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Designers Dieter Schmidt
First published May 27, 2002
Derived from MMB, SAFER
Cipher detail
Key sizes 512 bits
Block sizes 256 bits
Structure Substitution-permutation network
Rounds 17

In cryptography, ABC is a block cipher designed in 2002 by Dieter Schmidt.

ABC is a substitution-permutation network comprising 17 rounds with 3 different kinds of round functions. The first 8 rounds use XORs, modular multiplications as in MMB, and an expanded version of the pseudo-Hadamard transform (PHT) from SAFER. The middle round uses just XORs and multiplications. The final 8 rounds are similar to the first 8, but using the inverse PHT. ABC's block size of 256 bits and key size of 512 bits are both larger than in typical block cipher algorithms. The key schedule is very simple: 256-bit round keys are taken from the key, which is rotated by a fixed amount in each round.




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