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Ate or ATE may refer to:

  • 111 Ate, an asteroid
  • Ate District in Lima, Peru
  • Ate Glow, a Filipino comedian
  • Automated Telephone Exchange
  • Automatic test equipment
  • ATE Bank, a Greek bank
  • ATE, a manufacturer of automotive hydraulic brake systems and components, named after its founder, Alfred Teves. Now part of the German Continental AG
  • Association Transport et Environnement, a Swiss transportation association
  • After the event insurance, a form of legal expenses insurance.
  • Atë, in Greek mythology, the personification of ruin, folly, and delusion
  • Ate (orchid), a small orchid genus
  • Ate (food), a sweet jelly-like foodstuff made from fruit
  • -ate, a suffix for a chemical name of a molecule with one more oxygen atom than an "-ite" molecule

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