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UK road A68.PNG
A68 road
Direction North - South
Start Darlington
Bishop Auckland
End Dalkeith
Roads joined [ A⁠1 (M) ⁠] A1(M) motorway
UK road A7.svg A7 road
UK road A720.PNG A720 road
UK road A696.PNG A696 road
UK road A69.PNG A69 road
E 15
  1. Primary destinations as specified by the Department for Transport.

The A68 is a major road in the United Kingdom, running from Darlington in England to Edinburgh in Scotland.

From Darlington, the road runs north, bypassing Bishop Auckland, and running through West Auckland, Toft Hill and Tow Law, past Consett and Corbridge. The road used to run through the centre of Corbridge but now runs on a new single carriageway alignment to the East of the town, crossing the River Tyne over Styford Bridge. To bring the road back to the previous route of the A68 it now overlaps the A69 for 2.9 miles (4.7 km), before turning off north again.

The A68 reaches the Scottish border at Carter Bar, which contains a junction that leads to the A6088, leading to Hawick. The road then runs through the small Border town of Jedburgh, St Boswells, Earlston, Lauder and then going up by Soutra Hill and into the town of Dalkeith where the B6373 leaves and rejoins it in the town.

Since September 2008, the A68 now runs from 1.8 miles (2.9 km) north east of Dalkeith at Fordel Mains and joins the A720 close to its eastern terminus on the A1 at Old Craighall Junction. The bypass has removed large volumes of traffic from the centre of the town. This part of the road has now taken the A68 designation and the old route through Dalkeith has been renumbered and downgraded to non-primary status.

The A68 used to run all the way into Edinburgh, but that section within Edinburgh became part of the A7 several years ago.

It is the only major road to cross the England/Scotland border for a long distance either way (the next crossing being the A697 road near Coldstream/Cornhill-on-Tweed in the east, and the A7 near Canonbie.

Apart from the A69 concurrency the road is entirely single carriageway apart from a short section before it crosses the A1(M) into Darlington.

The A68 is part of Euroroute E15 (Inverness-Algeciras) between its northern terminus on the A720, and its junction with the A696 just on the English side of the border. The E15 continues northwards and southwards on the A720 and A696 respectively.

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