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at& (formerly AT&T Worldnet) is a web portal and Internet service provider from AT&T, Inc..

AT&T Worldnet logo (2006-2007)
Type of site ISP
Owner AT&T, Inc.
Created by AT&T Corp.
Launched 1996
Current status merged


AT&T Worldnet ISP

Launched in 1996 by AT&T Corp., shortly after passage of the Telecommunications Act of 1996, AT&T Worldnet was often offered to current (at the time) AT&T customers in conjunction with other AT&T services. Worldnet customers' e-mail addresses end in "".

In 2004, AT&T announced it would no longer seek traditional customers for landline local & long distance services, and upon the heels of the announcement, AT&T introduced AT&T CallVantage service, a VoIP telephone service, and a new DSL internet service. AT&T Worldnet, upon introduction of the new services, began to lose speed in customer growth, since AT&T DSL was more heavily promoted.

In 2005, SBC Communications purchased AT&T and changed its name to AT&T, Inc.; AT&T Worldnet continued to be provided by AT&T Corp., as a division of AT&T Inc until April 2008 when it was merged into AT&T Yahoo! DSL (formerly SBC Yahoo! DSL), AT&T's central internet service to its local telephone customers.


IP Range

AT&T Worldnet customers have ip address that begin with the numbers "12.75.*.*".

Conversion to Web Portal

Similar to AOL and MSN, AT&T began to migrate Worldnet from an ISP into a web portal. In October 2007, AT&T Worldnet's homepage ( was replaced by the new at& along with the homepages of the other internet portals(,,,,,,,,, and run by AT&T. All references to the former WorldNet ISP services have been removed and instead AT&T will focus on the services provided by AT&T Internet Services

Conversion to AT&T Internet Services

On Jan 30, 2008 AT&T announced that it would be ending the former Worldnet's longtime partnership with Google and instead would begin to offer services provided by Yahoo! beginning in the second quarter of 2008. [1] On April 2, 2008 AT&T Worldnet began to be integrated with other AT&T Internet Services which also feature content provided by Yahoo!. [2]



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