks
AFI chronology
The Days of the Phoenix EP
Sing the Sorrow

336 was a 10-inch vinyl picture disk put out by the band AFI on Dreamworks Records, available exclusively at Hot Topic. It contained two new songs, "Now the World" and "Reivers Music" (although there have been several spellings due to misprints, this is generally considered correct.) It is only known as 336 to AFI fans, and was the beginning of the Clandestine Mystery that continued in their album Sing the Sorrow. Only 5000 copies were made, but the contents of 336 were later put onto "Girl's Not Grey", Pt. 2 as B-sides. A newer recording of "Now the World" can be found on the UK release of Sing the Sorrow (and was available on the band's main site before being removed).

Track listing

  1. "Now the World" – 4:01
  2. "Reivers Music" – 3:24


On one side of the record is etched "NOTHING FROM NOWHERE" whilst on the other side is etched "I'M NO ONE AT ALL", both of which are lyrics from the song "Miseria Cantare" - the opening track of Sing the Sorrow.


336 is generally the starting point for the Clandestine Mystery, which revolves around Clandestine, the short film AFI released on DVD, included with Sing the Sorrow's special edition. Gavin (the administrator of AFI's official message board) mentioned that 336 wasn't important, it was simply "what came before", suggesting that Sing the Sorrow would be "337".



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