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3FM logo.svg
Broadcast area  Netherlands
Slogan Serious Radio
Format Pop, Rock
Owner NPO

3FM is a radio station for popular music, for the Dutch public broadcast.

3FM was created as Hilversum 3 (later Radio 3) by minister Maarten Vrolijk on 11 October 1965, to counterbalance the popular offshore station Radio Veronica. Opinions differ on whether it was a true alternative, because it was programmed by the existing public broadcast. The different parties therein took turns in broadcasting their idea of popular music, giving rise to a station with no true face. Attempts were made to create harmony in the station. Starting in 1971, it hosted its own hit parade: the Hilversum 3 Top 30. In 1978 it changed to a top 50. However, shortly afterwards, other stations started hosting similar shows, such as Toppop 30 by the AVRO.


3FM Serious Request

In 2004 the Station begun a project by the name of Serious Request in which three DJ's play requested songs for money for six days and nights in a glass house. They collect this money for projects of the Red Cross. The DJ's don't eat during these days. Serious Request starts every year the week before Christmas.

The first three editions, in 2004, 2005 and 2006, were in Utrecht. The fourth edition was in The Hague. The edition of 2008 was in Breda and the edition of 2009 was in Groningen.

Year Charity DJ's Amount
2004 People in Darfur Giel Beelen, Wouter Van Der Goes and Claudia De Breij € 916,000.00
2005 Children in Republic of Congo Giel Beelen, Wouter Van Der Goes and Gerard Ekdom € 2,203,549.00
2006 Victims of land mines Giel Beelen, Gerard Ekdom and Sander Lantinga € 2,648,495.00
The Hague
2007 Clean drinking water Michiel Veenstra, Gerard Ekdom and Rob Stenders € 5,249,466.00
2008 Refugees all over the world Giel Beelen, Paul Rabbering and Coen Swijnenberg € 5,637,937.00
2009 Malaria Giel Beelen, Gerard Ekdom and Annemieke Schollaardt € 7,113,447.00

Serious Request abroad

In 2006 there also was an glass house in Belgium. Studio Brussel introduced Music For Life it's based on Serious Request. The first Belgium edition with DJ's Peter Van de Veire, Tomas De Soete and Christophe Lambrecht in the glass house in Leuven brought in € 2,419,495.00

Also in 2007 was Music For Life in Leuven. This time DJ's Peter Van de Veire, Tomas De Soete and Siska Schoeters brought in € 3,353,568.00. But this year there was a third country which had a glass house. In Genève (Switzerland) was Couleur Terre. In contrast with Serious Request and Music For Life were the Swiss DJ's able to eat. It was the first and probably the last time Switzerland had a glass house, but this first time they brought in € 151,218.00

In 2008 was Music For Life in Gent in stead of Leuven. This time the DJ's Tomas De Soete, Siska Schoeters and Sofie Lemaire brought in € 3,503,246.00. This edition of Music For Life was for refugees of war and violence, but especially for mothers in war and violence. Besides Breda and Gent also Mälmo (Sweden) and Nairobi (Kenya) had glass houses. In Mälmo Sveriges Radio introduced Musikhjälpen and brought in € 227,778.00. This years edition in Nairobi was just to get attention for the refugees. The DJ's in this house didn't brought money in.

The 2009 edition of Music For Life in Gent with Siska Schoeters, Sofie Lemaire and Sam de Bruyn brought in € 3,649,595.00. Besides Groningen and Gent also Gothenburg (Sweden), Bern (Switzerland) and Nairobi (Kenia) had glass houses. In Gothenburg P3 organised Musikhjälpen and brought in € 548,908.28. In Bern DRS 3 and Schweizer Fernsehen organised Jeder Rappen Zählt for the first time and brought in € 4,706,348.86. In Nairobi Ghetto Radio organised their second edition of Serious Request. But a heavy storm blown away the glass house, the DJ's had to end their edition in a hotel.

3FM Awards

Each year in March, 3FM hosts the 3FM awards, which are given to Dutch musicians. A public poll is held among listeners to determine the winners.

In 2009 3FM hosts the fifth edition of the 3FM Awards.

Nominees Winner
Best Band
Blof, Kane, Krezip, Racoon and Di-Rect Krezip
Best Male Singer
Alain Clark, Bertolf, Boris, Van Velzen and Marco Borsato Alain Clark
Best Female Singer
Anouk, Ilse DeLange, Jacqueline Govaert (Krezip), Nikki and Sanne Hans (Miss Montreal) Ilse DeLange
Best Artist Pop
Alain Clark, Krezip, Ilse DeLange, Racoon and Van Velzen Krezip
Best Artist Rock
Anouk, Gem, Kane, Voicst and Within Temptation Anouk
Best Artist Alternative
De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig, Gem, Novastar, Pete Philly & Perquisite and Voicst Novastar
Best Single
In And Out Of Love (Armin Van Buuren & Sharon), Modern World (Anouk), So Incredible (Ilse DeLange), Tijdmachine (Dio feat. Sef) and Squeeze Me (Kraak & Smaak) So Incredible (Ilse DeLange)
Best Album
Oktober (Blof), De Machine (De Jeugd Van Tegenwoordig), Incredible (Ilse DeLange), Almost Bangor (Novastar) and Before You Leave (Racoon) Incredible (Ilse DeLange)
Best Live Act
Marco Borsato, Krezip, Kane, Anouk and Within Temptation Within Temptation
Best Newcomer
Bertolf, Dio, Miss Montreal, Nikki and Sabrina Starke Nikki

The artist with the most awards in 2009 is Ilse DeLange, she won three awards. She also won the Schaal van Rigter the award for the most played single on radio station 3FM, she won this award with the song "So Incredible".

Live performances

Most of the DJ's invite artists to perform live on air.

The band Yellow Pearl holds the all-time record of most live performances on 3FM. They did this 25 times, within four years in nine different shows. The first performance was in 2004 when they performed their single "For you and me" in the morning show of Rob Stenders.


In 2009, 3FM broadcast programs of the following groups: AVRO, KRO, NCRV, EO, TROS, BNN, VARA, LLiNK, VPRO and NPS.

  • 3FM NOS Headlines (NOS)
  • 3voor12 Radio (VPRO)
  • 3voor12 Whitenoise (VPRO)
  • Annemieke Hier (TROS)
  • Arbeidsvitaminen (AVRO)
  • Barend (NCRV)
  • Bring It On! (NCRV)
  • Claudia D'r Op (VARA)
  • CLUB Sunrise (BNN)
  • Coen en Sander Show (BNN)
  • De Radioshow van Bart (TROS)
  • Der Rudy (LLiNK)
  • Domien Is Wakker (NPS)
  • Ekdom In De Nacht (AVRO)
  • Ekstra Weekend (AVRO/NPS)
  • Guis (AVRO)
  • Jouw WeekendFinale! (EO)
  • Kristel (BNN)
  • Mega Top 50 (TROS)
  • MetMichiel (NPS)
  • MoveYourAss (LLINK)
  • Nachtegiel (VARA)
  • RabRadio (KRO)
  • Robbert-Jan (VARA)
  • Roosmarijn (AVRO)
  • Sense Of Dance (BNN)
  • Sense Of Dance Part II (BNN)
  • Serious Request
  • Stenders Eetvermaak (VARA)
  • That's Live (BNN)
  • Thymen (NPS)
  • Timur Open Radio (BNN)
  • TurbuLent (AVRO)
  • Weekend DNA (TROS)
  • X-Noizz (EO)


  • Sander Guis (NCRV)
  • Klaas van Kruistum (EO)
  • Sander Lantinga (BNN)
  • Bert van Lent (AVRO)
  • Rudy Mackay (LLiNK)
  • Ajouad el Miloudi (BNN)
  • Timur Perlin (BNN)
  • Paul Rabbering (KRO)
  • Roosmarijn Reijmer (AVRO)
  • Annemieke Schollaardt (TROS)
  • Rob Stenders (VARA)
  • Coen Swijnenberg (BNN)
  • Michiel Veenstra (NPS)
  • Robbert-Jan van de Velde (VARA)
  • Domien Verschuuren (NPS)
  • Thymen Wabeke (NPS)

Former DJs

  • Marc de Hond
  • Kas van Iersel
  • Jeroen van Inkel
  • Dolf Jansen
  • Robert Jensen
  • Gerry Jungen
  • Patrick Kicken
  • Tim Klijn
  • Jeanne Kooymans
  • Bart van Leeuwen
  • Will Luikinga
  • Ferry Maat
  • Felix Meurders
  • Niek Montanus
  • Henk Mouwe
  • Tom Mulder
  • Michael Pilarczyk
  • Wim van Putten
  • Wim Rigter
  • Ad Roland
  • Jan-Willem Roodbeen
  • Albert-Jan Sluis
  • Roland Snoeijer

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