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3rd CCNN Division Penne Nere, ("Black Feathers"), was one of the three Blackshirts Divisions sent to Spain during the Spanish Civil War to make up the "Corpo Truppe Volontarie" (Corps of Volunteer Troops), or CTV.

3rd CCNN Division "Penne Nere" - Bgd. Gen. Luigi Nuvoloni

  • 9th Group of Banderas - Console Mario Pittau.
    •  ? Bandera - ?
    •  ? Bandera - ?
    •  ? Bandera - ?
    • Support Battery 65/17
    • Engineers Section
  • 10th Group of Banderas - Console Generale Giovanni Martini
    • 824 Bandera "Tembien" - 1st Seniore Francesco Grosso
    • 835 Bandera "Scire" - Seniore Luigi Falzone
    • 840 Bandera "Carso" - Seniore Gaetano Spallone
    • Support Battery 65/17
    • Engineers Section
  • 11th Grupo de Banderas - Console Generale Alberto Liuzzi
    • 830 Bandera - ?
    • 851 Bandera "Vampa" - Seniore Giusseppe Busalacchi
    • 635 Bandera "Freccia" - ?
    • Support Battery 65/17
    • Engineers Section
  • "Carabinieri" Section
  • Intendencia Section
  • Sanitation Section
  • Division Truck Unit

The Blackshirt (Camicie Nere, or CCNN) Divisions contained regular soldiers and volunteer militia from the Fascist Party. The CCNN divisions were semi-motorised.


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