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ATP-binding cassette, sub-family C (CFTR/MRP), member 6
Symbols ABCC6; ABC34; ARA; EST349056; MLP1; MOATE; MRP6; PXE; PXE1
External IDs OMIM603234 MGI1351634 HomoloGene55559 GeneCards: ABCC6 Gene
Species Human Mouse
Entrez 368 27421
Ensembl n/a ENSMUSG00000030834
UniProt n/a Q9R1S7
RefSeq (mRNA) XM_001125860 NM_018795
RefSeq (protein) XP_001125860 NP_061265
Location (UCSC) n/a Chr 7:
45.84 - 45.9 Mb
PubMed search [1] [2]

Multidrug resistance-associated protein 6 is a protein that in humans is encoded by the ABCC6 gene.[1][2][3] The protein encoded by the ABCC6 gene is a member of the superfamily of ATP-binding cassette (ABC) transporters.[1]

ABC proteins transport various molecules across extra- and intra-cellular membranes. ABC genes are divided into seven distinct subfamilies (ABC1, MDR/TAP, MRP, ALD, OABP, GCN20, White). This protein is a member of the MRP subfamily which is involved in multidrug resistance.[4]


Mutations in this protein cause pseudoxanthoma elasticum (PXE).[5] The most common mutations, R1141X and 23-29del, account for about 25% of the found mutations.[6][7]

Premature atherosclerosis is also associated with mutations in the ABCC6 gene, even in those without PXE.[8]


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