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5 WTC, upper right corner.

Five World Trade Center (5 WTC) was a nine-story low-rise office building built in 1970-72 at New York City's World Trade Center. It suffered severe damage and partial collapse on its upper floors as a result of the September 11 attacks in 2001. The entire building was demolished by January 2002 as part of the WTC removal project.

5 WTC was a steel-framed office building, with nine stories. The structure was "L"-shaped and occupied the northeast corner of the WTC site. Overall dimensions were 330 by 420 ft (100 by 130 m), with an average area of 120,000 square feet (11,000 m²) per floor.

The Chambers Street–World Trade Center (E) subway station was located under the building, and access into the station was available through the building. Shops and restaurants were in the building's underground concourse, including the largest Borders bookstore in New York City, spread across three floors of 5 World Trade on the corner of the building adjacent to the intersection of Church Street and Vessey Street.

It was the location of the Survivors' Staircase.


Damage resulting from 2001 attack

Five World Trade Center in a NOAA aerial image following the September 11, 2001 attacks. North is approximately upper right on the image.

Floors 4 through 9 suffered partial collapse and/or fire damage. Floors 1-3 were undamaged. Some of the collapse was due to impact from steel and debris from World Trade Center 1 (North Tower). Other collapsed sections were due to fire damage. Portions of internal collapse and burnout were found on upper floors, mainly floors 6-8. The exterior facade suffered severe fire damage. The upper floors (5-9) were on fire after the second tower collapse. A section of the fuselage from United 175 landed on the top of the tower.

The last standing section of 5 WTC was removed by January 2002.

Structural analysis

The Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA)/ASCE Building Performance Study Team team found that some connections between the structural steel beams failed in the fire. This was most apparent in the collapse of World Trade Center Building 5, where the fireproofing did not protect the connections, causing the structure to fail.[1]


Floor levels are indicated in parentheses, if known.

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  1. ^ Testimony of Dr. W. Gene Corley, on behalf of the American Society of Civil Engineers (ASCE), to Subcommittee on Research, Committee on Science, U. S. House of Representatives, May 1, 2002.

Coordinates: 40°42′43″N 74°00′41″W / 40.7120°N 74.0113°W / 40.7120; -74.0113



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