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For the year, see 711. For the convenience store chain, see 7-Eleven

In Canada and the U.S., the 711 telephone number is used for the Telecommunications Relay Service to translate from TDD for the deaf to speech, and vice versa. The relay service allows deaf people to converse with the hearing over the phone through an operator. 711 is one of eight N11 codes for abbreviated dialing in the North American Numbering Plan. In the U.S., every phone company is required to connect persons who dial 711 to a TRS call center from a working number. In July 2007 the Federal Communications Commission ruled that the 711 requirement extended to VOIP telephony.


Simple English

7-1-1 is a telephone number in Canada and the United States. It is used by the Telecommunications Relay Service to let people who are deaf and people who can hear communicate with each other using a telephone. The 7-1-1 number lets these people talk through an operator, by turning the words into something that can be read on a telecommunications device for the deaf (TDD).


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