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AD43C ALSTOM Locomotive
Power type Diesel-electric
Designer Alstom
Builder Alstom / Wagon Pars
UIC classification Co´Co´[1]
Gauge 1435 mm
Length 21540 mm[1]
Width 2850 mm[1]
Height 4280 mm[1]
Engine type Ruston diesel[2][3]
Traction motors 6
Transmission AC/AC electric[1] of ONIX type[3]
Multiple working 3 units of same type[1]
Top speed 150 km/h (93 mph)[1][note 1]
Power output 4,300 hp (3,200 kW)[3][note 2][note 3]
Locomotive brakes braking effort (max): 230 kN
Train brakes air[1]
Career Islamic Republic of Iran Railways

The AD43C is a type of diesel locomotive from the Prima (locomotive) generation used in the Islamic Republic of Iran Railways (RAI). It was in production from 2000. Delivery started in 2002.



In 1997 the first proposal was received from ALSTOM group for 100 freight locomotives for the use of the RAI. The order was announced in 1999, being valued at 192 million Euros.[3]

Although the initial specification was for freight application, the characteristics of the AC traction motors and its suitability for higher RPM and torque it was decided to change the specifications to that of a multipurpose locomotive.


The original AD43 was manufactured in 20 unites by Alstom with a further 80 units built in Iran by wagon pars.[2][3]

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  1. ^ quotes a top speed of 110 km/h for the 70 of the locomotives, with the remaining 30 locomotives having a 150 km/h top speed [1]
  2. ^ quotes an unspecified figure of 2,880 kW (3,860 hp) [2]
  3. ^ quotes a unspecified power output of 2,600 kW (3,500 hp) [3]


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