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388th Fighter Wing
388th Fighter Wing.jpg
388th Fighter Wing Shield
Active 19 December 1942 — present
Country United States
Branch Air Force
Size 2,700
Part of Air Combat Command
Garrison/HQ Hill Air Force Base
Motto Libertas Vel Mors

"Freedom or Death"

Engagements World War II
Vietnam War
Operation Desert Shield
Operation Desert Storm
Operation Southern Watch
Decorations Presidential Unit Citation ribbon.svg DUC
Presidential Unit Citation ribbon.svg PUC
Outstanding Unit ribbon.svg AFOUA w/ V Device
GallantryCrossRibbon.jpg RVGC w/ Palm
Colonel Scott J. Zobrist

The 388th Fighter Wing (388FW) is a United States Air Force unit assigned to the Air Combat Command Twelfth Air Force. The unit is stationed at Hill Air Force Base, Utah.



Train 388th professionals ready to deploy, employ, and sustain F-16s and air control assets worldwide to fight and win any conflict.


388th Operations Group (388 OG)

388th Maintenance Group (388 MXG)

  • 388th Aircraft Maintenance Squadron (388 AMXS)
  • 388th Maintenance Operations Squadron (388 MOS)
  • 388th Equipment Maintenance Squadron (388 EMS)
  • 388th Component Maintenance Squadron (388 CMS)


For additional history and lineage, see 388th Operations Group


  • Established as 388 Fighter-Day Wing on 23 Mar 1953
Redesignated 388 Fighter-Bomber Wing on 5 Nov 1953
Activated on 23 Nov 1953
Inactivated on 10 Dec 1957
  • Redesignated 388 Tactical Fighter Wing, and activated, on 1 May 1962
Organized on 1 Oct 1962
Discontinued, and inactivated, on 8 Feb 1964
  • Activated on 14 Mar 1966
Organized on 8 Apr 1966
Redesignated 388 Fighter Wing on 1 Oct 1991


Attached to: Seventh Air Force, 8 Apr 1966-14 Feb 1973
Attached to: US Support Activities Group, Seventh Air Force, 15 Feb 1973-c. 30 Jun 1975




  • 3 Tactical Fighter: 15 Mar 1973-15 Dec 1975
  • 4 Tactical Fighter (later, 4 Fighter): 23 Dec 1975-1 Dec 1991 (detached 28 Aug 1990-27 Mar 1991)
  • 7 Airborne Command Control: 30 Apr 1972-22 May 1974
  • 13 Tactical Fighter: attached 15 May 1966-20 Oct 1967
  • 16 Special Operations: attached 19 Jul 1974-8 Dec 1975
  • 16 Tactical Fighter Training (later, 16 Tactical Fighter): 1 Jan 1979-30 Jun 1986
  • 17 Wild Weasel: 1 Dec 1971-15 Nov 1974
  • 34 Tactical Fighter (later, 34 Fighter): attached 15 May 1966-14 Mar 1971, assigned 15 Mar 1971-1 Dec 1991
  • 35 Tactical Fighter: attached c. 12 Jun-c. 10 Oct 1972
  • 42 Tactical Electronic Warfare: attached c. 21 Sep-14 Oct 1970, assigned 15 Oct 1970-15 Mar 1974
  • 44 Tactical Fighter: 25 Apr 1967-15 Oct 1969 (detached 10-15 Oct 1969)
  • 421 Tactical Fighter (later, 421 Fighter): 8 Apr 1966-25 Apr 1967; 23 Dec 1975- 1 Dec 1991 (detached 9-23 Aug 1977 and 28 Aug 1990-27 Mar 1991)
  • 469 Tactical Fighter: 8 Apr 1966-31 Oct 1972
  • 553 Reconnaissance: 15 Dec 1970-31 Dec 1971
  • 560 Tactical Fighter: 1 Oct 1962-8 Feb 1964
  • 561 Fighter-Bomber (later, 561 Tactical Fighter): attached 1 Jul-10 Dec 1957; assigned 1 Oct 1962-8 Feb 1964
  • 562 Fighter-Bomber (later, 562 Tactical Fighter): attached 1 Jul-10 Dec 1957; assigned 1 Oct 1962-8 Feb 1964
  • 563 Fighter-Bomber (later, 563 Tactical Fighter): attached 1 Jul-10 Dec 1957; assigned 1 Oct 1962-8 Feb 1964
  • 6010 Wild Weasel: 1 Nov 1970-1 Dec 1971.



  • F-86, 1954-1957
  • F-100, 1957; 1962-1964
  • F-105, 1963-1964; 1966-1969; 1970-1974
  • F-4, 1968-1975, 1976-1980
  • EB-66, 1970-1974
  • EC-121, 1970-1971
  • AC/C-130, 1972-1975
  • A-7, 1973-1975
  • F-16, 1979-Present


Cold War

McDonnell F-4E-32-MC Phantom Serial 67-0299 of the 34th Tactical Fighter Squadron
Republic F-105G Thunderchief Serial 63-8291 of the 17th Tactical Fighter (Wild Weasel) Squadron.
Ling-Temco-Vought A-7D-10-CV Corsair II 71-0326 of the 3d TFS at Korat RTAFB, 1974
McDonnell F-4D-28-MC Phantom 65-746 at Hill AFB, 1978. Sent to AMARC as FP0106 Apr 26, 1988
General Dynamics F-16A Block 10 Fighting Falcon 79-0290, 1980. Now on display at MT ANG, Great Falls IAP, Montana

Trained as a fighter-bomber wing, Feb-Oct 1954. It trained as a fighter-bomber wing, February-October 1954 then moved overseas in November-December with elements operating at four European bases. The wing participated in NATO operations and exercises from, December 1954-December 1957 before again returning to the U.S. for deactivation.

Again the 388th was called into active service in 1962. It trained for fighter-bomber operations from October 1962-January 1964. Trained for fighter-bomber operations, Oct 1962-Jan 1964.

Vietnam War

In April 1966 the 388th was sent to Thailand where it replaced 6234th Tactical Fighter Wing. The wing flew combat missions in Southeast Asia, April 1966-August 1973. The wing primarily conducted interdiction, direct air support, armed reconnaissance, and fighter escort missions. In 1967, it concentrated on key logistical and industrial targets in North Vietnam. The wing added a variety of other special-purpose aircraft and related missions as the war progressed. Following the final ceasefire in August 1973, the wing entered into intensive training program to maintain combat readiness and continued to fly electronic surveillance and intelligence missions. The 388th provided air cover and escort during the evacuation of Americans from Phnom Penh, Cambodia, and of Americans and selected Vietnamese from Saigon, South Vietnam, in April 1975. It also participated in the rescue of the crew and recovery of the SS Mayaguez, an American-flagged contained ship seized by Cambodian forces, in May 1975.

Tactical Air Command

The 388th ceased all aircraft operations in November 1975 and moved in without personnel or equipment in December 1975, replacing a holding unit-Detachment 1, 67th Combat Support Group. In January 1976, the wing began participation in training missions and numerous exercises in a variety of offensive tactical situations. It was the first wing to be equipped with the F-16 Fighting Falcon, on 6 January 1979. During initial stages of conversion the wing trained F-16 instructor pilots and provided replacement training for new F-16 pilots. Thereafter the 388th trained for war readiness at U.S. and NATO locations. It won the USAF Worldwide Gunsmoke Fighter Gunnery Meet in 1987. It also deployed two squadrons to Southwest Asia for training and combat operations from 28 August 1990-27 March 1991. A number of wing aircraft deployed to Spain as attrition reserves from January-December 1991; later, deployed to Southwest Asia to protect Coalition assets and ensure that Iraq complied with treaty terms beginning in December 1991.

Modern era

Conducted and participated in various tactical exercises, in air-to-ground and air-to-air roles, worldwide. Routinely deployed operational elements to support Operation SOUTHERN WATCH for the enforcement of no-fly zones over Iraq from 1992-2003.

On June 22, 2009 a single-seat F-16 from the wing's 421st Fighter Squadron on a training mission crashed in the Utah Test and Training Range. The pilot, Captain George Bryan Houghton, 28, was killed.[1]

Unit shields


PD-icon.svg This article incorporates public domain material from websites or documents of the Air Force Historical Research Agency.

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