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Directed by Robert Englund
Produced by Lisa M. Hansen
Written by Rhet Topham &
Brian Helgeland
Starring Robert Picardo
Stephen Geoffreys
Patrick O'Bryan
Sandy Dennis
Jim Metzler
Maria Rubell
Lezlie Deane
Cynthia Szigeti
Music by Thomas Chase
Steve Rucker
Cinematography Paul Elliott
Editing by Stephen R. Myers
Distributed by New Line Cinema
Release date(s) December 9, 1988 (UK)
March 22, 1989 (USA)
Running time 92 min
Country United States
Language English
Budget Unknown
Gross revenue $2,955,917 (USA)
Followed by 976-Evil II

976-EVIL is a 1988 horror film directed by Robert Englund who played Freddy Krueger in the Nightmare on Elm Street series.



The movie centers around cousins, Spike (Patrick O'Bryan) and Hoax (Stephen Geoffreys), both teenagers who live with Hoax's overtly religious mother Lucy (Sandy Dennis). While Spike is the neighborhood motorcycle bad boy, Hoax is an introverted nerd. Even though Spike genuinely cares for his cousin and protects him from bullies, Hoax is filled with resentment that he cannot stand up for himself or get the girl he wants (both of which Spike does effortlessly).

Both boys stumble upon 976-EVIL, which on the surface is just a novelty phone line that gives creepy-themed fortunes for a few dollars. However, the line is actually used by Satan to subtly corrupt mortals into his bidding. Spike loses interest in the line quickly, but Hoax soon discovers the true nature of the line and uses it to get revenge on everyone who has wronged him.

Soon Hoax's spirit is almost entirely consumed by Satan, who possesses Hoax to cause death and destruction, culminating in an opening to Hell appearing before their house. Spike confronts Hoax, but is quickly overpowered. In a desperate last ploy, he calls earnestly to his cousin, reminding him of the plans they had to take a vacation that summer.

Hoax's fleeting soul resurfaces briefly, and realizes his horrible mistake and embraces Spike, begging for help. Spike, realizing Hoax is lost and cannot be separated from the demonic presence, betrays his cousin and throws him into the pit of Hell.


VHS and laserdisc versions are uncut and contain footage previously unseen in its original theatrical release. The DVD released by Sony in 2002 is the cut theatrical version, and as of December 26, 2009, Sony has not announced any plans to release the complete uncut version.

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