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Known as "A.K", he's a 19 year old man who knows all what there is to know about handguns and assault rifles. He is into law enforcement, he studies criminal and international law. He prefers the .45 calibre, that gave him the nickname "Mr. 45". He would pick a single action revolver on a semi-automatic weapon at anytime. His personal favorite in single action revolvers is the Colt .45 Single Action Army, and his favorite semi-automatic pistol is the .45 M1911A1, he say's that both of them are true classics.

Now he is a marksman, he can put a hole in a coin 25 meters away. He goes to Sharjah Golf & Shooting Club. He says that it's too bad they got only 3 calibares, .22 Long Rifle, .357 Magnum and the 9mm. He has used the Glock pistols, but he doesn't like the saftey action systems, prefers it old school, he says, quote: "Nothing's better than having a bullet in the chamber and just cocking back the hammer, more of a revolver style."

In his opinion bolt action sniper rifles are better than semi-automatic sniper rifles, he says it's true that the semi-automatic has a higher rate of fire, but not as precise as the bolt action.

When we asked him about why he likes weapons he said: "I don't like guns just for f*ckin' around or any of that gay sh*t, it's simply because it's art, you see, you firmly pull the trigger, the hammer goes down and hits the needle, the needle strikes the bullet, the bullet goes throgh the muzzle and revolves, then it's out free. Y'all may will never understand this, but there's nothing better than the smell of flying lead."

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