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APTN National News is the Canadian national news program aired by the Aboriginal Peoples Television Network. It is broadcast from Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada.

The program formerly aired in two daily editions: APTN National News Daytime aired at 12:30 p.m., and APTN National News Primetime aired at 6:30 p.m. The program now produces only a single full edition each day, which airs at 6 and 11:30 p.m. nightly, although short headline news updates air interstitially between programs during the afternoon. The program's current anchors are Todd Lamirande and Patrice Mousseau.

In September 2009, two current affairs shows, APTN In Focus and APTN Investigates launched. Both shows are hosted by Cheryl McKenzie. Journalists associated with the two shows include Michael Hutchinson, Darrell Doxtdater and Melissa Ridgen. Producers associated with this show include Paul Barnsley (Executive Producer), Francine Compton.


In addition to the primary anchors, journalists and producers associated with the aptn National News include: Jodie Barnaby, James Hopkin (Halifax Bureau); Danielle Rochette (Montreal Bureau); Nigel Newlove, Annette Francis, Mark Blackburn (Ottawa Bureau); Wayne Roberts (Toronto Bureau); Priscilla Wolf, Jillian Taylor, Matt Thordarson, Meagan Fiddler, Bruce Spence, Murray Oliver, Naomi Clarke (Winnipeg Newsroom); Cherish Francis, Larissa Burnouf (Saskatoon Bureau); Noemi Lopinto (Edmonton Bureau); Rob Smith, Tina House (Vancouver Bureau); Kent Driscoll, Wayne Rivers (Iqaluit Bureau); Amos Scott, Cullen Crozier (Yellowknife Bureau).


APTN National News first went to air on a daily basis on October 28, 2002 and hosted by Nola Wuttunee until 2006. Prior to the daily launch of APTN National News the newscast on APTN was called In-Vision News and was hosted by Carol Morin. In-Vision News debuted on April 16, 2000. Other previous hosts included Donna Smith and Holly Bernier.

APTN National News Contact was hosted by Rick Harp from 2000 to 2005, Madeleine Allakariallak until May 2007 and Cheryl McKenzie until 2009.

Previous hosts, producers, reporters and video journalists with APTN National News and Contact have included:

Winnipeg Newsroom: Maryann Flett (2000); John Stevens (2000-2001); Don Langford (2000-2001); Carol Morin (2000-2001); Rick Ratte (2000-2002); Colleen Simard (2001-2002); Greg Taylor (2000-2004); Rick Harp (2000-2005); Stephanie Wood (2000-2005); Rosanna Deerchild (2000-2006); Nola Wuttunee (2001-2006); Lorne Olsen (2006); Tim Fontaine (2002-2006); Donna Smith (2006-2008); Holly Bernier (2007-2009); Neil Coligan (2006-2009); Mark Halsall (2007-2009); Martha Troian (2007-2009).

Ottawa Bureau: David Moses (2000-2001); Don Young (2000-2001); Ken Williams (2001-2004); Karyn Pugliese (2000-2006); Greg Taylor (2004-2008); Janet Leader (2007-2008).

Yellowknife Bureau: Charles Laird (2000-2001); Roy Dahl (2003-2005); Charlene LaBillois (2006); Janet Leader (2006-2007); Dene-Za Antoine (2006-2008); Norm Byatt (2007-2009).

Edmonton Bureau: Nicole Robertson (2001-2002); Judi Halfe (2006); Claudia Jones (2008); Sean Amato (2007-2009); William Belcourt (2009); Kelly Chalifaux (2009); Jeremy Lafond (2009).

Montreal Bureau: Emanuel Lowi (2003).

Vancouver Bureau: Todd Lamirande (2000-2004); Shirley McLean (2005-2006); Sonya Rani Anatole (2006); Leena Minifie (2006-2007).

Saskatoon Bureau: Ken Williams (2004-2006).

Halifax Bureau: Maureen Googoo (2000-2007); Asna Adhami (2006-2007); Trina Roache (2001-2008).

Iqaluit Bureau: Juanita Taylor (2007-2008).

Toronto Bureau: Ken Williams (2000-2001); Nicole Robertson (2001-2002); Donna Smith (2002-2006); Harmony Rice (2008); Nina DeVries (2006-2010)

Whitehorse Bureau: Roxanne Livingstone (2006-2009).

Previous news directors have included Dan David (1999-2001) and Rita Shelton Deverell (2002-2005).

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