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707th Special Mission Battalion
Active 1981 - Present
Country  Republic of Korea
Branch Republic of Korea Army
Type Special Forces
Role Domestic Counter-Terrorism and Law Enforcements, Unconventional Warfare, Raids
Size Battalion
Part of Special Warfare Command
Garrison/HQ Seongnam, South Korea
Nickname White Tiger [1]

The 707th Special Mission Battalion (Korean: 707 특수임무대대, Hanja: 707 特殊任務大隊) is the elite special forces unit in the Republic of Korea Army Special Warfare Command. The battalion's nickname is 'White Tiger.' [1]

The unit also has a small number of female special forces operatives. They are used in counter-terror operations where the presence of a woman is not seen as a threat to a terrorist. [2]



The unit had been formed after the Munich Massacre, which forced the South Korean government to create a counter-terrorist unit in time for the 1988 Olympics that would be held in South Korean soil. [2]

The 707th SMB has also been called on by the South Korean government to prioritize potential counter-terrorist operations against any possible Al-Qaeda operation in South Korean soil. [3]


The 707th Special Mission Battalion also trains with foreign partners, such as U.S. Army's Delta Force, British Special Air Service, Russian FSB, Alpha Group, French GIGN, FBI HRT, Hong Kong SDU, and Singapore Police Force STAR. The purpose is to experience and increase relationships and exchanges with international Special Forces communities. [4] [5]

Weaponry and equipment

Popular culture

  • South Korean Special Forces have been featured in the video games Ghost Recon, Mercenaries and Counter-Strike Online, also SOCOM U.S. Navy SEALs: Tactical Strike
  • The 707th appear in Shiri to assist in taking down several rogue North Korean KPA agents.
  • The fictional character Jung Park, an ex-707 member, is a primary character in the video game Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Vegas. In addition, Pak Suo-Won is another ex-member of the 707th featured in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Rogue Spear and along with several other Korean members in Tom Clancy's Rainbow Six: Take-Down – Missions in Korea.
  • Ex-707 squad members are featured as antagonists in the Hong Kong movie Dragon Squad.


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