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Autoroute A10.png

The A10 Héron Cendré service station
The A10 southbound between exits 13 and 14. The motorway has three lanes in each direction.

The A10, also called L'Aquitaine, is an Autoroute in France, running for 549km from the A6 south of Paris to the A630 at Bordeaux. It generally parallels the N10 Route Nationale, but deviates significantly from the older N10 between Paris and Tours and between Poitiers and Bordeaux. The closest Routes Nationale to those sections are the N20 from Paris to Orléans, the N152 from Orléans to Tours, the N11 from Poitiers to Niort, the N150 from Niort to Saintes, and the N137 from Saintes to Bordeaux.

All of the A10 is part of the E-road E05; it is also part of the E50 north of the A11 split near Chartres and the E60 between exit 14 at Orléans and exit 19 at Tours. The majority of the A10 is a toll road; it is only free north of the N104 near Paris, between exits 20 and 22 in Tours, and south of the N10 (exit 39) near Bordeaux.

List of junctions

Exits are numbered from north to south.

Junction number Destinations Notes
Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svg  A6a north - Villejuif; Paris; Arcueil (E5 north; E15 north; E50 east) northbound exit and southbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svg  A6b north - Lille; Metz; Nancy; Rungis; Aéroport Orly; Créteil northbound exit (a rue de kuhlman) and southbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg   Massy; Longjumeau; Antony-Z.A. (N20 north) no northbound exit; N20 joins southbound
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg   N20 south - Étampes; Orléans; La Ville du Bois; Linas; Montlhéry; Longjumeau no southbound entrance; N20 leaves southbound
Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svg  A126 to A6 south - Évry; Lyon; Chilly-Mazarin
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg   N188 - Palaiseau; Antony; Massy; Villebon-sur-Yvette
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg   N444 - Versailles; Igny; Bièvres; Cité Scientifique southbound exit and northbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg   Gare de Massy-Palaiseau northbound exit and southbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg   N188 - Orsay; Bures southbound exit and northbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg   Chartres; Les Ulis; Orsay; Z.A. de Courtaboeuf southbound exit and northbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg   N118 - Les Ulis; Rouen; Versailles; Boulogne-Billancourt; Paris-Porte de Saint-Cloud; Z.A. de Courtaboeuf northbound exit and southbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg   N104 - Lyon; Metz; Nancy; Évry; Orléans via Route Nationale 20; Linas; Montlhéry; Arpajon
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 10  Dourdan; Limours; Saint-Arnoult-en-Yvelines
Péage.png Péage de Saint Arnoult
Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svg  A11 west - Ablis; Chartres; Le Mans; Rennes (E50 west) southbound exit and northbound entrance; E50 joins northbound and leaves southbound
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 11  Étampes; Rambouillet; Allainville (N191)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 12  Chartres; Janville; Châteaudun (N254)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 13  Artenay (N154)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 14  E60 east - Orléans-Nord; Montargis; Fontainebleau; Saran; Centre Routier; Fleury-les-Aubrais (A701 east) E60 joins southbound and leaves northbound
Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svg  A71 south - Orléans-Center; Orléans-la Source; Vierzon; Bourges; Limoges; Clermont-Ferrand (E9 south)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 15  Meung-sur-Loire; Beaugency
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 16  Mer; Chambord; Beaugency (N152)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 17  Blois; Vendôme; La Chaussée-Saint-Victor (N252)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 18  Angers; Château-Renault; Amboise
Péage.png Péage de Monnaie
Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svg  A28 north - Rouen; Le Mans
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 19  Tours-Nord; Chartres; Le Mans; Angers; Laval; Aéroport Saint-Symphorien; Z.I. Tours-Nord (N10; E60 west) E60 joins northbound and leaves southbound
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 20  Montlouis; Blois via Route Nationale; Le Mans; Laval; Tours-Nord; Vouvray; Tours-Val de Loire (N521)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 21  Tours-Centre; Montlouis; Saint-Pierre des Corps; Amboise
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 22  Vierzon; Tours-Sud; Saint-Avertin (N76; E604) southbound exit and northbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 23  Châteauroux; Montbazon; Chambray; Loches (N10; N143) southbound exit and northbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 23  Tours-Sud; Saint-Avertin; Chambray-Centre (N10) northbound exit and southbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 24  Saumur; Chambray-Sud; Joué-lès-Tours; Montbazon; Chinon (N585)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 24.1  Monts; Sorigny; Montbazon; Z.A. Isoparc
Péage.png Péage de Sorigny
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 25  Chinon; Sainte-Maure-de-Touraine; Loches
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 26  Châtellerault-Centre; Châtellerault-Nord; La Roche-Posay
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 27  Châtellerault-Sud; Châtellerault-Centre; Naintré (N10)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 28  Futuroscope; Jaunay-Clan; Chasseneuil-du-Poitou
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 29  Limoges; Poitiers-Centre; Parthenay; Saumur; Angers; Poitiers-Nord (N147; E62)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 30  Angoulême; Poitiers-Sud; Poitiers-Centre; Vivonne; Lusignan (N10)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 31  Saint-Maixent-l'École; Lusignan (N11)
Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svg  A83 north - Angers; Nantes; La Roche-sur-Yon; Niort-Centre; Saint-Maixent-l'École
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 32  Limoges; Angoulême; Melle; Niort-Est; Niort-Centre; Marais Poitevin
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 33  Rochefort; La Rochelle; Surgéres; Niort-Sud; Marais Poitevin (N150; N248; E601)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 34  Cognac; Surgéres; Aulnay; Saint-Jean-d'Angély
Sinnbild Autobahnkreuz.svg  A837 north - La Rochelle; Rochefort (E602 north) northbound exit and southbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 35  E603 - Angoulême; Ile d'Oléron; Royan; Saintes (N137)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 36  Jonzac; Cognac; Pons
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 37  Montendre; Royan; Jonzac; Mirambeau
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 38  Blaye; Montendre; Saint-Ciers-sur-Gironde
Péage.png Péage de Virsac
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 39a  Libourne; Saint-André-de-Cubzac; Bourg; Coutras; Saint-Antoine; Z.A. la Garosse (N10)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 39b  Angoulême; Barbezieux (N10 north; E606 north) northbound exit and southbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 40a  Royan via Route Nationale; Saintes via R.N.; Blaye (N137; E606) northbound exit and southbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 40b  Libourne; Saint-André-de-Cubzac; Bourg northbound exit and southbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 41  Ambès; Z.I. Bassens; Zone Portuaire
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 42  Ambarès; Saint-Loubès (N10 north)
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 43  Ambarès; Sainte-Eulalie; Carbon-Blanc
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 44  Carbon-Blanc; Bassens southbound exit only
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 45  Lormont southbound exit and northbound entrance
Sinnbild Autobahnausfahrt.svg 1  N230 - Toulouse; Bayonne; Bassin d'Arcachon; Bordeaux; Périgueux southbound exit and northbound entrance
A630 - Mérignac (E5 south) southbound exit and northbound entrance

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