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Lloyd Anderson, hiking

The 7 Wonders Creation Museum, also 7 Wonders Museum of Mount St. Helens, is a museum and bookstore dedicated to promoting young Earth creationism in Silverlake, Washington (or Toutle, Washington) near Mount St. Helens, United States. Admission is free, and often accompanied by a guided tour of volcano sights.[1][2]

The two room museum was founded in 1998 by Lloyd and Doris Anderson, who live in a nearby house. Lloyd Anderson, born circa 1934, has a master's degree in theology from Dallas Theological Seminary, and is a retired former pastor; his wife Doris has worked as a registered nurse and journalist.[1][2][3] The 7 Wonders Museum takes its name from seven Mount St. Helens land features that changed in no more than a few years. Lloyd claims that it offers creation evidence to support the Bible as "without error in the original writing."[1] The Andersons see the eruption as divine evidence for young earth creationism, and see their museum as a counterpoint to the many shops and visitors centers near Mount St. Helens conveying the secular view.[4]

The scientific community considers creationism to be pseudoscience.[5][6 ][7] As a result, science organizations, such as the National Center for Science Education, criticize the promotion of creationism as a form of non-science.[8][9] Scientists say the museum rejects modern science because it that doesn't agree with the museums preconceived religious views, and misleads visitors by extrapolating very special geologic events into equivalence with much longer-term events.[2]


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