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Aïn Taya is a suburb of Algiers, Algeria. It is located in the administrative constituency of Dar El Beïda in the Governorate of Greater Algiers. Its postal code is 16030 and its municipal code is 1638. Prior to its being part of the Governorate of Greater Algiers, it was part of Boumerdès Province with postal code 35310. Its current president of the People's Municipal Assembly (mayor) is Mr. Abdelaziz Rih (2002-2007). Aïn Taya has a budget of 46 million DZD.



It has a population of 29,515 inhabitants as of the 1998 census (3,707 inh./km2). A 2002 estimate puts the population at 80,169. An important part of the population is of Kabyle origin. Historical populations include:

  • 78 families (1847)
  • 1,666, of which 549 are French (1870)
  • 5,674, of which 3,500 muslims, and 2,174 non-Muslim (?)
  • 6,100 (1954[1])
  • 13,700 (1987 census[1])


The area of the municipality is 955 hectares, or 9,5 km2 (about 3.76 sq mi) of which 60% are used for agriculture. It also has a 8 km (almost 5 mi) of coastline located a few kilometers east of the easternmost point of the gulf of Algiers, on the Mediterranean Sea.

Former mayors

This is a list of Aïn Taya's mayors during French colonian times, all of them being male:

  • Joseph Guyot 1870-1878
  • Jean Dabadie 1879-1884
  • Casimir Fabre 1884-1891
  • Paul Oudaille 1891-1895
  • Désiré Dulin 1896-1898
  • Joseph Chabert 1898-1904
  • Paul Fabre 1904-1910
  • Charles Pellegrin 1910-1919
  • Michel Sinters 1920-1935
  • Auguste Allier 1935-1945
  • Emile Bertoni 1945-1948
  • Hector Buchardt 1948-1949
  • ? Gadrel 1949-1962




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