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45th Air Division
45th Air Division crest.jpg
45th Air Division emblem
Active 15 February 1943 – 18 June 1945
24 September 1954 – 18 January 1958
20 November 1958 – 15 June 1989
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
Garrison/HQ see "Stations" section below
Equipment see "Aircraft / Missiles / Space vehicles" section below
Decorations see "Lineage and honors" section below

The 45th Air Division is an inactive United States Air Force unit. Its last assignment was with Eighth Air Force, stationed at Pease AFB, New Hampshire. It was inactivated on 14 June 1989.

As the 45th Bombardment Wing, the unit was one of the primary B-17 Flying Fortress heavy strategic bombardment wings of the Eighth Air Force 3d Bombardment Division in World War II. Groups from the wing began bombing operations against German occupied Europe on 14 September 1943. Its bombers attacked targets in such German cities as Bremen, Emden, Kiel, Ludwigshafen, Munster, Saarbrucken, Schweinfurt, and Wilhelmshaven. In June 1944 the 45th supported the Allied invasion of Normandy, France, with tactical missions, against enemy airdromes, airfields, bridges, coastal defenses, field batteries, gun positions, and railway junctions.

On 21 June 1944, Colonel Archie J. Old Jr., commanding officer of the 45th Combat Bombardment Wing, served as the task force commander of a shuttle bombing mission to the Soviet Union. The task force raided a synthetic oil plant just south of Berlin, and then proceeded to Poltava in the Soviet Union, where a large number of the 45th's bombers were destroyed on the ground during a raid by German bomber and fighter aircraft. The surviving bombers bombed an oil plant at Drohobycz, Poland, while returning from Poltava to Foggia, Italy. Shortly before the German surrender, in late April 1945, the wing flew five "Chow Hound" mercy missions, dropping food and other supplies to the people in occupied Holland. After the German surrender on 8 May 1945, it helped transport displaced Europeans back to their respective native countries.

Reactivated an intermediate command echelon of Strategic Air Command in October 1954, the 45th Air Division assumed responsibility for the training and combat readiness of its assigned units. It achieved this goal through staff assistance visits and supervising or participating in exercises such as Golden Hour Tango, Rubber Ball, and Sky Shield.

Inactivated in June 1989 due to budget constraints and the reduction of forces after the end of the Cold War.





  • Established as 45 Bombardment Wing (Medium) on 15 Feb 1943
Activated on 1 Apr 1943
Redesignated: 45 Bombardment Wing (Heavy) on 6 Apr 1943
Redesignated: 45 Combat Bombardment Wing (Heavy) on 30 Aug 1943
Redesignated: 45 Combat Bombardment Wing, Heavy on 24 Aug 1944
Disestablished on 18 Jun 1945
  • Reestablished, and redesignated 45 Air Division, on 24 Sep 1954
Activated on 8 Oct 1954
Inactivated on 18 Jan 1958
  • Activated on 20 Nov 1958
Inactivated on 15 Jun 1989




  • 17 Bombardment: 2 Jul 1969-30 Jun 1971
  • 42 Bombardment: 8 Oct 1954-18 Jan 1958; l Dec 1958-29 Mar 1989
  • 95 Strategic: 2 Oct 1966-30 Sept 1976
  • 99 Bombardment: 30 Jun 1971-31 Mar 1974
  • 380 Strategic Aerospace (later, 380 Bombardment): 1 Jul 1968-2 Jul 1969; 30 Jun 1971-29 Mar 1989
  • 702 Strategic Missile: 1 Jan 1959-25 Jun 1961
  • 416 Bombardment: 2 Jul 1969-30 Jun 1971; 1 Jul 1973-1 Dec 1982
  • 509 Bombardment: 30 Jun 1971 -9 Mar 1989
  • 4081 Strategic: 1 Jan 1959-25 Jun 1966
  • 4082 Strategic: 1 Jan 1959-2 Oct 1966.



Aircraft and Missiles


PD-icon.svg This article incorporates public domain material from websites or documents of the Air Force Historical Research Agency.

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