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Zrínyi II assault gun

Following the success of assault guns on the World War II Eastern Front, the Hungarians developed their own model, based on the chassis of the Turán tank. There were two designs, the 44M Zrínyi I, incorporated a long 43M 75mm gun, but it did not pass the prototype stage. The 40/43M Zrínyi II was armed with a 40M 105mm L/20 howitzer.

The Zrínyi II design was a traditional infantry support vehicle. The Zrínyi I was hoped to fulfill an anti-tank role.

Between 40 and 66 units were produced between August 1943 and July 1944.


Manufacturer: Manfred Weiss
Crew: 4 men
Weight: 21.6 tons
Length: 5.68 m
Width: 2.99 m
Height: 2.33 m
Engine: Manfred Weiss, V8 (260 hp)
Maximum speed: 43 km/h (road)
Range: 220 km (road)
Main armament: 105 Obuseiro MÁVAG 40/43M of mm/L20,5
Secondary armament: Machine gun Danuvia 34/40 of 8 mm
Ammunition: 42 projectiles of 105 mm
Armor thickness: 13 mm - 75 mm



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