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For other uses, see Amos; for the programming language, see AMOS (programming language); for MRO software, see AMOS (software).
Patria AMOS
Type Self-propelled mortar
Place of origin  Finland  Sweden
Service history
In service 2007
Used by Finnish Army , Swedish Army
Weight 4,445 kg (turret only)
Crew 1+3

Caliber 2 × 120 mm
Elevation -3° to +85°
Traverse ± 360°
Rate of fire 26 rounds/min
Maximum range 10 km (indirect fire)
150–1,550 m (direct fire)

AMOS or Advanced Mortar System is a 120 mm automatic twin barrelled, breech loaded mortar turret. AMOS has been fitted to a wide range of armoured vehicles such as the Sisu Pasi, Patria AMV, Combat Vehicle 90 or Combat Boat 90.

The AMOS fires GPS-guided rounds at a maximum rate of fire of 26 rounds per minute. It can fire 14 rounds using multiple rounds simultaneous impact, where all rounds impact on the target at the same time. The first rounds are shot with higher angles and loads of propellant so that the rounds fly a high arc. The next rounds are shot a couple of seconds afterwards with a slightly smaller angle and with less propellant so that they fly a lower arc but fly as far as the first rounds. This can be done seven times in a row, always adjusting the angle and power, so that the result is that all the 14 rounds hit the target simultaneously. The adjustment between the shots is done by a computer. The strike of one AMOS unit roughly equals one strike of an artillery battery.

An AMOS turret has a full 360-degree field of fire at elevations between -3 to +85 degrees. AMOS is capable of both conventional indirect fire and direct fire for self-protection. In a typical installation -- mounted on a Patria AMV or a similar vehicle, the vehicle can dash to the next position roughly 30 seconds after initiating the 14-round salvo, leaving minimal time for detection and counter-attack by enemy; evasion is the primary means of self-protection.

AMOS is manufactured and marketed by Finnish/Swedish Patria Hägglunds, a joint venture between Finnish Patria and Swedish BAE Systems Hägglunds. The system is known as the SSG120 in Swedish service. Ammunition for AMOS includes the Strix guided round and a modification of the Spanish Instalaza 120 mm Mortar Cargo Round "MAT-120"

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