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526th ICBM Systems Group
526th ICBM Systems Wing.png
526th ICBM Systems Wing emblem
Active 19xx-Present
Country United States
Branch United States Air Force
Part of AFMC/
Garrison/HQ Hill AFB, Utah

The United States Air Force's 526th ICBM Systems Group (526 ICBMG) is a logistics unit located at Hill AFB, Utah.



The ICBM System Program Office (SPO) develops, acquires, and supports silo-based ICBMs and provides program direction and logistics support as the single face to the customer. The SPO is responsible for acquisition, systems engineering and depot repair support; manages equipment spares; provides storage and transportation; and, accomplishes modifications and equipment replacement to maintain silo-based ICBM systems. The ICBM Prime Integration Contract (PIC) Program Management Office, LM(3), is charged with day-to-day execution and management of the PIC. The office is accountable to the System Program Director (SPD) for cost, schedule, and technical performance of the ICBM prime contractor. LM(3) supports the other SPO divisions by working with LMK-P to translate requirements for engineering services and/or modification/replacement programs into the necessary contracting actions.


706th SMW insignia

The 706th Strategic Missile Wing (706 SMW) was established on 13 February 1958 at Warren AFB. Its operational squadrons were the 549th, 564th and 565th Strategic Missile Squadrons. The wing replaced the 4320th Strategic Wing (Missile) in Feb 1958. It accepted its first two SM-65 Atlas missile complexes in Aug 1960, gaining initial operational capability. The 706th SMW was replaced by the 389th Strategic Missile Wing (ICBM-Atlas) and deactivated on 1 Jul 1961.

The next iteration of the Wing was as the 526th Special Operations Wing.


526th ICBM Systems Wing/Group

In 2007, the wing was reduced to a group, and was made subordinate to the 508th Aerospace Sustainment Wing.


Major Command

Previous designations

  • 526th ICBM Systems Group (2007-Present)
  • 526th ICBM Systems Wing (2005-2007)
  • 526th Special Operations Wing (31 Jul 1985-31 Jan 2005)
  • 706th Strategic Missile Wing (ICBM-Atlas) (1 Apr 1958-1 Jul 1961)
  • 706th Strategic Missile Wing (13 Feb 1958-1 Apr 1958)
  • 26th Antisubmarine Wing (17 Nov 1942-15 Oct 1943)

Squadrons assigned

  • 509th ICBM Systems Squadron (13 Aug 2007-Present)
  • 510th ICBM Systems Squadron (13 Aug 2007-Present)
  • 511th ICBM Systems Squadron (13 Aug 2007-Present)
  • 549th Strategic Missile Squadron ()
  • 564th Strategic Missile Squadron ()
  • 565th Strategic Missile Squadron ()

Bases stationed

ICBM Supported

Photo Gallery

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