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987FM Logo.jpg
Broadcast area Singapore
Branding Only the Hits
Frequency 98.7 MHz
First air date 1 January 1989
Format Contemporary hits
Top 40
Owner MediaCorp

987FM is an English radio station of MediaCorp in Singapore. It is a popular 24-hour radio station that plays English Hits. It plays Only The Hits from Singapore, the UK, USA and around the world.


Brief History

  • Launched on 1 January 1989 as Perfect Ten 98.7FM with ten DJs, the first 24-hour English radio station in Singapore
  • Re-branded to 987FM with new slogan "Only The Hits" on 27 June 2005
  • A Top 10 Visual Radio Music Downloads chart show was aired in 2006. It was presented by a computer-generated and edited female voice. It was then replaced by 987 Stripped (hosted by Shan Wee) at the same time slot of 4PM to 5PM on Saturdays.
  •  987 Top 20 Chart, which was then hosted by Vernon and Jamie, was downgraded to a Top 10 for the entire year of 2006, and Daniel Ong, who was hosting 987 Home then, took over.
  • 987 UK Top 10 was extended to a Top 20 Chart in late 2006, and was moved from a 4PM - 5PM time slot on Sundays to a later time slot of 7PM - 8PM on Sundays as well
  • 987 Top 10 Chart was extended to a Top 20 in January 2007, Mr Young also joined Daniel Ong in the countdown, who was the only host of the chart show then
  • Introduced new programme schedule on 23 July 2007
  • 987 Weekend Wind-down was introduced on 22 March 2008. It caused 987 Stripped to be pushed to a later timeslot of 5PM to 6PM. On the same day, Mr Young replaced Shan Wee as the host of the show
  • 987 Generations was introduced on 22 March 2008 which on that premiering weekend it played tracks of the "Dirty" genre
  • Muttons To Midnight (previously 10pm - 2am) brought forward to 8pm - 12am on 21 April 2008, resulting in the removal of Say It With Music (weekday edition)
  • Muttons took over 987 Top 20 in May 2008
  • Revamped website in June 2008
  • Introduced new interval signals in September 2008
  • The ability to vote for songs in the 987 Top 20 Chart was removed.
  • Celebrated 20th birthday on 1 January 2009
  • 987 Remix replaced the Saturday edition of 987 Stripped in February 2009
  • Stopped Online Radio Stream on 1 March 2009 along with all other radio stations in Singapore due to copyright issues
  • Introduced (K MIX) versions of songs that features a jingle at the beginning of selected songs released from 2009 onwards
  • 987 Home and 987 The Edge swapped time slots on 21 March 2009
  • 987 Home was changed from a one-hour show to short trailers played every six hours from Monday to Saturday weekly on 5 April 2009
  • Nokia Comes With Music week (13/4/09 - 17/4/09) features completely no commercials for the first time
  • Minor reshuffling of shifts on 27 July 2009
  • Minor changes made to website on 14 September 2009
  • Online radio stream was temporarily resumed in mid-October 2009, however, the link was taken down again a few days later.
  • 987FM's Internet radio stream officially resumed on 1 December 2009 along with three other MediaCorp stations in Singapore. The link is available on the website. To keep the radio stream in sync with the song list, the updating of song titles, when compared with the live FM transmission, is delayed by approximately 30 seconds to 90 seconds (varies).
  • 987FM's broadcast studio would be relocated from the Radio Building at Caldecott Broadcast Centre to *scape Complex with effect from June 2010 when the new building is open for commercial use.[1] This is in association with 987FM's 21st birthday.



Directorial Staff

  • Music Director: Colin Minjoot
  • Senior Creative Director: Georgina Chang
  • Senior Creative Producer: Kelvin Loke
  • Senior Promotions Executive: Silver Ng

Full-Time DJs

Part-Time DJs

  • Jacqueline Thibodeaux (Jacq / Jacqui)
  • Emily Teng
  • Genevieve Lim (Gen)


Specialised Shows

  • Only The Hits: Playing only music with no radio show. Approximately 1 local song, 4 old songs and 1 K MIX song can be heard per hour.
  • 987 Top 20 Countdown: The "official chart show of Singapore", playing the top 20 most popular songs in the country for the week. The Top 3 from a past year is sometimes recapped and played. The current No.1 song on the chart is Whataya Want From Me by Adam Lambert. (Justin Ang and Vernon A., Fri 8 - 10pm, repeats Sun 11 - 1pm)
    • Bubbling Under: Two or three songs which have the potential to debut are featured in this segment. A song may be a Bubbling Under more than once. They are played before the songs at positions No.20, No.8 and No.4.
    • Number 1 movie in Singapore: The trailer from the Number 1 movie in Singapore is sometimes played.
    • Number 1 songs from around the world: Snippets of No.1 songs from the US, UK, Australia and sometimes Malaysia are played before the Top 2/3 songs on the countdown are revealed.
  • 987 Top 100 Countdown: On New Year's Eve annually, there will be a countdown of the year’s biggest hits on 987FM, played out over a 10 hour period from 12.00 PM to 10.00PM, with a repeat on New Year's Day from 2.00PM to 12.00AM (meaning that all DJs will not come on air that day). If New Year's Eve or New Year's Day falls on a Friday, the 987FM Top 20 Countdown will be played on the coming Sunday, without a repeat. These hits are compiled into a chart of Top 100 Hits. The show also includes hourly capsules recapping the best of the year, namely the top 10 events of the year, the top 10 gadgets of the year, the top 10 gigs of the year, the top 10 movies of the year and the top 10 males / females, the top 10 music soundtracks of the year and top 10 hangouts of the year. The announcement of the above-mentioned categorized charts varies every year, however, the top 10 males / females, top 10 gadgets and top 10 movies of the year would be played during the countdown annually. The number one songs for every year since 2003 are as follows.
  • 2008 Top 100 results (official site)
  • 2009 Top 100 results (official site)
  • Live Over Lunch: Plays the music recordings of artists "live" in concert. (Sat & Sun 1 - 2pm)
  • 987 Remix: Plays remixes of songs. (Mr Young, Sat 5pm - 6pm)
    • Mr Young's recommended remix: Mr Young introduces and plays a remix that he highly recommends.
    • Mr Young's Rewind: Mr Young plays a remix of an old song.
  • 987 Stripped: Plays music in their acoustic versions. Listeners can submit song suggestions for airplay through her Facebook or Twitter account. (Vandetta, Sun 5pm - 6pm)
    • Something Old, Something New, Something Different: Acoustic songs that listeners might not have heard before.
    • Three Degrees: Linking two musicians/bands with each other in three connections.
    • Rewind: Vandetta plays an old acoustic song.
  • 987 Generations: Plays 16 tracks of different genres from the past to present weekly. Four different themes of songs are alternated consecutively every weekend during the shows in the following order. (Sat & Sun 6pm - 7pm)
  • 987 The Edge: Plays music which will be released in the near future and are expected to gain high positions on music charts. 12 tracks are played throughout the entire show weekly. (Vernon A., Sat 7pm - 8pm)
  • 987 Club: A non-stop DJ mix of club tracks. An external club DJ would sometimes be featured in any of the four segments, playing his or her personal DJ mixes. (Desiree Lai, Sat 11pm - 12am)
    • Bubblegum: Upbeat Dance-pop and Electropop Top 40 hits.
    • Coco: Upbeat and contemporary club hits of the R&B, Rap and Hip-hop genre.
    • Rapture: Electronic and Dance tracks that are popular in some international nightclubs or some music charts.
    • The Brewery: Remixed versions of songs that are already on the 987FM playlist.
  • The UK Top 20 Countdown: The chart toppers in the United Kingdom, ten songs from the Top 20 of the UK Singles Chart and BBC Radio 1's Official Top 40 Chart Show are selected and played. (Shan Wee, Sun 7pm - 8pm)
  • Say It With Music is a request show on 987FM where listeners can send in requests and dedications via SMS, phone or e-mail. It is the longest-running show since 987's revamp. (Jacqui, Sat 8pm - 11pm & Emily Teng, Sat 8pm - 11pm)

Some songs on 987 Generations and 987 The Edge with an asterisk (as seen on the song list) are not featured on regular airplay, mainly because the song had been put to retirement or not launched officially on the 987FM playlist yet. However, a listener may request for it.

Some songs on 987 Remix, 987 Stripped and Live Over Lunch are on the 987 regular playlist, without being New This Week. Some hits that were missed by 987FM or recommended by DJs can also be added onto the songlist without being New This Week or any official announcement. These tracks are informally known as "Unannounced New This Week Tracks". The song list is not available during 987 Club and the 987 UK Top 20 (except tracks on the UK chart that are already on the 987FM Playlist).

News And Updates

  • 987 Stars: Updates on celebrity stars; hosted by Vandetta & Young, Sarah Tan and Shan & Rozz (Weekdays 10:30am, 4:30pm) ; and Jacqui, Emily & Gen on weekends.
  • 987 Tech Check: Updates on the cyber world, new releases of IT products, iTunes top downloads; hosted by the Muttons. A special version of 987 Tech Check (Top 10 gadgets of the year) is played during the 987FM Top 100 Countdown. (Weekdays 9:30am, 1:30pm, 6:30pm, 9:30pm)
  • News Update on 987: News Update Feeds redirected from 938LIVE. (Weekdays 6:45am, 7:45am, 8:45am, 9:45am, 10:45am, 4:52pm, 5:52pm, 6:52pm, Weekends 7:45am, 8:45am, 9:45am, 10:45am, 8:45pm)
  • 987 Sports: News and latest updates on Sports; hosted by Van & Young and Shan & Rozz. Can be heard after 987 News.
  • 987 Traffic: Traffic updates at certain intervals on 'AM Jam' and 'The Shan and Rozz Show' so you don't get stuck in a traffic jam during the peak hours. (Weekdays 7am - 9:30am, 5:30pm – 7:30pm, every half an hour)
  • 987 Reels: Reviews on the latest movies that have been recently released, Singapore and US movie charts, and movie news; hosted by Shan or Young. A special version of 987 Reels (Top 10 movies of the year) is played during the 987 Top 100 Countdown. (Weekdays 11.32am, 5.32pm, 8.32pm & 10.32pm)
  • 987 Essentials: DJs recommend essential stuff to do on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays. (3.32pm, 5.32pm, 7.32pm)
  • 987 Home: Guide to local music & gigs; hosted by Rozz. (Mon - Sat 12.32am, 06.32am, 2.32pm, 9.32pm)
  • New On 987 - These songs are new on 987FM's playlist for the week. Not all new songs in the database will be featured on New On 987 (such as tracks on specialised shows such as 987 Remix, 987 Stripped, and Live Over Lunch, tracks recommended by DJs, and tracks featured on 987 Home). The "New This Week" trailer (snippets of songs) is played once every 3 hours, starting from 12.45am on Sunday. Individual "New On 987" tracks are played every hour (except on hours whereby the "New On 987" trailer is played). Worldwide premiere of songs are considered "New On 987", but they may not be included in the "New On 987" trailer. Some "New On 987" tracks receive higher airplay than others. In general, there is no limit to the number of "New On 987" singles (usually 4 to 8 songs introduced every week in 2 batches).
  • Chill Central: Soothing music (similar to those of the melted theme of 987 Generations) is played during the exam period (October - November) with the aim of helping students who are studying for exams to relax. This segment airs annually during the Shan & Rozz Show, Muttons to Midnight, and Late Night Delight with the support of the Health Promotion Board, where the DJs shared study tips and a soothing song was played.
  • Saving Gaia: DJs share tips to save the Earth. (every hour during the second commercial break). New episodes appear every 2 weeks
  • 987's Featured Artist: 987FM features an artist and snippets from interviews are played. The trailer for the featured artist may be also played before a song by that artist is played. The following is the list of artistes that were featured on the segment:

Removed Shows

  • 987 Top 100 Special Category Nominations during the countdown where listeners could vote for their favourite artistes to win. Each category had five nominees for listeners to for vote, and the nominee with the highest number of votes would win each category. There were 10 categorized awards in total and listeners could send in several SMSes to vote for the nominees, or vote once for each of the 10 awards through a link in the 987FM website. These 10 awards were namely the 987 Male Artiste of the Year, 987 Female Artiste of the Year, 987 Band of the Year, 987 Local Act of the Year, 987 Best New Artiste of the Year, 987 Concert Of The Year, 987 R&B/Hip-Hop Artiste of the Year, 987 Rock Act of the Year, 987 Local Song of the Year and lastly, the 987 Album of the Year. However, the Special Category Nominations segment has been removed since the 987FM 2008 Top 100 Countdown.
  • 987 Top 20 Countdown Special: For a few years before this specialised show was removed, Dan and/or Young (hosts of the 987FM Top 20 Countdown before mid-2008 - Young joined the show only in January 2007) compiled a list of all the hits that peaked at #1 on the 987 Top 20 Countdown from late November of the previous year, to late November of the current year, as a special edition of the 987 Top 20 Countdown. The Number One Hits would be played consecutively and in sequence according to the date it peaked at #1, but were only played once even though they were Number One for 2 weeks or more. This happened on the last Friday of December of every year, and was repeated on the last Sunday of December of that year, regardless of whether the Friday or Sunday was New Year's Eve. This specialised radio show was created prior to the 987 Top 100 Countdown which happens on New Year's Eve annually and it was also a prelude to the Top 100 Countdown. However, after the Muttons to Midnight (Justin Ang & Vernon A.) took over the Top 20 Countdown, this specialised radio show has been removed.
  • 987 US Top 20: Used to be aired every Saturday from 11am to 12pm by Justin Ang. It featured the Top 20 songs in the United States, based on Radio & Records. It was removed in June 2008.
  • 987 Ultimate: Used to be aired every Saturday from 11pm to 12pm by Carrie Chong. It featured the top 10 songs that best suits a particular mood / occasion. Replaced by 987 Club.
  • 987 Control: Used to be aired every Sunday 1pm to 2pm, a listener who had sent in an SMS in a particular format would be selected to host his or her own show for 1 hour with Rosalyn Lee (Rozz). The DJ in "Control" would be able to choose and play his or her songs during the show.
  • 987 Control DJ Championships: Used to be aired every Mon-Thur from 7pm to 8pm during the Dan & Young show. The programme was aimed to recruit people who were interested to join 987FM due to a lack of manpower in 2006. Contestants hosted the show, either alone or in pairs, and judged on their performance. The winner would be a full-time DJ on 987FM. The eventual winner was Desiree Lai.
  • 987 Fashion: Updates on fashion; hosted by Carrie Chong and later on Daniel Boey. Presented in a News and Update format.
  • 987 Home: Used to be aired every Sunday from 11pm to 12pm by Rozz and Soo. Only local music was played. Local singers and their gigs would be introduced. The show used to be hosted by Daniel Ong from 3.00PM to 4.00PM on Saturdays before Soo took over in February 2006. Changed to a News and Update format in April 2009 (see above).
  • DJ WARS was a special show that aired during Nokia Comes With Music week (13/4/09 - 17/4/09). DJs competed in teams of two, with Daniel Ong as the game master. The teams were AM Mayhem (Van and Young), Des and Soo, Shan and Rozz, and the Muttons (Justin and Vernon). Listeners were invited to vote for the team which they think would win. Every day after the round-robin round, the winning team would pick a winner out of those who voted for them to win a Nokia headset. The two teams which had the most wins (Van/Young and Shan/Rozz) moved on to the finals, where the winning team picked a winner out of those who voted for them to win a Nokia 5800 Comes With Music phone.

The eventual winning team was Van and Young, followed by Shan and Rozz, the Muttons, and Des and Soo.

987 RSVP

Every last Saturday of the month, 987FM would hold a party at a club, with all the DJs (except the one on shift, usually Emily) attending. There would be free flow of drinks. Admission is free, but invites have to be won through the contests on the weekday shifts or through the 987 RSVP card, given with the 987 RSVP CD.

Year Month Location Theme
2008 October Thumper Halloween Party
November The Arena at Clarke Quay Vampire Night in association with the Twilight movie
December not held as the Siloso Beach Countdown Party was approaching
2009 January Zirca at The Cannery
February Powerhouse at St James Powerstation
March Bar None at St James Powerstation Launch of 987 RSVP CD
April Rebel at The Cannery
May Velvet Underground at Zouk
June not held as 987 Life's A Beach was held on the 20th of the month
July HOUSE @ Dempsey Hill
August Hard Rock Cafe Michael Jackson in association with his 51st birthday
September not held due to the F1 events being held on the last weekend of the month
October Attica Halloween Party
November Wavehouse at Sentosa The Rated [R]SVP Party in association with the launch of Rihanna's album Rated R
December not held due to the Sentosa Siloso Beach Countdown Party
2010 January Helipad at The Central
February Loof (Rooftop Bar) at Odeon Towers
March Yellow Jello Retro Bar at The Cannery

Awards and Accolades

Singapore Radio Awards 2006


  • Carlsberg's Friendlist Radio Personality Award: Carrie Chong
  • Most Favourite Radio Personality for 987FM: Daniel Ong

Singapore Radio Awards 2007


  • Most Creative Radio Trailer (English): "Remember The Name" by Desiree Lai
  • Carlsberg's Friendlist Radio Personality Award: Daniel Ong
  • Most Popular Radio Personality for 987FM: Daniel Ong

Singapore Radio Awards 2010


  • Best Radio Show: Muttons To Midnight
  • Most Creative Radio Trailer (English): "UK Top 20" by Shan Wee
  • Best Radio Personality Blog: Rosalyn Lee
  • Most Popular Radio Personality for 987FM: Daniel Ong


Left 987FM

Left Radio

  • Otelli Edwards
  • Grace Chua
    • Was a full-time DJ for Say It With Music. She left 987FM in 2005 for further studies.
  • Sonja Steinmetz
    • Was a part-time DJ for Say It With Music on weekends. She is now studying overseas.
  • Jamie Yeo
    • Was a full-time DJ for Say It With Music. She stated that she wanted a change in career after being with the radio industry for about 6 and a half years. She is now a sportscaster at ESPN Starsports.
  • Carrie Chong
    • Was a full-time DJ for Say It With Music. She left 987FM at the end of May 2007. Carrie opted to go on a vacation and wanted a long and a well-deserved rest after being with the radio industry for 10 whole years.
  • Raven Hanson
    • Used to host "987 Infohound" from 1 - 4pm on weekdays. Her last day as a 987FM DJ was 19 October 2007. Since then, she has left for Hong Kong and would return next year on television instead of radio.
  • Justin Misson
    • Used to host The Young & Misson Show from 5 - 10am on weekdays in May & June 2008, taking over for Daniel Ong who was on honeymoon.
  • Xavier Teo ("X")
    • Was a part-time DJ for Say It With Music on weekends and The Weekend Wind-Down on Sundays. Left 987FM in August 2008 for further studies in the USA. Xavier Teo had starred in Kelvin Tong's local comedy-horror movie production, entitled Men in White which was released in Singapore in early June 2007. He was also an ex-MediaWorks Channel U artiste.
  • Don Richmond
    • Used to host "The Serious World" from 2-4pm on weekdays and "The Don and Drew Show" from 6-7pm on Sundays with Drew.
    • Don's father is Gold 90.5FM DJ Brian Richmond.
    • Don is Soo's boyfriend.
  • Mark Richmond
  • Andrew Crothers (Drew)
    • Used to host "The Serious World" from 2-4pm on weekdays and "The Don and Drew Show" from 6-7pm on Sundays with Don.
  • Sheikh Haikel
    • Was a full-time DJ with Daniel Ong from 4-8pm on weekdays. He was asked to leave for making lewd remarks on air when a teenage male listener called in for advice on how to attract a girl he liked.
  • Chew Soowei (Soo)
    • Was a full-time DJ for "Pillowfight with Soo" from 12-3am on weekdays, 987 Home from 7-8pm on Saturdays and previously The Weekend Wind-Down from 2-5pm on Sundays and Say It With Music on weekdays. She left the radio industry in July 2009 and went on an extensive Europe trip. She blogs for the travel agency, STA.
        • Hosts television shows such as Live N Loaded, Mediacorp's Celebrate 2010
      • Celebrity contestant in the reality series Dance Star Asia.
    • Soo is also Don Richmond's girlfriend.
  • Sarah-Eden Chan (Sarah)
    • Was a part-time DJ who used to host "Say It With Music" on weekends. Left 987FM in mid-December 2009.
  • Daniel Ong
    • Was a full-time DJ for "Dan and Young in the Morning" from 5-10am on weekdays and previously the 987 Top 20 Countdown from 8-10pm on Fridays. Dan left in February 2010, citing that he wanted to spend more time committing to his family as the main reason for his departure. Dan has been in the radio industry for 15 years, making him one of the longest working staff in 987FM. However, he will continue to provide voiceovers for certain trailers.[5]

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